graduation part 2

so I work in a university store and it’s graduation time, today was graduation day part 2. so we’re busy alllllllll day. my coworker thinks today of all days is the best day to train me on register. she lets me watch her do 2 transactions and then leaves me on my own.

I got a male customer that was like mid 40s and his wife come up with like a shirt and a cup. I ring him up and he’s paying with cash. I literally have never worked with a cash register before in my life and the only transactions I was shown were credit and debit. So I ask my other coworker for help and the man literally gets exasperated and goes “Seriously? Do you really not know how to freaking count?” and I apologize and explain I’ve never used a register before. It’s literally my 3rd transaction. He rolls his eyes and sighs angrily. I finally get through the transaction and I go to put the items in a bag. I put them in a smaller bag, it was my mistake, they fit but not super well. The wife looks at me and scoffs and gives me that “this person is super dumb look.” so I go to hand the bag to the male and I’ve extended my arm and the bag 3/4th of the way across the counter. He stares at the bag. And then at me. And finally goes “we’ll hand it over!” so I literally extend my arm two more inches and he snatches it because apparently 2 inches was too far for him to reach.

onto fuck coworkers. it’s 5:57. I’m supposed to clock out at 6:00 because we close at 6:00. I’ve got a kid at home I need to take care of. My ride is there. My coworkers calls me over and makes me take care of the graduation disaster going on. So when I get it calm and I have no one in my line I pull out my phone to text my partner, cause our fucking kid is in the car with him waiting outside and it’s like 15 degrees, my coworker comes up and snatches my phone and tells me “you need to never do that again. this is ridiculous.” as soon as I told her about the situation all she could do was say oh and look anywhere else. like yeah. fuck you.

After Graduation

Requested. Part 2 to Footie Love.

The romance between you and Niall was basically non-existent. All it consisted of was even more “practices”, even if the season was over. You needed to keep your skills sharp for when you went to school.

Thankfully it wasn’t too far away, so you and Niall could work it out. If it ever got there…

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Character Development

Some characters get the flashy, in-your-face character development (Willow, Wesley, Spike, Cordelia) and there are those characters whose character development is so subtle that you barely notice it, but it’s there. 

Xander Harris and Bangel

Xander was a jerk to Buffy and her feelings for Angel on many occasions, like this:

and this:

and this:


Later on Xander will:

1) Admit that he was an ass about Angel and will help Buffy save him in Amends:

2) Witness a lover’s quarrel between Buffy and Angel and genuinely asks if he can help in The Zeppo:

3) When Angel falls ill due to Faith’s poisonous arrow in Graduation Part 1, Xander is there to help Buffy save him. Not only that, but when Oz and Willow are hesitant to reveal the cure, he’ll say:

4) Graduation Part 2, after the battle, Xander reassures Buffy that Angel survived the fight and gently tells her that he might have left after:

Xander Harris DOES learn from his mistakes. He DOES grow up and change. I’m sorry if his character development isn’t as flashy as the other characters, but Xander was never meant to be a larger than life character. He’s a simple human being like the rest of us and changes accordingly.