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Derek Myers, also known as derekthedeliman, is a 23 year old digital concept artist from the United States. Throughout his youth, Derek has always been creating art, whether it be with a sketchbook, in MS Paint, or Photoshop. In his childhood and teenage years, Derek was lucky to attend a school with a stellar art program, and had the chance to play with just about every medium available from ceramics, to crafts, and especially drawing. He’ll be receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the University of Akron this year.

When asked what led up to the vast, detailed, and dreamy creations his daily art blog is known for today, Derek said:

“I would have to guess my early inspiration came from the video games I played and the cartoons I watched growing up. I loved the worlds they created and always wanted to make my own.”

Some of Derek’s favorite artists include Noah Bradley, Graeme Borland, Adrian Chin, and Keith Miller.


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anonymous asked:

what tumblr's do you draw inspiration from?

I don’t generally go to specific blogs to look for inspiration but I’ll list 5 that have really stood out to me as a great source of inspiration (in no particular order).

Noah Bradley is the artist who first got me interested in concept art, and even though he doesn’t post many drawing or illustrations on his tumblr, I still feel the need to list him here.

Graeme Borland posts a sketch everyday on his tumblr and has a great atmospheric painting style.

Sadly I don’t know this artists name but I love their linework.

Keith Miller posts a lot of amazing watercolor work.

Adrian Chin has a great drawing style I really like.

So here’s some free promoting for you guys, I hope you all keep up the great work. Everyone else you should follow these 5 blogs.