So, you might have been wondering...

where I’ve been for the past month-ish, and I do have a legit excuse/reason.

I graduated recently and had to stay on top of my clases for the last few weeks since I actually had some hard ones (more like the teacher gave out way to mich busy work but…..).

Anyway, I’m finaly free and techincally on my summer break. I’ll finally be able to work through the 21 asks I have in my inbox (thanks so much for that, and they are still NOT CLOSED!).

Also, I thought you guys would be proud of my graduation cap, I put a lot of work into it and love how it turned out.

i always dreamed of making my cap @taylorswift related- and that day finally came. i wanna thank you taylor for sticking by my side through it all and helping me through every tough situation. high school was really difficult for me and at many times i couldn’t find a reason to stay alive, but then i’d think of you. i would listen to your music and you would push me to keep going, to keep living. and for that i would like to thank you with all of my ♡ . my friends haven’t always been there for me, but you always have. not many good things came out of high school, but one of the best was finding myself. i found my passion for clinical psychology and i’m so excited to pursue that passion of mine in college. i love you xoxo and i always will xoxo

College graduation ceremony tomorrow!! For some reason, I’m a mix between nervous and excited. I mean, I’ve already done the hard part so why get all anxious over walking across a stage?? I dunno, I can’t be the only one who feels like this! But for the most part, can’t wait to see what the day brings :)