grady daughters


You grinned at the boy sitting next to you, listening attentively as you told him about the different dinosaurs roaming around outside of the gyrosphere.

“So your dad works with dinosaurs?” he asked, lips quirked into a slight smile.

You nodded, “Yeah, with the raptors mostly. He’s got a real bond with them. He’s their alpha.”

“Sounds pretty cool.”

“Maybe I can take you to meet them later?” you suggested excitedly, “I can introduce you to the raptor squad!”
He laughed, raising his eyebrows, “The raptor squad?”
“Yeah! They’re awesome! There’s Blue, Charlie, Echo and Delta. You’d love them!”

He grinned, “I’ll take your word for it.”

“Hey, my dad’s not gonna like you if you don’t show at least some enthusiasm for them!” you protested, socking him playfully in the arm. “Maybe I should just go hang out with your little brother instead of you!”

“Hey, don’t even joke about that.”

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the Small Things

Chris Pratt x reader

Sent in by: @dahlia-of-the-endless

You had your back turned towards the scene that displayed itself behind you. Two figures that were hunched down together, whispers filled the air - however, you acted as you had not heard anything. A soft smile formed itself around your lips, you knew perfectly who those whispers belonged to.

“Dad,” your five-year-old daughter whispered, or tried to do. As she spoke pretty out loud, never thought that you would hear her. Chris hushed at her softly, whispered something back to her. A set of giggles could be heard shortly afterwards - you truly wanted to turn around, but knew that it would only break the ‘fun’ for your husband and daughter.

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Imagine Owen having a daughter

Claire stared Owen down after bantering about their failed date. Owen smirked and kept working on his motorcycle when all of a sudden, little feet tapped the patio’s wood panels. “Hey! Look who’s up from her nap!” Owen said, watching his 4 year old daughter, Delaney run to his arms laughing. Claire stood by, jaw dropped, carefully calculating the little human pushing herself as close as she could to the brown haired man in front of her. Owen hugged the young girl and started to tickle her, wanting to hear her giggles that warmed his heart. “Daddy!” Delaney squealed as he picked her up and settled her on his hip. ‘No, he would’ve told me if he had a daughter,’ Claire thought to herself. Then she started to look at the girl. Really look at her. Claire raked her eyes over the green eyes and brown curly hair Owen and Delaney seemed to share. “Mr. Grady, I wasn’t aware you had a daughter,” Claire grounded out, staring at the small family of two. Owen proudly smiled down at the little girl who was currently resting her head on his shoulder. “Yeah, she’s my little Laney, aren’t you?” Owen asked Delaney as he rubbed his nose on her in an Eskimo kiss. Delaney laughed and laughed. The sight of the father and daughter before her warmed Claire’s heart to no end. The scene showing who Owen Grady really was, not a raptor whisperer, not a relentless playboy, but a father.

Come Back Home

Owen Grady x reader

Requested by: anon

Your father, the known paleontologist, Alan Grant - had hated the idea that you would be working in a theme park filled with dinosaurs. However, your mother, Ellie Grant had been there for you. Talking sense into your father.

But you understood their concern about the job, being a caretaker for animals that were not supposed to live in the 21th century. And your father had almost seen red, when you had voiced that over the three years you had worked there - you had gotten yourself a boyfriend.

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Emilia: If she is…. so what… you don’t have a right. 

Grady: What do you mean I don’t have a right?! Iris is mine too, she’s my daughter and I didn’t know! You were hurt and pregnant and I didn’t know!

Emilia: Since when have you cared about me being hurt. You were the one who used me as a side piece. That day I came to tell you but then I found out everything, there was no way I was going to ruin your family when I have my own to support me. You’re right, Iris is your daughter in blood but she’s my child. I’ve raised her and I will continue to do so…

Grady: Emmy…

Emilia: You need to leave before my brother comes back. He’ll kill you. 

Grady: Wait but Iris.. 

Emilia: Is sleeping. Leave…

Grady: I’ll leave but… I’m coming back tomorrow. I will be a part of Iris’ life. You can’t stop me, I will know my daughter, Emmy.