This photo is an original from 2014, in collaboration with nottaylersmith and harinef, We first released it online here. That post explains the context of this project. A year later – a year to the day, precisely –  it was used without our permission and out of context by a Yale MFA Student for his graduate show and is now in the Danziger Gallery and the New Yorker in an article about “the freedom of young photographers” – with no credit to us at all. The appropriating artist, his gallery, and the photo editor for the piece have all not responded and we will likely never see our credit where it is due. 

Here’s What Happens When a Yale Bro Steals Your Art.


Illustrator & Artist:

Armando Messiah

Part of the "T H E . D E V I L . I S . I N . T H E . D E T A I L S"  Series

“This is the work developed for my final MA show at Camberwell College of Arts. 

The Devil Is in the Details, is a series of illustrations inspired by bizarre tales of urban Cali, Santeria, the characters, the prayers, the dark days of drug trafficking and a couple of stories of our reality that many people are clueless . 

The idea was to develop a narrative from portraits of the main characters in these stories. Many are known, like the Garabato or Jovita, and there are a couple that are more generic, that happened to your dad’s friend, neighbor or aunt. It was a great challenge and the result of much exploration to be able to leave out some formats and schemas that were in my head, and to do a job to stay away from my comfort zone and be less abstract and personal. 

All stories are ghosts we carry and we remember a dark side of our history, which is not necessarily bad, but sometimes we forget that we repress and is also part of what makes us unique.”


Photos of my exhibition space from the University of Brighton graduate show (and me with my excited face on). The show is open to the public until the 15th of June (more info here: so if you’re hanging round these parts of the world then come down! There’s loads of stuff to look at from the whole university. And Brighton is very sunny these days and also there is beach.

There’ll also be a London show at the end of July, more on that later!

(I’m thinking about putting together a PDF of all the work I did for this show, so watch out for that too.)


RCA Transport Design Graduate Show 2013 - Pt. 1

Some of the spectacular work on show at the RCA this year, with beautiful forms and genuinely clever and varied concepts on offer.

Certainly cemented my decision to apply to study at the RCA after finishing at Coventry (if I can ever even begin to think about affording it!).

The excellent Vehicle Design 2013 blog has been a fantastic source of inspiration and interest over the last few months and is well worth checking out, not least to see the real depth of work that goes into these sorts of projects.

The creations above are by the following:

Samuel Johnson
Nir Siegel
Michal Vlcek
Hideaki Iida
Ian Slattery
Jay Lee

P R I V A T E   V I E W  24 / 07 

Brighton Show opens this Thursday! While you’re checking out the work and chatting around the bar, there’ll be music from Hypercolour Records and Patchwork Natives, before Al & Tim Harrod round off the night with a few good tunes.

There will also be tasty pies, kindly supplied by Pieminister, drinks from Zeo and beer from Sussex brewery, King Beer. You should come.

Tory Gray illustration / Octopus

Tori Gray has just achieved a First Class Honours Degree in illustration at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee. Her style is constantly developing and she does turn her hand to anything but the focus tends to revolve around a love of paper and it’s endless possibilities. This fascination started with hand cutting paper into intricate illustrated designs but has recently grown into an interest in creating artist’s books. Designing such books allows Tori to experiment with different printing techniques, media and binding methods resulting in unique pieces that are tactile and precious. 


// As I wrote earlier this is the first year when I can’t attend graduation shows in London so feed me with more tips.