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A big ol’ OC dump, I want to try and do more with these guys, make some paintings and stuff. (Poppy was in the teapot painting a while back) They’re a bunch of graduate art students trying to navigate life ;3.

-Trent- he/him (transguy)- a wannabe concept artist, he wants to get into one of the big companies, but its a tough industry- so he works in the local garden centre part time.

-Tess- she/her- (transgirl) She’s doin’ really well making pattern based artwork for greeting cards and stationary, her parents are proud as heck :p. She’s gotten a few of her things into the fancier chain stores, as well as local arty shops.

- Alex- they/them (agender) They’re assistant manager in the record store, and a big fan of obscure indie music (they pretty much impressed the boss into giving them a job.) A fine art graduate, they work big and abstract and participate in local shows sometimes.

-Poppy- she/her (nb) She spends most of her time working in the studio space with Tess, she does soft colourful stuff for children’s books, but also volunteers in the charity shop a couple of times a week (and gets…a lot of her clothes from there).

-Kit- she/her- She’s actually the only non artist, she works in the cafe at the garden centre, and met Trent there (he has a big obvious crush on her). She’s since been absorbed into the friend group, but she doesn’t live in the same flat. She’s slightly obsessed with motorbikes.

[a note about the lineup- there’s two Poppys because I wanted to draw alternate outfits, and I got lazy after her…] [also Poppy and Tess are nearing 6 foot and make everyone else look TINY]


Hi guys,

I apologize for my long absence but I have been so extremely busy ever since I started my Practical Legal
Training, it’s the worst thing ever… I used to think getting a law degree was difficult but this stuff is on a different level ⚖️

At the moment I’m preparing for Trial Advocacy which is totally nerve wrecking but I finally feel like I’m getting a hang of it 🎉

I’m a bit more active over on my Instagram, so if you want to follow along on this crazy law journey with me, follow me on Instagram: charlenevenice

Sending you guys a lot of positive study vibes, have a great and productive day my loves 💕

I hope y'all had a lovely start to the week. I will be leaving the States on Thursday since I have to start my practical legal training earlier than expected… I’m so excited to start my legal journey 👩🏼‍⚖️

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Have a great and productive week guys 💕

Entering the house owned by a friend working in the private sector, the grad student anxiously reassesses many of his life choices.

To all my overachievers who don’t get praise from parents and loved ones anymore because it’s just expected of you to do well: I’m proud that you passed that test, I’m happy you graduated with honors, I love that you try your hardest all the time.

I know sometimes the lack of support and encouragement from those whose opinions matter the most to you can be disheartening, but keep pushing through and being the amazing person you are.

Imagine Adam

Imagine the first time Adam is mentioned in the papers: Aglionby Academy student Adam Parrish graduates valediction on scholarship

Imagine Adam rolling his eyes when Ronan cuts it out and keeps it in his wallet

Imagine Adam getting mentioned in science journals for research he does at Harvard

Imagine Adam being reported on by both Cambridge’s and Henrietta’s local TV news stations when he graduates Harvard top of his class again

Imagine Adam’s valedictorian speech where he talks about living in poverty and working hard to achieve dreams (If you never saw the stars candles were enough) circulating Facebook and other social media sites

Imagine Adam signing a contract right after graduation to work for a company that creates medical technology to treat hearing loss and other disabilities 

Imagine Adam getting his own research published in science journals

Imagine Adam and Ronan’s wedding being reported on by Henrietta’s TV news stations: Aglionby alumni Adam Parrish weds Singer Falls farming company founder Ronan Lynch at St. Agnes

Imagine Adam’s satisfaction in mailing that wedding invitation to Robert Parrish

Imagine Adam making it on Forbes 30 Under 30 (science section of course)

Imagine Adam’s Forbes profile being reported on by Henrietta’s TV news stations that urge the public to buy copies and read it 

Imagine Adam being reported on by Henrietta’s TV news stations every time an invention of his breaks new ground

Imagine a framed picture of Adam being hung on Aglionby’s famous alumni wall so that every teacher and every student can’t ignore or forget his accomplishments 

Imagine Adam being able to afford his own car, his own house, his own clothes

Imagine Adam being embarrassed when Ronan insists on saving every journal and newspaper he’s mentioned in and hanging them on the walls of their home

Imagine Adam being incredibly embarrassed when Ronan insists on buying physical CD copies of the segments he’s mentioned in from TV stations

Imagine Adam being recognized by other engineers and scientists on the street and being told how his research inspired theirs 

Imagine Adam being acknowledged at fancy events where he gets to wear nice tuxedos that he doesn’t have to worry about affording

Imagine Adam being begged by other companies to come work for them

Imagine Adam starting/giving to charities that give scholarships to low-income STEM students

Imagine Robert Parrish seeing Adam every time he turns on the TV

Imagine Adam still being humble even with popularity and fame

Imagine Adam Parrish finally getting the recognition and life he deserves