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Palestinian student Shorouq Dwayyat, 19, sentenced to 16 years in Israeli prison

In another example of the lengthy sentencing practices especially targeting Palestinian youth and women in Jerusalem, Shorouq Dwayyat was sentenced to 16 years in Israeli prison by a Jerusalem court on Sunday, 25 December. Dwayyat, 19, from the village of Sur Baher, was also fined 80,000 NIS (approximately $21,000.) She was shot by an Israeli settler and seized by occupation forces on 7 October 2015 in eastern Jerusalem and accused of attempting to stab an Israeli settler. Witnesses reported that she was harassed by the settler prior to the alleged incident.

Dwayyat is a student at Bethlehem University who was studying history and geography. She graduated from high school, achieving a result of 90% in the national secondary Tawjihi examinations in 2015.

Classes at the university were cancelled for two days after her shooting and arrest in October 2015.

Dwayyat was severely injured by the four bullets lodged within her body, unlike the Israeli man she was accused of attempting to stab, who suffered no serious injuries. Following the court’s ruling, the Israeli Interior Ministry stripped the imprisoned Dwayyat of her Jerusalem residency, claiming “breach of trust,” using the case as a mechanism to further the Israeli state policy of attacking Palestinian existence in Jerusalem. Amjad Abu Assab of the Prisoners’ Committee in Jerusalem said that “this is a racist policy…with the aim of killing the spirit of challenge by Jerusalemites and preventing any manifestation of rejection of occupation in the occupied city of Jerusalem.”

She is one of 52 Palestinian women – including 12 minor girls – imprisoned in HaSharon and Damon Israeli prisons and now is serving one of the longest sentences. The longest-held Palestinian woman prisoner, Lena Jarbouni, is serving a 17-year sentence in Israeli prison.  The recent trend of particularly elevated sentences include those against Maysoon Musa (15 years), Nurhan Awad (13.5 years) and Israa Jaabis (11 years).

But, like, I don’t think Peter would ever decide to join the war back in England in any AU or timeline??

Peter was terrified of losing his siblings and going to war was the surefire way of losing them. He only took up the mantle of general in Narnia because it was his responsibility as High King, Aslan had asked it of him, and if he was in the front lines of the battlefield, his siblings wouldn’t have to be. Peter is someone who would rather avoid being enlisted into the war like the plague than to out and fight possibly the most bloody and gruesome war in history with the great possibility of never seeing his family again.

Peter was young; he had dreams and ambitions. He seems like a simple guy to me. He probably just wanted to graduate from secondary school and get into a good university and constantly be there for his family. He wouldn’t throw everything away to die in the battlefield.

And let’s say that he doesn’t actually die in the battlefield. He won’t be the same Peter when he returns from the war. We talk so much about the PTSD that he and Edmund would have developed from the battles they fought in Narnia, but Peter would definitely develop PTSD from his experiences in WWII. With WWI came the creation of trench warfare and advanced weaponry such as machine guns and better tanks and it was absolute hell and very gruesome. Peter would have seen the effects of WWI and WWII on surviving veterans and he wouldn’t want that. He wouldn’t want to spiral out of control and become an entirely different person if he managed to survive the war.

Peter just had so much to live for and throwing himself into the open hands of Death would be throwing away everything he lived for. I just feel like he wouldn’t go into a war voluntarily.

My Fault Part 2 - Shawn Mendes Imagine (requested)

A/N: I’ve gotten a few requests to do a part two, so if it’s okay with Brie, I wrote one. I hope you guys enjoy!


Part 1

Shawn’s POV

“She was young, caring and most of all, free. She always put herself above others, even when there was no need to. Brie Walters had an amazing future ahead of her, only just a graduate from her high school, Pineridge Secondary School, she hadn’t quite decided what she was going to be, but we know for sure, whatever it may have been, it was going to be life-changing.”

The air surrounding me in the church was tense. Grief dripping from every corner. Brie’s death was so unexpected, no one thought such a girl, age 19, would die so soon. And it was all because of me.

I turn my head slightly, watching as Dylan tried to stay strong, but failed. His eyes welling up with tears and a few escaping down his face. I knew he thought it was his fault too. He called me after, asking if I knew where Brie was. I, of course, didn’t, and he went on to explain what had happened. I haven’t told him yet that, really, it was my fault. I’m the one who cheated, the one that made her drive away. It was me.

My eyes rake along the stage in front of me. Noticing a picture of her next to her closed wooden casket. The tears were never ending as I realised her body, calm and lifeless, lie in front of me, covered by a wooden box, concealing her from grieving eyes. They only closed the lid because the scars staining her body were far too horrific for our eyes. But I knew, even with the scars, she was beautiful.

