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7/11/1804 (Alexander/Reader, Lin/Reader)

Summary: You had expected that your first night in the role of Eliza would be an exciting one. You hadn’t expected a door to appear in your dressing room that would lead you over 200 years into the past. No, none of your Broadway friends had ever warned you about that.

Note: Write-a-thon Day 3! This is loosely based on 11/22/63 by Stephen King, wherein the main character goes back in time to prevent JFK’s assassination. So you see where this is going. This is part 1 out of 2.

Rating: G

Word Count: 2651

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Pairing: George Washington x reader
Word Count: 1,347ish
T/W: Fluff! (Daddy kink? It’s used more as a pet name, not sexually)

A/N: A Sugar Daddy Gwash fic!
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School. Work. Editing. Writing. Family. Romance. All key components in your life, yet so hard to balance properly. It seemed every time you had a moment to yourself, something was always calling, in need of your attention. Sleep was lost in the jumble of tasks you preformed. At your apartment, you rarely slept. Between your roommate and your lack of will to stop working, you were way too used to pulling “all nighters” at your place, so you opted to try George’s house.

The main motive at first was to actually get some homework done in peace without your friend, who doubled as your roommate, interrupting. Catching a cab to his house, you watched the skyscrapers pass by as you made your way through the city. Paying the driver and thanking them you walked up the steps to get to the front door, you unlocked it with the key George had given you. As you had guessed, he was still at work and the house was yours. The large house was quiet, partially lonely feeling, but mostly peaceful.

Setting your purse on the bar stool, you dropped your school bag on the couch in the living room. Heading upstairs you wanted to get a little more comfy before sitting down for a few hours to do school. Walking into the master bedroom, you ventured over to George’s dresser, digging through a drawer you finally pulled out a blue and white old, worn, but soft, t-shirt. Laughing to yourself a little when you held it up and saw the graduation year in a banner across the front. It didn’t matter to you one bit, you slid it on after removing your dressier top you had on previously. Next you grabbed a pair of soft shorts that you had put in your purse, changing out of your jeans.

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MAMAMOO Scenario: Graduation

Mamamoo Prompt: Celebrating their girlfriend graduating from university? I love your blog btw!

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Hyejin is quite calm as a person, rarely hyper unless she’s with Wheein, or she is playing about with the others. She is comforting, acting like an anchor when you went in to retrieve your results.

“Hyejin I can’t do this.” You panicked, holding your head in your hands. It was exam results day, and therefore the doomsday that determines whether you had managed to get through university, or if you had to repeat modules.

This is the day you find out if you graduated university or not, whether you achieved high enough to get your postgraduates degree.

Basically, it’s a stressful time and you’re completely shaking with nerves. “Jagi, you’ll do amazingly,” says Hyejin, stroking your back, the comforting touch seems to calm you for a bit.

You lean onto her shoulder. “But what if I don’t! What if I don’t get the degree I wanted so I can do my postgraduates? What if I don’t manage to do it? Oh god.” You cry, working yourself up.

She only responds by holding you closer.

You look at the time and almost cry out in despair. You have to leave in 30minutes if you’re going to be there on time. You get dressed and leave the apartment promptly in about 10 minutes, not bothering to touch up on makeup or worry about appearances. You just want to go in and get out as quickly as possible.

You walk up to the familiar building, an extravagant hall that had been where the orchestras and bands performed. A few rows of long lines were streaming out of the building, students holding various envelopes.

Those that stood with their family and friends crying out for joy. You drag yourself into the auditorium, slipping past peers to get to your line. It’s not too long, probably a 20 minute wait at the most. So you text Hyejin that you could be a while.

You finally reach the front, and your lecturer looks up with a smile, they’ve always been so pleasant and helpful during the years that you feel a sense of dread when they hand you the envelop. You shakily accept and thank them before rushing out the door, the white slip pressed close to your chest.

You spot Hyejin waiting by the car, leaning against the doors on her phone. She looks up to see you almost crying, and you haven’t even opened the damn thing yet. You shove the crumpled letter into her hands, a silent plea for her to open it first.

Thankfully she understands and proceeds to open it, her long fingernails cutting through the paper like a letter-opener. Carefully, she flips open the folded paper. Her face is covered by it, so you can’t see her reaction.

You start to internally scream. ‘I’ve failed, I’m sure I’ve failed! It was the coursework wasn’t it?’

