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BTS Reaction To You Moving On

Summary-You liked him for a long time but he was always busy and never around so you decided it wasn’t worth and moved in. You began dating someone but little did you know he liked you back the whole time.

(Y/B/N)= your boyfriend’s name


His day was going just fine.  He went out with the rest of the boys to celebrate his graduation.  They were at the restaurant eating when you walked in…Jin’s face lit up he has liked you for awhile but being so busy with the boys and school he has kinda ignored you.  He got up to go say hi to you when your date walked in. (Y/B/N) wrapped his arms around you waist and gave you a quick kiss.  Just as quickly as he got happy his whole world crashed.  Jin knew he lost you.  

“I hope she is happy and he treats her well.  If she is happy I will try to be happy too.” 

“What did you say jin hyung”

“Oh nothing…nothing”

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You were a fellow idol and leader of your girl group.  You meet Namjoon at an award show and formed a friendship fter since you had so much in common.  Even before you meet him Namjoon had been you bias and you had a crush on him for a while, he felt the same way about you.   Both your schedules got pretty busy and you both went on tour in opposite directions.  You both lost contact for awhile and you started to date Taeyang from Big bang(this might be a little bit of a stretch but bare with me) because your group went on tour with them.  

You and Taeyang made your relationship public by posting something on twitter and Namjoon saw it. Namjoon was upset with himself for not putting in more effort on your relationship and not confessing to you sooner.  

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In his head he had a good reason to not come forward with his feelings. He knew he was always busy and would not be ablt to give you what you deserved in the relationship.   Plus how could he tell Namjoon that he was in love with sister?  You and Namjoon were extremely close siblings so whenever you weren’t busy you were hanging out with him and the boys. Spending so much time together you and Suga started to like each other, without the other one knowing.  Like Yoongi, you knew confessing your feelings to him would not be good for the both of you or Namjoon, especially Namjoon.  You thought it would be best to just push aside the feelings and move on, so you did.  

What you didn’t realize was Yoongi had it.  He hated being with you but not being with you.  He decided that he would tell you of his feelings today.  Yoongi, Namjoon, and Jhope were sitting around when you walked in.  

“Hey Namjoon I just wanted to let you know that Jackson asked me on a date and I’m going…like right now.” 

Both Yoongi and Namjoon were taken a back by what you said, “Jackson as in Jackson Wang?  My friend!!?” Namjoon looked pissed.  Yoongi was happy thinking that he did not want you with anyone else but then Namjoon’s face eased.  “(Y/N) I’m not thrilled that its Jackson but I know he is a good guy so go have fun.” 

As you walked out Yoongi was furious that he didn’t tell you both sooner.  He knew he could make you happy.

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You meant Jhope in a dance class and instantly became good friends.  You however, started to develop stronger feelings for him.  Even though you did hang out a lot it always revolved somewhat around practice.  You would go get food before or after practice, or you would go over to the dorms to help him teach the other members choreo.  After months of not feeling that he likes you back, you decided to slowly start to me on.  You were asked on a date by another guy in you dance class and you said yes.  

“Hey (Y/N) do you wanna grab a bite to eat.”

“Oh sorry Hobi but (Y/B/N) asked me out and I said yes so we are gonna go grab something.  Maybe another time?”

“Oh um ya….ya sound good have fun.” 

H e watches you as the two of you walk away hand in hand.  

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Jimin: (Ok this one is weird but I ran out of ideas)

You meet Jimin at a fan signing.  You just instantly clicked and he gave you his phone number.  You talked for a long time and a great friendship formed.  You obviously liked Jimin but you didn’t see a way for Park Jimin to ever like you back.  You began to date a guy from your university and was very happy.  

Tour started back up for Bts and Jimin sent you tickets to come and see him.  Little did you know JImin was planning on confessing to you.  You and (Y/B/N) went to the concert and after went back stage to meet up with Jimin.  Jimin was upset that you started dating someone but he understood that since he did not tell you about his feeling, you had no idea about them.  He was happy for you though because he knew your boyfriend could make you happier because he was never around.

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Taehyung knows the importance of family and friends, and that's why he hasn't let you go.  You both tell people that you were best friends in the womb- you then explain that your mothers are best friends so you guys grew up together.  There was never a dull moment when the two of you were together.  You loved him a lot…a lot more than a friend for that matter.  You starting liking Tae as something more when you were 14.  After awhile you realized Tae was always busy and probably saw you more as a sister anyway so you moves on.  You started dating (Y/B/N) about 2 months ago, but you haven’t told Tae yet because he was away on tour.  Well today he came back and wanted to see you so he stopped by.  Today was the day he was gonna confess to you.  He knocked on the door to your apartment and (Y/B/N) answered the door and tae’s mood completely changed.

“Oh sorry I must have the wrong apartment.  I am looking for (Y/N).” 

