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All people who demand ace people “prove” they’re oppressed must contribute at least $50 to my education so I can afford to finish my thesis on asexuality. If they say that’s not good enough bc it’s not “professional” they must pay $100 towards my PhD so I can publish it with my doctorate.


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1. Going straight to the point: I like peanut butter more than Nutella. I’m still a ridiculous chocoholic, though.

2. I’ve always been obsessed with Batman, though I got to know more of that universe’s villains via video games and OF COURSE the animated series. Sadly, I didn’t have access to the comics back in the day… 

3. I’ve said it a couple of times: my top TOP favorite villains are Riddler, Penguin, Two-Face and Mr. Freeze. I relate a LOT with Freeze… too much it’s kinda painful. And I relate 50/50 to Oswald and Edward. As for Two-Face… DAMMIT I RELATE TO HIM AS WELL. JUST… AGH. They are my babies and I love them SO much I’ll protect them with my life forever and ever ;_;

4. I love dragons SO FUCKING MUCH. My room is full of dragon figurines ♥ And they are all. so. pretty. *u*

5. My best friend and I relate to SO MANY CHARACTERS. And not just because they’re also really close to each other, but our personalities also fit them so much it’s ridiculous… our main pairings are Anakin x Obi-Wan, Leo x Elliot, Sherlock x John, Nick x Judy, Bucky x Steve, Edward x Oswald, Kirk x Spock, Robin x Batman… c: <3 (in which I’m the second one of all pairings)

6. I am ridiculously obsessed with amiibos, and the Animal Crossing cards kinda fucked me over trying to collect them (I’m still on it but MAN it’s hard…)

7. I’m 21 years old and my birthday is on December 9th.


9. THIS video is one of the few things that can almost IMMEDIATELY cheer me up <3
and fun fact: I don’t like Taylor Swift’s music omg sorry

10. It really is a life goal of mine to meet Robin Lord Taylor and Cory Michael Smith… they just make me SO happy, I need to give them a hug and tell them how much I appreciate them Dx ♥

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Man my mom looks nice I can’t wait to get her alone this weekended this trip she got me for my graduation present she say I can use whatever hole at anytime and I can’t wait

You know, I’m really grateful to have such wonderful people around me in my time of need. Coz when I about to go away, they gave me a reason to come back :)

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I’m not going to apologize anymore for having such an erratic posting schedule haha. It’s getting tiring. Anywayyy. Short life update: I have graduated from college ^$$#%$!!! It’s been a month after graduation and saying that still feels weird. But then again, I’m going to evade adulthood once more by going to med school! Yaaaay (sarcasm). *end of life update*

The following photographs are long overdue, and they’re from me and my sister’s recent (read: six months ago) trip to Taipei. It was our first trip with just the two of us, which meant that we were free to do whatever we wanted. What did we do with that freedom though? We went shrimp fishing, of course, like what any thrill-seeking, independent adult would do.

We arrived in Taipei at around midnight, but we decided to stay it out in the airport until 5AM, to save on accommodation. We had to save money for more important things, like eating at Din Tai Fung. We arrived at our hostel at around 6:30 AM. Honestly, we could’ve gotten there at 6 AM, but unfortunately both my sister and I weren’t blessed with a sense of direction. Genetics is to blame. 

The picture above is of our favorite breakfast place in Taipei. Then again, it’s also the only breakfast place that we went to, because it was just right in front of our hostel. We actually tried to look for other nearby breakfast places on Yelp, and there was one restaurant called “The King of Soya” that had five stars. After a good hour of going around in circles looking for “The King of Soya”, we were devastated to find out that it was the exact same place that was right in front of our hostel. In our defense, the sign was in Chinese.

If there’s one thing that Taipei should be praised for, it’s their transport system. It is insanely efficient, and it’s everything that I have ever wished for the Philippines’ MRTs and LRTs. In Taipei, if you were to say that you didn’t come on time because the bus or the train was late, no one would believe you.

Oh and did I mention that we went shrimp fishing? It was honestly the most fun we had on the trip, even though we only caught two. One each. It’s funny because this place is actually a 24-hour joint. I can imagine drunken teenagers impulsively saying “LeEtT’s gO ShrRimpP FIsHinggG!” after a night of partying. Getting to fish for shrimp anytime they want is yet another luxury that the Taiwanese people enjoy. They don’t know how good they have it.