“We will now present to you Shawn Mendes, Brie’s partner, reading out his eulogy.”

My shaky legs brought my weak body next to the priest. He gave me a small smile, moving away to let me through. I grabbed on to the stand, pushing myself forward with the little strength I had. I cleared my throat, not taking my eyes off my shaky hands holding the scrunched up piece of paper.

“B-Brie, Brie was someone I had knew, much before most in this room for s-sure. She was kind, gentle and worthy of n-nothing less than perfect. It was only what she deserved,” I stood straighter, scanning the crowd, finding Dylan, her mother, father, everyone, “she didn’t deserve to be hurt, whether it may have been emotionally o-or physically. She was—no—is beautiful, even with the scars that marked her, that took her from us, she will forever be beautiful. And I know, she’s looking before us, up there, she’s looking down and most probably apologising at her own funeral,” I chuckled along with others, trying to lighten the mood, “but really it should be me apologising,” I look up and make eye contact with Dylan, his facial expression confused, “I promised her I’d never let her get hurt, never to hurt her. But as I stand up here, I feel as I haven’t done the one thing I was put on this earth to do, to protect her. And now as I look at her closed casket, I feel as if I hurt her, by not protecting her, like everything was my fault. But I know I shouldn’t think that, that Brie wouldn’t wanted that. So I won’t, and neither should any of you. Brie’s death was no ones fault. So no one should take the blame,” Dylan scoffs and stands up, he glares at me before apologising to Mrs Walter and leaving the church. I cough, pulling the eyes away from the figure walking away from his best friends’ funeral. I awkwardly stand there, eyes fully on me. I didn’t know what to say. My eulogy was completely forgotten and I now stand in front of any people, speechless and confused. I move away from the stand, walking towards my seat, but before I do, I turn and walk towards Mrs Walter. I place my hand on her shoulder, sending her a small smile, before following Dylan, and leaving the church.

I push the heavy wooden doors open, searching through the park in front of the church. A tall figure stood by the pond, hands in his pocket, standing still. I took a deep breath, slowly walking towards him. His suit, black and white, tight across his broad frame. I stopped right behind him, not close to him, only looking at the murky pond ahead of us.

“You made me think it was my fault,” Dylan shook his head, chuckling lightly at himself.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” I looked away to the side, before my attention was pulled on to Dylan, pushing me against a tree, holding me by the collar of my shirt.

“You made me think I killed her! That I killed Brie! You asshole!” His face, angry, fuming at the thought. He pushed me harder against the tree as he spat the harsh words.

“I have no id-”

“I have no idea? I have no idea! For fucks sake Shawn! Own up! Tell me what happened that night exactly what had happened!” His grip on my collar tightened.

“Okay, Okay! I-I had done something to make her drive away, she wouldn’t have even been on the road if it wasn’t for me-”

“What did you do? Tell me, now!”

“I cheated on her!” Dylan looked at me confused, his grip loosening, dropping my shirt.

“What?” His hands were shakily placed by his sides, I could see his them balling up, grabbing the fabric of his jacket harshly.

“Camila and I had kissed before, at a party. It wasn’t a peck it was more, but I stopped it before anything could happen. A couple days later, the night of the crash, I had slept with Camila. It was an accident, she came on to me and I was drunk, I had no control or choic-” I was cut off as I felt a fist connect with the side of my face. I was thrown against the tree by impact. I was on all fours on the ground, wiping the blood dripping down from my nose.

“You cheated on her! You motherfucking bastard! She was everything, and you let that go! You let her go! Maybe I might’ve loved, hell I do love her, I’m in love with her! I had told her before, but she still chose you over me. I told her before, that you were bad for her. That you were going to hurt her. But not like this, I didn’t think you’d go as far as killing her!”

“I didn’t kill her!”

“Of course you did! Who let her walk away? Huh, who let her drive aw-”

“You did too Dylan, we are both at fault. Don’t blame her death on me, when you let her walk away just as easily!”

Dylan looked at me, shocked, wide eyes, staring at me, but they slowly moved to the ground. I leaned against the tree, throwing the leaves I gripped on the ground. Dylan’s hands were on his hips, his jacket behind them, he was thinking of what he was going to do, what he was going to say.

“I know,” Dylan looked at me, confused.

“I know what I did was bad, no it was the worst thing to ever happen to my life, but don’t tell me everything was my fault. Brie wouldn’t have even been driving that highway if she wasn’t driving away from you.”

