One Big Happy - 1x03 - “Here comes Kate, so let’s play everyone’s
favorite game, Gay or Nay?“


Illustrator & Artist:

Armando Messiah

Part of the "T H E . D E V I L . I S . I N . T H E . D E T A I L S"  Series

“This is the work developed for my final MA show at Camberwell College of Arts. 

The Devil Is in the Details, is a series of illustrations inspired by bizarre tales of urban Cali, Santeria, the characters, the prayers, the dark days of drug trafficking and a couple of stories of our reality that many people are clueless . 

The idea was to develop a narrative from portraits of the main characters in these stories. Many are known, like the Garabato or Jovita, and there are a couple that are more generic, that happened to your dad’s friend, neighbor or aunt. It was a great challenge and the result of much exploration to be able to leave out some formats and schemas that were in my head, and to do a job to stay away from my comfort zone and be less abstract and personal. 

All stories are ghosts we carry and we remember a dark side of our history, which is not necessarily bad, but sometimes we forget that we repress and is also part of what makes us unique.”


Photos of my exhibition space from the University of Brighton graduate show (and me with my excited face on). The show is open to the public until the 15th of June (more info here: so if you’re hanging round these parts of the world then come down! There’s loads of stuff to look at from the whole university. And Brighton is very sunny these days and also there is beach.

There’ll also be a London show at the end of July, more on that later!

(I’m thinking about putting together a PDF of all the work I did for this show, so watch out for that too.)