You feel someone shaking you. “-Y/N!” She says, smiling widely, waving the letter about. “You’ve not only passed! You achieved top 3 in the country!” She practically screams, alerting a few other people, causing heads to turn.

“W-What?” You reply, shellshocked by the information.

“You got into the Top 3! Holy shit my Jagi is so smart!” She says, dancing about, proud of your achievements. You breathe a sigh of relief and hug her from instinct. She looks at you smugly.

“I told you so.“


Byulyi is the type to be embarrassing, she would come to your graduation with banners and party poppers. Like the greasy star she is, she would make a big spectacle of your graduation, and she’d be so proud of you.

As you walked up the stairs of the stage with your class, you heard a familiar voice scream out your name. You immediately internally facepalm at the sight of Byulyi, with a crudely made banner with your name on it. You catch sight of Yongsun, Wheein and Hyejin jumping as well. Smiling at at the prospect of their support, you continue onto the stage.

Your name is called for your certificate, you walk up nervously, trying to calm your nerves before making your speech. The microphone spikes loudly before you start.

You acknowledge your family and friends, mentioning their involvement in your various achievements and how happy you are that they’ve come to support you. But now, you’ve reached the part where you mention Byulyi.

“Lastly, I would really like to thank my wonderful partner. They’ve helped me throughout so much of my life. When I’m stressed, sad or upset, you’ve always been there to help me and I really hope that you know you’ve helped me in more ways than one. Thank you for everything.”

You spot the group in the corner of your eye, not wanting to avert the attention to them because of people who may not approve of your relationship (as most people presume you’re friends). She’s crying into Yongsun’s shoulders, the ‘crude’ banner drapes over her shoulders.

It’s weird how you hear the cheers and clapping when you finally get off the stage, but it doesn’t compare to the laughter and excited screams of Byul and Wheein. The other two walk briskly, but calmly towards you, and giving you a big hug instead.

“We’re so proud of you Jagi!”


You can trust Yongsun not to make a big scene at your ceremony. She’ll sit quietly and listen intently to your speech, hiding a smile under those adorable cheeks of hers.

“-So thank you to everyone that supported me, despite certain choices in my life.”

You breathe deeply as you got off the stage, relieved and satisfied by your speech. You spot Yongsun sitting near the back row, waiting patiently beside the empty seat reserved for you. She’s smiling widely, her eyes squinting in delight.

You seat yourself beside her, resting your hand on her knee. She responds by fiddling with your fingers, clearly not being attentive to other graduates (because she only wanted to listen to you). The corners of her mouth turn upwards into a small smile, finally turning her head to look up at you, adorned in your robe and graduation cap. “Jagi,” she whispers, fiddling so she can intertwine her fingers with yours.

“What?” You whisper back, not really invested in the other speeches either. Your eyes meet hers.

“I’m really proud of you.“


Wheein, being the hyperactive person she is, she will tend to try and not a big scene, but she will still end up shaking in her seat, anticipating your graduation.

The hall fills promptly with both graduates and those that have come to support them. It’s bustling in the halls, filled with “Congratulations” and reassurance.

You’re confident that you’ve achieved what you needed and wanted for your job. Adorned in your graduation robes, you sit in your assigned seat, you notice the empty space beside you, which was supposed to be occupied by Wheein.

You sigh, she must not be able to make it. Her schedule has been hectic lately and her manager has been up and at Wheein for spending too much time with you.

The other graduates and their families are laughing and talking, you feel a little alone. The four empty seats either side of you are making the place feel so big. You start to fiddle with your fingers, the sudden nervousness is causing you to fidget.

As soon as the ceremony starts, your name is called abruptly and the spotlight is on you as you walk down the auditorium. Up the steps slowly but steadily. You did not want to fall up the stairs.

The speech is nerve-wracking, you stuttered during the beginning, but slowly gained confidence throughout. Silently hoping that your words are inspiring others. The head of the university walks up to you, congratulating you on your achievement.

But as you go to walk back to your seat, he grabs your arm and says to the audience. “Now Y/N has actually graduated ‘Summa Cum Laude’ With her GPA being 4.0 and above for the entirety of her stay here. Please congratulate her on her achievements!” He says, before handing you another scroll.

Scanning through the room, you can barely see with the lighting but you see that the four seats had filled. Wheein had arrived! You walk back to your seat, clutching your letter and scroll into your chest. You seat yourself in-between Yongsun and Wheein.

Hyejin and Yongsun congratulate you quietly, and Byulyi hands you a bag of gifts. “Congrats!”