“No you are in the right spot I am (Y/B/N) .  You must be Tae. (Y/N) talks about you a lot.” 

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Jungkook has been in love with you since the first day you two met.  Kookie being kookie though, got so shy around you that he feelings for you were never that easy to see. So you thought he say you no more than a good friend, which made you hide your true feelings about him. 

After jungkook’s graduation all his friends were invited back to the dorms for a party.  When you walked in his good day got even better.  He decided then that he would finally tell you how he feels. You walked over to him with a gift in his hands and wrapped your arms around his neck, giving him a big hug.

‘Kookie i am so proud of you.  Here this is for you,” handing him the gift “just a little something from me and (Y/B/N).” 

His eyes shot across the room and locked eyes with your boyfriend.  He looked back at you with tears in his eye knowing full well that he lost you. 

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the Acid Test Graduation party, a celebration organized by Ken Kesey and his Merry Pranksters, in 1966. Photo by Ted Streshinsky

“ Years dominated by men with dreams, men in the civil rights movement, the Peace Corps, the space program — so we arrived at Wellesley and we found, as all of us have found, that there was a gap between expectation and realities. But it wasn’t a discouraging gap, and it didn’t turn us into cynical, bitter old women at the age of 18. It just inspired us to do something about that gap. “

- Hillary Clinton, Wellesley Graduation Speech, 1969

University Prompts

- pretty sure the professor only passed me because they felt bad for me

- I don’t know anyone in this class but you’ve got a rainbow patch on your backpack and I’m [LGBT] too so do you want to work together?

- it turns out a kid in my class got you home Saturday night and now they’re asking me how you are and wait how do you know each other???

- I think I just saw my TA drunk???

- we’re both struggling to finish this paper on time but I talked to the professor and got an extension whereas you’ll be pulling (yet another) all nighter

- I’m in a psychology experiment and I majorly fucked up and you’re running it but you can’t help me and oh god this is going downhill fast

- “no I won’t sit with you in class, (mutual friend) keeps falling asleep on me”

- I have to watch this scary movie for class please sit with me and tell me it’s all okay

- I saw you trying to recruit people for your club on roller blades and I have no idea how that’s related please don’t hurt yourself

- I’m pretty sure our professor is actually insane let’s take another class with them

- I’m like 99% sure your dorm building is haunted

- you’re studying abroad for the semester and it’s our last night before you leave

- you’re political science and I’m international studies and we keep getting into arguments about which is better even though our friends can’t tell the difference

- a serial killer once lived in your building when he was in college and I heard they don’t let people sleep in that room anymore is that true?… do you think we can find the room?


- stop distracting me in the middle of class the professor’s already yelled at us once

- we somehow always end up showering at the same time in shower stalls next to each other

- it’s 7 in the morning where is that Disney soundtrack coming from?

- I kind of have a crush on you and I walked into the communal bathroom and you were there wet and only in a towel and I’ll come back later

- the professor forgot to tell us we didn’t have class so everyone showed up and it’s really weird being here with you with nothing to say

- you’re a grad student who taught a course I took and I see you around everywhere and you always wave to me

- I was extremely early to class but thought I was late so I ran in and now everyone in the class will see me every day and you’re in that class and you’re so cute and I don’t think I could be anymore embarrassed

- I have a path I always take to class because it takes me past the room you’re in

- you start talking to me as we’re walking to class and we’re walking to different buildings but I don’t want to end this conversation yet so I’m just going to run when you’re not looking

- we’re in class together and you read the wrong book and I have to whisper the plot of the one we were supposed to read to you

One Last Dance

Bones invites one lucky girl out on to the dance floor and their undeniable attraction carries them behind closed doors.

Warnings: unprotected sex. an overwhelming sexy doctor ;)


The delicate curves of the black mask coiled over her cheekbones and met the sharp points of her eyeliner. The gleam dancing down from the stars mingled with the torchlight cast from the perimeter of the dance floor casting a fantastic glow on her classmates. An ancient tradition, one some students of the Academy scoffed at, but she would have not missed this evening to celebrate their graduation for all of space. Four years had been spent with her nose pressed so close to study materials, she feared it would be permanently indented and her eyes crossed to show for her hard work.

Instead, she found herself clad in an elegant satin dress that wrapped around her body like a second skin, flaring only where it met her knees and angling up just slightly towards the front to display the glass heels adorning her feet. It was a far cry from the uniform blue she donned daily.

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Gotta Stay Warm- JB x Reader

Requested and completed! Hope you enjoy it!


“Alright, everyone! Don’t forget, be here at noon on the dot! Anyone late is gonna get left behind!”

School was out in two weeks. You knew from the start of your senior year that it was going to fly by, but you never thought it’d be gone this fast. You could have sworn just yesterday was the start of holiday break, but yet here you were, at the beginning of June, the hot sun beating down on you as summer crept closer and closer, with a mere two weeks before your last day of high school.

