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So I decided that to expand my blog a little and to celebrate graduating high school, I’m creating a fandom family!  (I still have exams left and this is kind of my way of not studying as well but it’s ok)


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The best parts of Grease (1978)
  • The fact that every single actor is clearly 20 years older than their character
  • The opening is animated for almost no reason
  • The one boy sitting in the girls’ section during “Summer Nights” just… daydreaming… staring off into space. I don’t think he even knows there’s a musical number going on
  • Patty calls herself a clod
  • If you pause the end of “Summer Nights” in the right place Sandy’s face is right in the middle of a pole
  • Sandy pukes when she sees blood??? what does she do during her period??
  • Danny’s face creepily showing up in the pool during “Hopelessly Devoted to You”
  • The people who work in the car shop just kinda staring awkwardly at the Greasers during “Greased Lightning” like they have no idea wtf they’re doing
  • The entirety of “Beauty School Dropout”
  • One of the boys spikes the punch and when questioned says he was washing his hands in it
  • Rizzo trusts Marty to keep a secret like you’ve known this woman since Kindergarten did you seriously think she’d keep her mouth shut
  • siN WAGON
  • Danny sings about how Sandy rejected him as if she didn’t have valid reason
  • The car race that comes almost out of nowhere but at least it’s better than the musical which had literally no payoff for Greased Lightning at all
  • Sandy decides to become a Greaser kinda just because
  • Rizzo and Kenickie screwed around at the beginning of the school year but she didn’t realize she wasn’t pregnant until the last day like did she just assume baby bumps weren’t a thing?? Did she think gestation was nine years instead of nine months???? How the hell did this timeline work?? Did they have any sex ed in the 50s?
  • i got chILLS
  • They only start to wonder wtf they’re doing after graduation at the fair celebrating graduation
  • If you listen at the end of “We Go Together” you can hear the Chipmunks singing
  • The fact that High School Musical was originally going to be a second-generation sequel to this

When Jungkook first started high school, BTS had a 짜장면 (Jjajangmyeon) [black bean noodles] party and Jungkook paid for everyone’s meals. They’re having a 짜장면 again to celebrate Jungkook’s graduation but this time the rest of BTS are going to pay. Can you hear me sobbing??? 😭😭😭😭

May 17th

Today, May 17th, is Norway’s national day. Norway is the Scandinavian country that celebrates their national day the most.This day in 1814, Norway left its 400-year long union with Denmark and became an independent nation with its own constitution (although they kinda entered a union with Sweden until 1905). All over the country, people wear the national costume (bunad) and celebrate Norway’s independence and democratic rights in parades.

From a parade in Oslo.

May 17th is mostly a day for children and there is a “rule” that children must receive as many ice creams, hot dogs and soft drinks as they want. Usually at schools or in parks there are activities for children where entire communities gather after they’ve marched. 

Usually a lot of kindergartens and elementary schools marches to the resident of the royal family, where they wave to all the children passing by.

The Royal Family

It’s also the last day of russetiden, the celebration of graduating upper secondary school. People celebrating russetiden can be spotted in this outfit:

Norway’s national costumes (bunad) vary a lot in colour and pattern, but they usually look a lot like this:

These outfits are usually very expensive, so not everyone has one. It is much more common for girls than for boys to wear bunads.

In the parades, there are usually marching bands and people singing patriotic songs, such as these:

Norway’s national anthem, Ja, vi elsker (Yes, we love).

Norge i rødt hvit og blått (Norway in red, white and blue). This is my personal favourite.

I hope everyone in Norway has a great Constitution Day today! 

Free To Be You and Me

Characters: Y/N Singer, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester (mentioned) Caleb Nichols (OC - mentioned), Bobby Singer (mentioned)    

Pairing: AU - Caleb x Reader, Dean x Reader

Warnings: Divorce, cheating (not Dean nor the reader), low self worth, douchebag ex, Dean being perfect (yep that’s a warning), smut (not super graphic but it’s there), oral (female receiving), vaginal sex. Unsafe sex - wrap it before you tap it y’all.    

Word Count: 2600ish

A/N: This is written for @jensen-jarpad’s big celebration challenge - I had the idea for it pretty quickly but it took me a while deciding who I wanted to write it for. I ended up going with Dean but it is AU and not SPN verse.

Thanks to the sweet amazing @percywinchester27 for betaing this for me (sorry bout the smut Ana - it just happened!)

Your divorce had finally gone through and you knew you were supposed to feel something. Grief, relief, something. Instead you couldn’t stop thinking how you had wasted 3 years of your life on a guy who had  constantly belittled you, and done everything in his power to close you off from your family and friends.

It had taken him cheating on you with his secretary, which was only the world’s biggest cliche, for you to finally have had enough. He hadn’t even been sad or angry as he had watched you pack your bags and walk out on him, to go live with your dad until you could get back on your feet. Instead, he chose to tell you he knew you would be back. No other man would love you and he was only with you out of pity anyway.

Nothing about your marriage had been healthy or loving. You didn’t regret for one second that you had left him, but still his words had stuck with you. As you sat there on your couch staring at the finalized divorce papers you couldn’t help but wonder if he was right. Were you unloveable? Surely there were girls that looked much better than you, but you had never put that much stock into looks. You had always been a tomboy anyway and your best friend in the entire world was a guy. Or rather he used to be. Caleb had never liked Dean, and the feeling was mutual. The only difference was that Dean had never asked you to chose between the two of them. Caleb had, and the idiot you had been, you had chosen the man who had spent every day of your life together telling you you weren’t good enough, above the man who had been there for you whenever you needed him. The man who had held you as you cried when you mother had passed away. The man who had celebrated every graduation with you. The man who in spite of how he felt about the guy you had married, had showed up at your wedding to support your decision. That had been the last time you had seen Dean.

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Yahya Abu Romman, a 22-year-old languages major, had just graduated from university. To celebrate, he planned a six-week trip to the U.S., where his brother, uncles and aunts and more than a dozen cousins have lived for years.

With good grades, an engaging personality and fluency in three languages — English, Arabic and Spanish — he had worked as a nature conservation ranger while studying, and had his pick of jobs with tour companies in Jordan, a strong U.S. ally.

In 2015, Abu Romman was issued a tourist visa at the U.S. embassy in Amman, good for five years. With money from a graduation present, he bought a round-trip ticket and landed at Chicago’s O'Hare International Airport a few days after the start of President Trump’s travel ban on the citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries.

That’s where the positive impression of the U.S. he’d inherited from his father came to a screeching halt.

“My dad is a graduate from the University of Illinois,” says Abu Romman. “He always told me America is the land of justice, land of opportunities, of generosity. That there are very kind people. And there are. But I think things have changed.”

Deported With A Valid U.S. Visa, Jordanian Says Message Is ‘You’re Not Welcome’

Photo: Jane Arraf/NPR


Neil fiddled with the ring. It was habitual – and it was a better habit than biting his nails down to the quick or scratching said nails over the ridged skin under his arm bands. But every time his finger caught the thin silver chain and spun that silver band around, Andrew would settle a flat look until he stopped. 

Maybe because he was drawing attention to it. But it was just a ring on a necklace. Andrew had never worn his in public: There was no way anyone would think of the ring as anything special. How much had it cost? Neil couldn’t remember. 

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