Dylan looked away, looking over the pond.

“I wonder where she was going,” it slipped form his mouth before he could stop it.

“She was going to our spot. It was a spot near the hidden lake, you know the place she broke her ankle last year. It was where I had told her-”

“You loved her?” My head tilted subconsciously, how he’d know that?

“Yeah, it’s the place I had told her I loved her too, it’s not that special to me.”

I started picking at the grass, pulling it out of the ground and throwing it in the direction of the lake.

“I don’t like you Shawn, never have and probably never will. I’m mad that you hurt the love of my life, that you let her slip that easily. Brie was someone worth fighting for, someone who did deserve the world. And that fake-ass bullshit you called your eulogy, saying ‘I was put down on this earth to protect her’ or the fact you brought up that it was your fault, made me want to shoot you. You don’t say that, you were basically taking the sympathy of all those people who had an overwhelming amount for Brie, not you or me, but Brie. It was all about her, okay?” Dylan turned to face me a couple of times, before turning back to the lake.

“How‘d you know that it was my fault?” I wanted to know, I had been thinking about it as soon as we began arguing.

“When you said it should really be me apologising, it hit like a nerve, that triggered a memory. A memory of Brie coming to my home the night she crashed. She looked like she’d being crying for hours, her eyes bloodshot, they were weak, her whole body look liked it was about to give way. I knew she lived with you, I knew she was just home, home where you were. We were talking earlier that day, a couple hours before the accident actually, before Brit had come home, she was talking about your relationship…”


“I dunno Dylan, I just feel as if he’s hiding something form me, you know? Like he wants to tell me. it’s almost as if he’s dying to tell me, just never knows the right time,” Brie readjusted her hold on her coffee mug, before taking another sip. Closing her eyes at the feeling of the warm liquid trickling down her throat.

“I get it. Brittany’s being acting strange as well, like she’ll glare at me when I talk to her, about anything you know? Like I’ll be talking about my day and as I begin talking she groans.”

“What do you mention first, it could be the reason she’s upset?” Brie placed her cup on the counter, my eyes following the movement of her hand.

“You. You’re always there at the start of every day. But I’ve mentioned you a million times and not once has she reacted like that.”

“Huh, weird. You don’t think she’s jealous do you?”

“No, no of course not, why would she be?” I furrowed my eyebrows as she thought about it, before shaking her head. The small breath I was holding slipping through my lips silently. I was hoping she’d say something, anything, to at least put a little hope into my day.

“Anyway I’m going to go home, I’m going to find out why Shawn’s being acting strange, even if it kills me,” she chuckled as she grabbed her coat from the rack next to the door. Soon she was slipping out the door, waving before shutting the door.

Flashback Over

“I had my chance to tell her, to stop her from going home that night. But I didn’t take it, you know why?” I rip the grass I held in my hands angrily, not answering him.

“Because I knew she was in too deep with you. She thought you were the one, the love of her life. Hey, you might’ve been. But in all honestly, would the love of her life hurt her like that?”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about! You know barely anything about our life! You don’t know about the fact she was the one, the one for me, of course she was the love of my life!” I cracked, launching to my feet, turning away from Dylan, my hands tightening into fists by my sides.

“Oh yeah? When something would go wrong in your relationship, she’d come to me! She’d come to me to talk about how a total idiot you were! You’re even more of an idiot for thinking you two were soulmates!” My temper taking the better of me, I whip around grabbing Dylan by the collar off guard.

“Shut up! Shut up! You don’t know what you’re talking about!”

“You sure about that? I knew every crook of your relationship! She told me everything!”

“We were soulmates, she was the one! Don’t you dare say we weren’t!”

“Who cares if you were since you killed her anyway!” My eyes opened wide in shock, my hands tightening around Dylan’s collar. My fist balled up and before I knew it; connecting with Dylan’s face, knocking him to the ground. I got on top of him and began punching him. Thinking about Brie, about what he said, what I knew. Every emotion I had, I punched into him.

“Shawn! Shawn what the hell are you doing!” I turn around to face my scared mother. I looked down at my hands, Dylan’s face covered in blood. My hands dyed in his red blood. Dylan’s face messed up.

“I-I don’t know, I just lost c-control,” she pulled me up to my feet, my hands shakily in front of me. My dad came running out, sitting next to Dylan, looking at his bloody face.

“Call an ambulance!”