Of course, the seniors couldn’t leave without one last proper celebration before graduation, and that’s why you sat in the auditorium of your school one Thursday evening, with the entire senior class, all eyes focused on stage, on the boy with the mic, who had given a speech and received a round of applause from his peers, and you couldn’t help but clap with them as the boy bowed dramatically.

That boy was Jaebum- or JB, as he preferred- captain of the football team, class President, all around great guy, with his charming personality and smile brighter than a thousand suns.

He had convinced the principal to allow a “senior meeting to discuss the last couple of weeks of school” in the auditorium after school hours, and had organized it quickly for the following day. It was no surprise that almost the entire class was there- who could possibly pass up the opportunity to spend a weekend with their friends away from parents? It was impossible to resist.

You had been on the fence about the idea for quite some time, not exactly feeling the same excitement everyone else was about it. It wasn’t until one day, in your history class, that JB turned to you and asked “Are you going on the camping trip? It’d be great to see you there.” From that moment on, you were determined to be there.

You had a crush on him. A big one. Ever since the eighth grade, you had been smitten with Jaebum, his blinding smile causing your heart to flutter every time. He was perfect, and everyone knew it, but you appreciated the small things about him that no one noticed, like how he had a habit of tapping his upper lip with his pointer finger when he was deep in thought, or how he doodled at the top of his exam papers. He was like a dream.

You never said anything to him, of course. He was easily the most popular guy at school, and you were, as the other popular people thought, average, and not to mention the fact that you’d be competing against some of the prettiest girls in school for JB’s affections. No, this was something you’d keep to yourself.

You appreciated every time he acknowledged you, and every time he stuck up for you against the sour girls who constantly pestered you for pointless things. JB was that guy. The guy who always came to the rescue.

The ride to the campsite drove you crazy. Like any school trip, you sat on the bus with a group of incredibly rowdy kids, yelling and throwing things, thinking they were funny, when they were actually driving half the other kids to the brink of insanity. You had your headphones in, blasting your music as loud as your ears could handle, until you felt a tap on your shoulder, and turned around to see none other than JB leaning over the back of your seat with a gentle smile on his face. “Glad you could make it,” he chuckled, eyes warm and kind, “I almost thought you weren’t gonna show.” You smiled in response, feeling your cheeks burning a bit before he sat back down, and you smiled still, until you noticed a group of JB fangirls shooting you dirty looks from a couple of seats ahead.

Unpacking and setting up tents was a pain, but manageable, thanks to the boys of the football team helping out wherever they could, and Mr. Class President JB did his best to keep everything under control, which he succeeded with. After just a couple of hours, the campsite was set up, with the rather large senior class, and you knew it was going to be a wild few days with these people.

Night came quickly, and someone started a bonfire that no one could resist. People were dancing, singing, running around, having a great time, and you sat with a few friends near the fire, drinking and laughing, watching everyone else dance around happily. It was fun, you couldn’t deny, and it only got better when JB approached you with a big smile on his face and a water bottle in his hand. Props to him for not drinking illegally like the others. As class president, he needed to uphold his reputation in front of his fellow classmates, you guessed.

“Hey,” JB greeted with a nod and a smile, standing in front of, having to look down quite a bit as you were sitting, “having fun?”

You nodded. “Yeah, actually. Thanks for planning this, everyone seems to be having a blast. You did good, Mr. Class President.”

The two of you made small talk for a bit longer, until his teammates were dragging him off for a game of frisbee by the fire (really quite dangerous, if you did say so yourself) so you stayed where you were, and as the night continued, students began to retire one by one to their tents, finally worn out from the events of the day.

It got quiet quickly, and soon enough your friends decided it was about time it get some sleep, so they too retired to their tents, leaving you by the fire, which you were content with. It was warm and peaceful. “Like JB…” you thought to yourself, a blush crossing your cheeks.

“What are you still doing out here, princess? Waiting for your prince in shining armor to scoop you up and take you to his tent?” You turned your head at the voice, and was met with the laughter of the same girls who were staring you down on the bus to the campsite. You rolled your eyes and turned away, but they weren’t done with you quite yet. One reached out and nudged your shoulder, causing you to stand up and cross your arms in front of her, eyes narrowed.

“Knock it off, leave me alone.” You said, and the girls laughed.

The one who nudged you began to mimic you, “Knock it off, leave me aloneeee~” , and you frowned, which egged her on even further. “Oh Jaebum, thank you for convincing me to come, I did it for you~”

“Shut up.” You growled, but your eyes were tearing up, no matter how hard you tried to resist it.

The girls laughed, taking another step towards you. “Oh, you gonna cry, princess? Should we go get JB for you?” More laughter. More sneers. More dirty looks.You had enough. Spinning on your heels, you walked off into the woods to relax, leaving the laughter of the mean girls behind until it was just an echo, and then silent.

