Check out what the cast and creative team of Orphan Black thinks you should be looking out for this season: 

“Because I’m so close with Helena, I’m very excited about her journey. We all know that she’s in a motherly way, so that journey’s going to be very, very fascinating.Kristian Bruun 

“I think my favorite journey throughout the entire show, and especially this season, is Alison. She’s the one who’s changed the most, and pushed her boundaries the most, and it’s gonna keep happening this season. She’s so much fun, and she’s going to keep being wilder and wilder and more and more entertaining.”  Evelyne Brochu

“I think that one of the wildest, most interesting character journeys in Season 5 is Rachel. Rachel is unbelievable this year.” John Fawcett  

“And taken as a whole from when we met her at the end of Season 1? That woman has been on a hell of a journey. As well, I think that Sarah and Helena have a nice sister arc this year, too.” Graeme Manson

“I’m looking forward to Delphine. Fans love the Delphine/Cosima relationship, so seeing how Delphine’s storyline comes to an end, that’ll be really exciting. And Mrs. S. as well. Mrs. S. and Felix have been with Sarah from the beginning, so that whole family unit.” Kathryn Alexandre

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Official @orphanblack piece, commissioned by co-creator Graeme Manson for cast & crew Season 5 wrap gift.

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When we speak for the finale, you’re going to be crying, and that’s okay. We have just finished locking picture on the finale. I think it’s largely a story that John Fawcett and I had in our minds loosely from the very beginning. But to answer your question, I think we sort of asked ourselves: Who were they then and where are they now, and what does freedom look like to each of them?
—  Graeme Manson for EW.

Orphan Black Panel - Split Screens Festival (Part 2)


How “Orphan Black” Changed The Lives Of Its Cast


Orphan Black at Splits Screen Festival - June 6, 2017 - IFC Center  - NY

Visited New York for the first time (such a great city!), met up with NYC Clone Club (such welcoming and amazing people, were so kind to deal with my jet lag [landed in NY that morning and pretty much headed straight to line up for Split Screens TV ], sorry and thank you NYC Clone Club/ 🌎), went to Split Screens Fest, got to see the amazing @orphanblack Black cast/crew, had an emotional experience/farewell with Orphan Black cast/crew/fans. What an awesome and fantastic day! 🗽