Everything from there was a blur. People rushed out from the church, surrounding Dylan’s unconscious body. I slipped away form the crowd, entering the church silently. I ran to the bathroom, turning the tap on and washing the blood from my hands. I splashed water on to my face. I tried figuring out who was staring back at me in the mirror. I knew it definitely wasn’t Shawn.

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After more than one and a half years running this studyblr, I finally managed to revamp the whole blog and create an introduction post. A great way to start the new year, eh? Anyway, let’s begin :-)

My name is Laurensia but you can call me Lauren. I was born and raised in Palembang, South Sumatra, Indonesia but moved to Singapore in 2013 (all by myself) to continue my study after graduating from junior high school at the age of 14. After three years long, I finally graduated from secondary school and survived GCE O levels examination last year. Studying in Singapore was definitely one unforgettable experience in my life. Next, I will be continuing my study in Melbourne, Australia for foundation studies starting early next month.

During my time in the studyblr community until today, I have talked to some of the loveliest people and even had the opportunity to meet a few of them. While others, I can only admire them from what they post on Tumblr and YouTube regularly. They always inspire me in so many ways and I feel like they deserve to be mentioned. Those people are: @studyign @studykouffee @yolandastudies @arianastudies @jhonstudies @studycubs @nehrdist @studyjewel @mediocrestudyblr @emmastudies @smoinerd @grangergrades

I hope to be MORE active this year in terms of creating, posting and interacting with fellow studyblr-ians (I don’t think that word exist HAHA). To prove that I am taking this seriously, I have created a studygram and studytube account! If there’s anything that you would like me to make on my studytube, feel free to message me or drop an ask. If you would like to know more about me and this studyblr, there is an ‘info’ page which you can find in my Tumblr bio or here. Lastly, I have a tag #heylauitsme and you can write that in your tags so that I can see and reblog your posts :D

Thank you so much for taking your time to read this introduction post 
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get to know me better

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how old are you? - 17, 18 this year

dream job? - i don’t really have a dream job? i’d like to do something with art or helping people though

what is a big goal you are working towards? - graduating from school is my goal right now, secondary goal is to figure out my identity more

whats your aesthetic? - omg so many things!! i really like space, nature and cities at night

whats a topic you’re always up to talk about? - things that make people happy and things i enjoy 

whats a pet peeve of yours? - being really loud makes me uncomfortable 

good advice to give? - you don’t have to rush, take your time if you need it. you have your whole life ahead of you

recommend 3 songs - hayley kiyoko - palace, willow smith - marceline, bastille - the anchor

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Ok but can we take a moment to appreciate how darn smart Cloud actually is? He was in to the infantry at 14-16, so presumably his highest education is secondary(high) school (Even completing secondary school would be pushing it, because he’d be skipping grades.) and never went to college.

Then this asshole goes on to do medical research and read books like

Look at those darn books. They’re so… professional looking. They even come in volumes. Like those tomes you’d find in the library’s reference section that are too valuable to loan out.  It’s even properly tagged with colourful post-it tabs like a textbook would have been.

Anyway, back to the point. So this guy who possibly never even graduated from secondary school and definitely did not go to college or uni is doing stuff like this. Geeze, no wonder he didn’t find a cure. That’s pretty amazing, for him to be able to understand all the medical terms and absorb all the knowledge. Even if he didn’t find a cure, it speaks volumes of his intelligence that even with just a basic education, he was able to develop his skills and understanding of a subject to such a level.

Did he sit in on countless lectures in the two years between og and ac? How many medical professionals and researchers did he consult with in the meantime? Did he participate in any of those research personally both as a subject and a researcher? (I’m not even touching on how brave he would have to be to do that because of what happened in the Nibelheim labs) Does he own and read an entire bookcase of books dedicated to medical research in his bid to find a cure for Geostigma? While on top of that, keeping up with all the responsibilities of being both the owner and the only employee of his delivery business?

Makes me wonder what he could have gone on to achieve if he had attended school instead of joining the infantry.

im so late at doing this.

Rules: List 10 good things that happened in 2016 [could be about you, the world, your friend, etc. as long as it is positive things] and then tag 10 friends~

 thanks for the tag @lilakennedy !!