You walked, and walked and walked and walked, tears spilling from your eyes as you thought about the bullies. “They’re just jealous JB actually acknowledges me…” you try to reason, working to convince yourself that they were just envious of how JB looked at you, with his kind eyes that you could stare at for hours and hours and still be entranced by.

You kept walking for so long you realized you had no idea where you wound up. You weren’t sure if you had been walking in a straight line the entire time, or if you veered off from the line and travelled deeper into the unfamiliar woods, and you grew worried at the thought of being stuck out here by yourself in an unfamiliar area.

You started to walk back in the direction you thought you came from, and, of course, just your luck, a light drizzle had started just minutes into your journey back to the campground. You sighed, picking up the pace and the drizzle grew into a steady rain that began to soak your clothes, causing you to shiver and hug your body as you continued through the dark woods. You knew at this point, the rain had to have put out the bonfire back at camp, so finding your way back would be that much harder without the orange glow of the warm fire.

The rain only picked up from there, and you still had no idea where you were, you just knew you were freezing and soaked to the bone, when you heard a voice calling your name. You called back in a shaking voice, nearly choking “here!” as you wandered in the direction of the voice, stumbling over branches and rocks as you dragged your feet, feeling tired and very worn.

You heard the voice again, louder this time, and you called back again and again until you could make out a silhouette in the distance. “Over here!” you cried, a shiver rippling through your body as you approached the figure that was jogging towards you.

“Hey, hey, it’s me, JB!” The voice called, and you sighed with relief as he grabbed your arm, immediately feeling comfort in his presence. “I’ve been looking everywhere for you! I saw you walk into the woods, and I told those bitches off for bothering you, but by the time I got into the woods, I had no idea where you went and- oh man, you must be freezing. Come on.” JB took your hand, and under normal circumstances you would have been blushing, but you were too tired and too cold to even fully register what was going on. All you knew was that JB found you and you weren’t going to die in the woods by yourself.

Before you knew it, you were back at camp, with no one else in sight (had you been gone that long?), with JB’s arm wrapped around your shoulders as he guided you to your tent. “Change out of those clothes, they’re soaked.” He gave you a gentle nudge towards the entrance of the tent and you entered, weakly digging through your bag for your pajamas.

In a minute or so you opened the tent again to find JB standing there still, his worried expression an odd sight in comparison to his normally laid back one. “You look terrible.” He commented, but not in a mean way. It was more in a “wow-that-really-took-a-toll-on-you” way. “Sit tight, I’m going to get some more blankets for you.” JB ran off to his tent, and you sunk back into yours, laying against your sleeping bag as you huddled under the one blanket you had with you. Soon JB had returned, sticking his head into your tent with a caring smile. “Knock knock, can I come in?”

You smiled weakly. “Yeah.” So JB crawled in, blankets in hand, tossing them over you to keep you warm and cozy. He turned his phone flashlight on so you both could see better, and frowned once he got a better look at your pale, sticky looking face. He reached a hand out, gently pressing it to your forehead, his frown growing wider at first touch. “You’re on fire.” He mumbled, inching a bit closer to you. You froze, cheeks burning at the closeness of your crush, but let him come closer to you until his arms were around you. “That rain did you no good. Don’t do that again, okay? You had me really worried..”

“I’m sorry…” you whispered, leaning into him ever so slightly, a smile smile crossing your lips. JB seemed to care a lot. It made the night seem just a little better.

“I’ll stay here till you fall asleep, okay? I don’t want you to be alone.” JB said quietly, looking anywhere but you, and you smiled.


His grip around you tightened a bit, and you closed your eyes, wrapped up under the blankets JB had so generously lent you. Because JB was that guy.

The guy who always came to the rescue.

๐ŸŽ“ master list of sweet sorority graduation photo poses! ๐ŸŽ“

Celebrate your graduating sisters with a senior photo shoot. These are some cute & classic greek grad poses! Remember your senior sisters forever….


The Sororifetti: 

The Uncorked:

The Balloon Bliss:

The Cap Toss:

The Stole Spotlight: 

The Senior Sparkle:

The Crafty Cap:

The Shy Seniors:

The Fountain Frolic:

The Final Throw What You Know:

The Class Cap Collection:

The Stadium Stack:

The Grads in White:

The Casual Stroll:

The Stairway to the Future:

The Sit-In:

The Cap Side:

The Letter Luv:

The Journey Begins:

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My gf is in medical school right now… she wants to become a nurse. I’m so proud of her (and I tell her this every day) and I’m thinking of proposing when she graduates after a nice celebration of said graduation. (We’ve been together for a while and we’ve talked about marriage and how we wanna get married once she’s graduated.) She’s due to graduate in about a year and I’m not sure if I can keep this secret so long! But I will.