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The best parts of Grease (1978)
  • The fact that every single actor is clearly 20 years older than their character
  • The opening is animated for almost no reason
  • The one boy sitting in the girls’ section during “Summer Nights” just… daydreaming… staring off into space. I don’t think he even knows there’s a musical number going on
  • Patty calls herself a clod
  • If you pause the end of “Summer Nights” in the right place Sandy’s face is right in the middle of a pole
  • Sandy pukes when she sees blood??? what does she do during her period??
  • Danny’s face creepily showing up in the pool during “Hopelessly Devoted to You”
  • The people who work in the car shop just kinda staring awkwardly at the Greasers during “Greased Lightning” like they have no idea wtf they’re doing
  • The entirety of “Beauty School Dropout”
  • One of the boys spikes the punch and when questioned says he was washing his hands in it
  • Rizzo trusts Marty to keep a secret like you’ve known this woman since Kindergarten did you seriously think she’d keep her mouth shut
  • siN WAGON
  • Danny sings about how Sandy rejected him as if she didn’t have valid reason
  • The car race that comes almost out of nowhere but at least it’s better than the musical which had literally no payoff for Greased Lightning at all
  • Sandy decides to become a Greaser kinda just because
  • Rizzo and Kenickie screwed around at the beginning of the school year but she didn’t realize she wasn’t pregnant until the last day like did she just assume baby bumps weren’t a thing?? Did she think gestation was nine years instead of nine months???? How the hell did this timeline work?? Did they have any sex ed in the 50s?
  • i got chILLS
  • They only start to wonder wtf they’re doing after graduation at the fair celebrating graduation
  • If you listen at the end of “We Go Together” you can hear the Chipmunks singing
  • The fact that High School Musical was originally going to be a second-generation sequel to this
A great concept

Jin getting more lines and screen time in every up coming comeback.
Jin being treated the same amongst fans.
Jin getting the attention and the recognition he deserves.
Jin being treated the same amongst BigHit → having the same opportunities as other members (e.g. Jungkook being able to celebrate his graduation while Jin wasn’t able to do this)
Jin being able to actually do what he studied - acting, and NOT being pushed to the side to play a flower, banana and clock with NO lines AGAIN.

Celebrating his birthday, the grad student blows out another year of his life.

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19-year-old Brandon Swanson lived in Marshall, Minnesota, with his parents. He was a student at Minnesota West Community and Technical College. An avid reader, Brandon wanted to eventually get a career in the sciences.

It was the final day of college on the 13th of May, 2008, and Brandon and several friends were celebrating their graduation at one of his friend’s house. It was a small gathering and there was limited amount of alcohol. Witnesses would later say that Brandon consumed some but was far from drunk. Shortly after midnight, Brandon climbed into his green Chevy Lumina Sedan and started on his journey home. At approximately 12:30AM, his parents received a phone call from Brandon. He had crashed into a ditch and was unable to get his car back out. He wasn’t injured, he reassured them and asked if they could come and collect him.

As they drove to the destination Brandon claimed he was, they were unable to find him. “He was absolutely positive he knew where he was,” his father said. But there was no sign of Brandon. They called Brandon back and asked if he could see them along the road to which he replied that no, he could not. Brandon then hung up before his father called him back. Brandon apologised and told them he would walk the short distant back to his friend’s house in Lynd where his parents would meet him. Just before 2AM, while directing his parents where to go, Brandon shouted “oh shit!” before the line went dead.

That was the last time anybody ever heard from Brandon. His parents called and called but the calls were ignored. They drove around attempting to find Brandon but to no avail. They then alerted the authorities. When investigators traced Brandon’s phone, it was uncovered that Brandon was over 20 miles away from where he believed he was and where he was telling his father he was. His car was eventually found but a search of it and surrounding area turned up no clues. Police theorised that he may have fallen into the Yellow Medicine River but this is refuted by his family. Cadaver dogs didn’t pick up a scent and his body never re-surfaced. Furthermore, a splash would have surely been heard by his father and if the phone fell into the water with him, then it certainly wouldn’t ring - it would cut straight to voicemail when his parents called back. Another possibility is foul play. Did something sinister take place down that winding, dark, country road?

The whereabouts of Brandon still remains a mystery.

APH Teenage Girl Trio

“I seriously think that Himaruya should write a sketch with Liechtenstein, Taiwan, and Seychelles hanging together. Seriously, they’d like, be so much fun to write with their personalities clashing.

Like Liechtenstein being the mature level headed mom friend that usually keeps the calm.  She’s definitely the logical one of the group, like a total skeptic to paranormal stuff.

Taiwan is the girliest and fashionable one in the group. She’d be like, the leader. Her friends would hold her back if she lost her temper and is very vivid and vocal about her opinions.

Seychelles is the sporty girl that can be lazy when not motivated and can eat anything. She’d also be a hopeless romantic that would fall in easily.

There are so many fun shenanigans that you can put them in and have fun misadventures. I’m sad that no one cares about them unless if there are ships involved. I mean a platonic friendship isn’t good enough either?”

When Jungkook first started high school, BTS had a 짜장면 (Jjajangmyeon) [black bean noodles] party and Jungkook paid for everyone’s meals. They’re having a 짜장면 again to celebrate Jungkook’s graduation but this time the rest of BTS are going to pay. Can you hear me sobbing??? 😭😭😭😭