Jonan Ryoso High School graduation ceremony surprise! [2015.3.2]


one day you will leave. i’ve been writing down songs for a mix until that one day arrives, because one day. you will become the one way ticket you’ve been waiting to buy your entire life. she tells me that you hold onto nothing but i know you will hold onto her. i have seen it in your eyes and the thing is, i wouldn’t change a thing. i am glad i met you. i am glad i have seen you. i am so very thankful to have known you. and one day you will leave, and if you take a part of my heart with you, nobody has to know. i know you won’t. the weight of it won’t add a single decimal to your luggage. but the irony is, maybe then,  i’ll be relieved of a burden.
—   parts of a goodbye letter i wished i never had to write. “2016” (x.v)

“As I finished my junior year and I opted to enter the draft early, I knew it would be hard to accomplish the goal I had set,” Lillard said “I am so thankful that WSU and its faculty were able to work with me and help guide me along the way to graduation.”

Lillard will receive his diploma on May 1st.