in the orphan black tag while the cast is at paleyfest like… tatiana who??? titty malaysia??? graeme… granite freemason??? leaky fawcett? the jordan river???? kevin ham sandwich?? just josh jokesonyou?? air miller? maria conan doyle. ?? library of alexandria??? krispy brown?????

all i see is evelyne brochu who are all these other people i don’t know this must be a new show or something in which she’s the lead i just don’t know

COPHINE: They’re definitely and absolutely in love

…just not in a way that’s healthy.

**Disclaimer: The following post is NOT in ANY way meant to be a Cophine or Delphine hate post. This post, above all, comes from a place of love. A place of love for young LBGT+ folks who deserve better. A place of love for the show, for Orphan Black, its creators and cast, who portray Cophine as a “human” relationship. Who do recognize its “turbulence” but have failed to acknowledge that certain aspects of Cosima and Delphine’s relationship are not exactly healthy from both parties at times.

Please keep that in mind if you choose to continue reading further.

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Cast & Crew shaing their congrats/love on Tatiana winning the Emmy! (more of the cast) (other reactions)