graduation dresses


I finished making my graduation dress.

It’s a mess and it gives me weird boob darts and the zipper is crooked and it’s the most beautiful dress I’ve ever worn. I love it.

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Is there any way you'd put together a post with a few graduation dress ideas? I am graduating college in two weeks and I have no idea what I want or where to look!

hi hi hi! congrats :) so for my graduation i wore this checkered co-ord set which was like cute but really trendy at the time and i always regret not wearing something more classic so that when i look back to it i still think its cute ya know? i think its best to go simple and then wear a fun pair of shoes or really do up your hair/makeup. anyways so here are some affordable dresses like that that i think will last the test of time in your photos ;

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Backless long halter graduation dress, prom dress =>!product/prd1/2243138241/backless-long-halter-graduation-dress%2C-prom-dress