Wheein kisses you lightly on the cheek, greeting you afterwards. “I’m sorry I’m late Jagi,” She says, reaching for your hand. “Please forgive me!”

“Mhm… I dunno,” You tease, tapping your finger on your chin in an exaggerated motion. “You did miss my graduation.”

Wheein cries out and points to Byulyi. “But she was so slow driving! You know how she is! Jagi please~”

“Hey now! Did you want to die?!” retaliates Byulyi, playfully pointing her finger at Wheein.

‘But I was late.” she pouts, leaning to peck you on the lips. She turns to look at you. “It was totally Byulyi’s fault.”

“Jung Wheein you better Whee-run right about now before I kill you myself!“

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SDN48 Revisited: Nachu

Part 2/45: Nachu
1st Generation / Graduated March 31, 2012
Birthdate: December 23, 1984 (age: 29)

Website: http//

For the second entry in the series, I decided to continue covering members who have reached important milestones recently… and that happened to bring me to Nachu!

Nachu (real name Takekawa Natsuko) was definitely the most conspicuous member of SDN48. With her gigantic gyaru hairdo and her boisterous personality, not to mention her appearances in AKB’s AKBingo and Majisuka Gakuen, it was definitely impossible to miss her. Despite this, she originally started as an under in the group, not getting promoted to full membership until May 2010. After that, she never held a position in the Yuuwaku no Garter stage–instead she received a solo MC corner after the stage’s unit songs. And MC was where she shined, pumping the crowd up, performing wickedly funny impersonations of her fellow members, and teaching the audience the hand choreography for the next song in the set (Ganbariina).

Since Nachu wasn’t included as one of groups the musical performers, she was never a senbatsu member and was usually relegated to the back line of Undergirls songs, with the notable exception of Awajishima no Tamanegi, Nachu’s center song.

This is what most 48Group fans know about Nachu, but what many don’t know is precisely how many professional hats she has worn over the course of her 30 years. In her early life, she was prominent in Shibuya gyaru culture as a founder and later the president of the gyarusa (gyaru circle) НЯК ~traceview~. She became interested in the gyaru lifestyle after experiencing bullying in middle school due to her figure, complexion, and glasses, but once she started hanging out with the gyaru crowd, she found an accepting, non-judgemental crowd. She graduated from HЯK in 2006, but still serves as an advisor to the group today.

She graduated from Mejiro University’s Department of Sociology studying media representation. Later, she enrolled and graduated from the Watanabe School of Comedy as part of its first female class and went on to work in comedy, participating in the M-1 Grand Prix in 2008 and 2009.

After graduating SDN, she got some talento work in the variety scene, but in the meantime started to pursue her new passion for shodo (Japanese calligraphy). Her specialty is body-shodo, in which she paints words on the bodies of women (often former SDN members or other friends of hers from the entertainment business). She also commissions signs and banners for companies. This year, she had her first public exhibition of her work, which nearly half of her former SDN teammates attended, as well as a few AKB members.

She holds a 7-dan in shodo, and this week announced she had attained her teaching certificate in shodo, granting her the authority to teach shodo to kids, which she states is her next ambition.

Also this year, she announced she would be writing a serial novel for the mobile novel platform, Everystar. The novel, “Samurai Gyaru,” is her tribute to the fading Shibuya gyaru culture.

Gyaru, comedian, idol, actress, artist, author, and now teacher - Nachu is the rare person who does not back down from any opportunity, and this is something I deeply admire about her. Rather than spinning her wheels after SDN’s disbandment, she immediately launched into her next adventures and is pursuing them with the same gusto and energy we once saw on the Akihabara stage.

Other facts about Nachu:

  • She is still a big fan of AKB48, and often live-tweets the results of their events like the election and janken tournaments. She attended the graduation concerts of Maeda Atsuko, Shinoda Mariko, Akimoto Sayaka, and Itano Tomomi, painting each of them personalized banners as graduation gifts.
  • She remains close with just about everyone in SDN, but in particular, Sato Yukari and Urano Kazumi seem especially close. She also has some unexpected friendships in the other 48Groups - she has recently hung out with Komori Mika, Sato Sumire, and Hiramatsu Kanako, to name a few.
  • She is a huge fangirl of Akiyoshi Hiroiki, the host of Ariyoshi AKB Kyowakoku, calling him “Aripii”.
  • This year, she lost 15kg through a yakiniku diet, and was featured on a variety program for it.
  • She was active in earthquake relief and visited some of the affected areas with other members of her agency.