This post is getting longer than I had expected, so stay tuned for Part 2! (nuhks travel blogger)

so something i noticed was that at graduation when bitty is saying his heartbreaking goodbye to jack he plays with jack’s tie

then when jack is feeling like he is missing something and that there is something that he still needs to do he seems to be absentmindedly playing with his tie in like the exact place bitty touched it

idk! prob means nothing! at all

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Honestly i still think HPA is a 2 year school, when jin said chisa just graduated he possibly ment that because she graduated a year ago she was possibly to unexperienced and young to be a teacher, also as long as i remember the 78th class lost 2 years of memory and they spent their second year of high school sheltered in the hope peak building, and in the official timeline it is stated that the 77th class graduated around when hope peak shut down and the school became a shelter.

If that makes more sense to you to think of it that way, then that’s fine.

Jin’s line in Japanese is 卒業したばかりで大変だと思うがよろしく which translates to “I know this will be tough for you because you just graduated, but we’re counting on you.” He says “just graduated” (sotsugyoushita bakari, and past tense + bakari = to have just done something very recently) which indicates that she was in the class that left the school earlier that same year.

I personally think the Incident took a year to reach the point where it was bad enough to need to close the school and The Plan went into effect not long after that, but if you prefer to think of it as a 2 year school it’s totally fine.

Agree to disagree.

So @voidworn just sent me the video of jeff saying teen wolf is ending and i can honestly say that i’m very sad about this. i knew it was coming, because the characters are obviously graduating and we always say we want it to end, but we don’t mean it. god, i’m really sad. what am i going to do after it ends!?!? i literally grew up watching this show. i don’t think i’ll get as attached to any other show like i have with teen wolf. sigh. at least this will bring new things for the cast as far as getting other roles, but damn. i’ll miss them being together and being the cutest damn cast i know.

As I totally forgot ranting about NMB’s single, why don’t do it now:

Boku wa Inai: I like that this grad single sounds different to the rest of grad singles like MaeShika for Yuko was an energetic song, KnBmB for Takamina was a pretty idolish song. But this time, you really can feel that Milky is graduating the title says it all: “I’m not here”

Ima Naraba: Aaaaaah my SayaMilky feels!! This song strikes hard. Is like a Tomodachi 2.0 help

Sora kara Ai ga Futte Kuru: I like that is Yuuriripon center again but the song is pretty meh. The MV is quite good, I like the colorful scenery.

Saigo no go Shakutama: This is my favorite team song from here and the MV is adorable and hilarious like you have to see Fuuchan in the MV; her expressions are hilarious.

Mousou Machine 3-gouki: The song is meh, the MV is meh. That’s all. and milky looked adorable 

Song: Boku wa Inai >> Ima Naraba >>>> Team M >> Team N >>>>>>> Team BII

MV: Boku wa Inai = Ima Naraba >> Team N >>> Team M >>>>>> Team BII

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And might I add that krystal didn't start filming until around June which would coincide with the article saying the mv was filmed in May and Graduation Season reps saying krystal couldn't start filming right away due to group work. (This message is a continuation of the last ask lol)


Okay, it’s understandable they wouldn’t have a comeback this year due to solo activities and the Asia tour, tbh. But before we hop on the “f(x) might not have a comeback this year” train, are you sure Luna said this, anon? I remember seeing a fan account saying they recently discussed ideas for a comeback??

Country Kid Clexa cont'd

- Quota-chaser Finn has long since realized pursuing Clarke’s gonna get him nowhere
- Bellamy drives a tractor to school half the time, and Raven spends the majority of her day skiving off class to work on it
- Octavia is The Most embarrassed
- Mount Weather Corp buying up properties, cows and quota to expand, and Jake’s one of the last holdouts in their area
- he sits down with Clarke and they have a frank conversation about whether or not she wants to take over the farm
- the answer? A resounding No.
- he brings the possibility of selling up to Lexa later, while they’re in the barn. Lexa offers to buy, once she’s graduated, and Jake jokingly says that if she marries into the family, she won’t have to buy anything at all
- Lexa sits on that for a bit, until Clarke calls her out on it. She spills, admits that she’s been thinking a lot lately abt life after high school, and she wants to go into farming
- Clarke replies bitterly that if she wanted to end up stuck in a podunk town in the middle of shithole nowhere popping out babies, then she would’ve taken Finn up on his offer when he asked her out
- Lexa bites back tears but nods, kisses Clarke on the cheek, and heads for the barn