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Summary: Tony and Rhodey keep kissing, though they don’t have a name for it.

A/N: I just wanted to write about Tony and Rhodey kissing okay.

Words: 422

Tony didn’t remember their first kiss, and that fact still haunted him. All he remembered was waking up, more hungover than he’d been all year, to find Rhodey next to him on the bed, curled up beside him like he’d done so many times. Tony hadn’t felt any different, looking at him that morning, and to be fair Rhodey hadn’t acted differently either. It had been like any other morning, until the subject of the previous night had been brought up.

“I hope I didn’t cross a line,” Rhodey had told him, and Tony had frowned in confusion. “You don’t remember,” Rhodey had then said, and there had been something in his voice that Tony hadn’t been able to identify. “We kissed. I knew you were drunk, so if you regret it it’s fine.”

“Can’t really regret something you don’t remember.” That had been the wrong response. Tony knew that now. But he’d been young and terrified and had just shared his first kiss with his best friend. He didn’t really blame himself for his response.

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“Love your parents. We are so busy growing up to see that they are also growing old.” - Unknown Recently, half of me thinks that all I want to do is grow up and go to university and travel and explore new places and experience new things. That has been my goal as I approach my imminent graduation two years away. But the other half doesn’t want to grow up. I don’t WANT to leave home. Because that means you officially start your own life, and you aren’t under the watchful eyes of your parents anymore. You aren’t necessarily on your OWN, but you live your own life, and eventually start your own family, and the cycle starts all over again. It must be hard for parents, watching your child that you love so much grow and for so long have them be dependent on your protection and just your presence, to all of a sudden being, well, less and less needed as we start to grow up and gain our own sense of independence. And yes, independence is a good thing but often we don’t notice how far we drift from reliance on parents. I don’t blame parents for calling you when you are out late, just to check where you are or how you’re doing, and although this can get frustrating sometimes, they are literally just doing it because they love you more than anything and are simply making sure that you are fine and safe because you’re beyond their reach when you’re out there in the world. This may sound a tad cliché but to them you really always will be a little child whom they are so used to taking care of so meticulously. This never changes. I’m scared that my parents will never know how much they mean to me and how much I love them. I kind of want to press pause on life because it seems that everything is moving so quickly. I guess the least we can all do is tell your parents that you love them. Tell them everyday. I’m scared that I don’t say it enough. Call your mom and dad or better yet tell them face to face these those words. It’s takes three seconds yet I promise it means the world to them.

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Have you read the THR interview with Matt Roberts? I'd like to know what you think about the dream sequence he described there? And interesting that the dream in the script is totally different. Also, I read that Diana said that there's a "jump the shark" moment ahead. Any ideas what it could be?

I skimmed it Anon and honestly thought that dream was the 3nd stupiest f-ing thing I’ve ever heard of them doing or considering doing. (#1 was RDM & Behr’s original take on 1.16 which DG took them to the mat over, #2 was the entire premise of 1.13 “The Watch” because RDM thought that “What would Jamie be if he didn’t have Claire?” UMMM, NOT A PROFESSIONAL CRIMINAL YOU FUCKHEAD!!! *ahem* Sorry…) And when I tried to read the article I wasn’t in the best frame of mind anyway. My 2nd viewing of the episode during the live broadcast I actually disliked it more than I had Friday night, and umm, I haven’t watched the episode again since. 

But dumb. 


I have no idea what DG could be referring too, but now I’m terrified all over again. Because yeah, they KIND OF like to push those boundaries often (see my above explosion) so I know they are capable of it. 

I am VERY frustrated with the show right now and honestly I don’t even care to talk much about it. 

For the first time in almost 3 years, I’m just like “whatever”. Maybe it’s that I’ve been off and on sick. Maybe with my daughters HS graduation imminent I’m super busy and stressed out in my real life. Maybe I’ve just had enough. But if someone had told me that halfway through S2 I would be lethargic about the show and this was when for the first time in 3 years my obsession with all things Outlander began to slide I would have said they were crazy. But here we are.