  1. i finally finished my o’s!! (it’s a really important exam in a secondary school student’s life)
  2. i got into bts!!!!!!
  3. i’ve graduated from secondary school and can finally escape whatever cringey shit i did in the past.
  4. 2016 was bts’ year and i’m so happy to be there to celebrate with them
  5. tatinof and tabinof were a thing
  6. dan and phil achieved so much together and i could never have been prouder (is that even a word?)
  7. margot robbie nailing her role as harley quinn in suicide squad, making me love that character even more
  8. i made new friends on here :)
  9. i met up with my primary school friend whom i’ve been friends with since 2009 and we had some good timez
  10. i reached over a hundred followers on here so thanks so much for that, pals!!! :)

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10 days till I graduate from secondary school, 32 days before my O levels. Getting pretty emotional at the thought of having to leave some amazing teachers and only meeting them once in a while. Friends too, but I trust that my few close friends will remain despite not meeting 5 days per week.

In the meantime, enjoy my little alien doodle I did during add math lesson (oopsie). (~˘▾˘)~

Happy Birthday, Carmen Lozano Dumler!

Second Lieutenant Carmen Maria Lozano Dumler,[note 1] RN, (September 18, 1921 - March 29, 2015), was one of the first Puerto Rican women to become a United States Army officer.

Lozano was born and raised in San Juan, the capital city of Puerto Rico. She lived in a coffee plantation which was managed by her father. She received her primary and secondary education in San Juan and after graduating from high school, she enrolled in the Presbyterian Hospital School of Nursing where she became a certified nurse in 1943.[1][2][3]

By this time the United States had entered World War II and therefore needed to boost its military capabilities; as a result, the Army ordered Puerto Rico’s 65th Infantry Regiment to full war strength and drafted many Puerto Ricans — even those whose knowledge of English was minimal. The Army recognized the need for bilingual nurses based on a letter to the surgeon general in new York to help the soldiers that returned with wounds. In 1944, the Army sent three WAC (Women’s Army Corps) recruiters to the island to organize a unit of 200 WACs. Over 1,500 women responded to the call and applied. Lozano applied to become an Army nurse and on Aug. 21, 1944, became one of thirteen women to be selected.[1][4]

More on Second Lieutenant Carmen Lozano Dumler

Here I am, just graduated from Finnish upper secondary school.
Three years of long nights and countless bookstacks and notebookpages later I am now finally off this hook. Many people say here that after Upper Secondary school we’re the wisest we’ll ever be.
All the doors are open now but I am not very sure what I want, but I’ll figure it out eventually.

Congolese artist: Bodys Isek Kingelez

Bodys Isek Kingelez or Jean Baptiste (1948 to March 14, 2015) was a sculptor and artist from the Democratic Republic of Congo, mostly known for his models of fantastic cities made of cardboard. His work has been presented in numerous exhibitions in Europe and North America, including exhibitions at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris and the Museum of Modern Art in New York and at the documenta XI in Kassel. Kingelez was born as Jean Baptiste in 1948 in Kimbembele-Ihunga in what was then the Belgian Congo. After graduating from secondary school he moved to Kinshasa in 1970. Until 1977 he studied part-time and supported himself by teaching at a school and by working as a restorer of tribal masks at the National Museum in Kinshasa. At the same time he began to create some of his first art works. Since 1985 he has dedicated himself entirely to his art. source

Kingelez in 2003 by Dirk Dumon

Some of his work…

Kinshasa la Belle (1991)

Kimbembele Ihunga (1994)


New Manhattan City  2001-2002

Kinshasa du troisième millénaire réalisé en 1997

Ville Fantôme, 1996

Hello World! My name is Lily and I’m an eighteen year old transgender female from Ireland. Usually I’m not very confident in my appearance, but I posted this picture yesterday and a lot of people complimented me, so I overcame my nerves and decided to submit to this. xD Be nice because I’m very nervous!

I’m at a crucial point in my life at the moment. I recently graduated from the boys’ secondary school I attended at which I endured a lot of bullying and misgendering. Now I’m trying to learn to be more comfortable with myself, not to feel ashamed for being who I am. I’m moving onto college soon and hoping to come out to my family and at my university as soon as I can. I guess I need a bit of inspiration since these changes make me very nervous, but, regardless of what people think, I’m not scared to be me anymore. ^^


Hi everyone in this community, I am Jolin and I’m 16 this year currently graduating from secondary school in Singapore! I just joined this community since last night and I really hope to seek advices & motivations. I’m a hardcore procrastinator that has to delete all my social media apps (except tumblr). I really hope this community would inspire & motivate me! Thank you so much :) Studyblr blogs please reblog this so I could follow you guys & have more inspirations! All the best! 🙆



i graduated from secondary school last night! what a strange feeling! and that book on the left was an award for excellence in mathematics (out of all the SL students in my year, they picked me!!!) - my math teacher left a sweet message inside ♡♡ i feel so happy and proud but also nervous for the future ahhhhhh