We are taught from the moment we are born that our opinion doesn’t matter. That our job is to go to school, learn the basic information in front of you. And never ask why or why not.

We are taught not to, not what happens if we do. Our job is to go to school, graduate, then get a job. They make you believe that your dreams will come true but its all a lie. Cause soon your dreams will become “unrealistic.”

Then when you toss us out in the world its our fault we don’t know what we’re doing. Like you weren’t the ones to fuck us up in the first place.

honestly i’m 24, nearing 25, and i feel so much more different and more generally centered than i’d ever thought possible when i was younger

and i mean, that’s been consistent; at 12 i could view my 10 y/o self differently. at 24 i can view my 19, 20, 21 y/o self differently. and not just the obvious differences – transitioning, graduating, illness, return to school – but i am very fundamentally different. i’m socially anxious but i’m not really self-conscious, i have my body w/ all its idiosyncrasies and it’s mine (well, ours) and it’s fine enough. it works. we feel like we belong in and to ourselves

that’s not to say we’re not still often and intensely symptomatic, or that we’re at all At Ease with/in ourselves permanently, but the fact is that this contentment and relative peace was entirely absent previously, so any presence is a significant improvement

and, from my experience, i think the biggest thing you learn in this part of your life might be that you have to belong to you forever. i think that carries burden and benefit, but at least for me, this is the time in my life when i’m really, deeply realizing that, and since i never heard someone put it like that, put it in a way that might’ve resonated more with me once upon a time, i’ll put it like that now

It’s been about 4 years since I’ve graduated high school, and I’ve worked at the same Starbucks for the last 3.

I’m not gonna lie, I feel like a loser. I feel like a failure and hopeless and boring and broken.

I don’t tell anyone that though. They all ask me if I’m going back, if I’m even thinking about it. I tell them I don’t know, or I don’t plan to, or even that I want to try.

I know there are a lot of people out there like me. I know it, but there’s no one around me right now. People who don’t have money, or family, or anyone to support them to get to school.

I left my mom in a hurry, and once I did, I didn’t want to go back. I still don’t want to go back. But how am I going to feed myself if I can’t work.

There’s nothing, absolutely nothing, in my life that I want more than to go to school for baking. But I’m so scared and I’m so alone, and I’m 23 and I don’t have anyone I trust. I’m just choking. Fuck.


3 in 10 teen American girls will get pregnant at least once before age 20. That’s nearly 750,000 teen pregnancies every year. Parenthood is the leading reason that teen girls drop out of school. More than 50% of teen mothers never graduate from high school.

That is why Will Schuester decided to open Schuester boarding school. This is a school for single mothers, single fathers and couples who are younger than 19 and who have at least one child. Parents share a room together with their child(ren) (regardless of whether they’re together or not) and single parents are paired up as well so they can help each other when needed.

Everyone is trying their best to finish high school and raise their children, but they’re also still teenagers which means that drama is never far away.


Dear Mr. Riley,

Hello, my name is Elena Gilbert, my church is having us write letters to soldiers, so here I am. I suppose I should tell you about myself. Well I don’t think there’s much to tell if I’m being honest. I’m the eldest child in the Gilbert line, with a younger brother named Jeremy. My father, Greyson is a doctor and has his own practice in Mystic Falls, the town I live in. I just graduated high school last May and now work at my church nursery caring for the children. I do love those little ones, they’re so sweet! I have a dog, named Albert who is sitting by my side as I write this. We’re sitting outside on my front porch, it’s so lovely outside today. The sun is shining and it’s nice and warm. What’s the weather like where you are at?
Anyways, my uncle is serving in the war right now as well. His name is John Gilbert, I personally never really liked him but we can’t like everyone can we? At least that’s what my mom always says.
I’ve always wanted to travel, see the world. But my family seems to stay put, we sometimes go to our cottage by a lake. It’s beauty there, we go swimming and fishing, it’s a lovely time.
Does your family travel? Have you been lots of places?

I’m keeping you in my prayers and hope to hear from you soon.
Elena Marie Gilbert

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i live in a super homophobic town and i graduated from high school last year and im fuckinn so gay man. and looking back i repressed so much shit in high school but i def had crushes on like all of my girl friends like.......... damn how did i think it was just platonic feelings?? also my biggest crush moved to nyc and shes wonderful and i miss her.

Sorry about your crush anon. I was pretty much the same. I honestly thought I was just going through my “college experimentation phase” early. It was like last week that I realized this one girl had been hitting on me for three years in high school lol I was so oblivious I thought we were just super competitive besties

It has been a few months shy of a year since I moved away. I have never had to put in so much effort to have conversations with people who I thought were my best friends. Yes, I am more than aware that we are all busy– as someone who works and is going to graduate school full time. I know we’re busy. But it has been 1 year and I have not made a single friend close to what I had back home. I have made a few work friends, but that’s about it– and maybe that can go farther and I just haven’t made the effort yet. But it has been really fucking hard to feel like I have no one outside of Ben to talk to. I love Ben, but I really enjoy communicating with other people outside of my job (and typically on work-related shit tbh) and outside of class when I am in a discussion group. It has felt like I am predominantly the one to start a conversation. I have visited back home several times. And here we are almost a year later and you haven’t visited when you said you would during our tearful goodbyes. I know it’s expensive. But some of you do not have any actual financial issues with flying anywhere cause you can for free.  I just have really needed my best friends, or any friends tbh, and have not had them.

Harvard Law School graduate Jillian “JJ” Jacobs gave up everything and eventually became an SVU detective in New York City. All she ever wanted in life was to have a real family and for years work filled that need. But that just isn’t enough anymore, especially after she meets A.D.A. Rafael Barba. Will she be loved?

                                Chapter 2: Twenty-Five Acts Pt. 2

After their meeting with the A.D.A., Liv, Amanda, and JJ walked back into the 16th precinct. They found Fin and Munch at their desks while Nick was poured himself a cup of coffee. JJ walked to her desk and plopped down on her chair. She rested her elbows on her desk and then rubbed her face in frustration. The meeting with the new A.D.A. hadn’t exactly gone well…at least, not for her. Sure, he was at least interested in trying their case but the whole situation had proved to be nothing but embarrassment for JJ. And for reasons unknown to her, she allowed it to get to her. Or rather allowed him to get to her.



I wanted to run a 5k (like run the whole way) and I fucking did it. I know that sounds small and I definitely chose a silly race for my first, but I did it. My next step is to increase the amount that I run each week and eventually work up to a 10k. I’m (historically) not good at athletic stuff; I’m a (historically) slow runner; and I am all but brave when it comes to doing anything in the sun or heat. But I want to get there. Also something kind of neat that I just realized is that I graduated high school in 2007, which correlates with my bib number and I’m pretty sure that’s when I first decided that being able to run any distance would be cool. Coming full circle in 2017. Fuck trump. 🌈🦄💕🦄🌈

Hundreds meet, march for Serena McKay at Winnipeg vigil

As the sun went down on Saturday evening, more than 200 Winnipeggers stood and sat together at Oodena Circle at The Forks in honour of Serena McKay.

McKay was 19 years old when she was killed last weekend on Sagkeeng First Nation, 100 kilometres northeast of Winnipeg. She’d recently moved to the community and was set to graduate high school in June.

Two girls from McKay’s school, aged 16 and 17, have since been charged with second-degree murder in connection with her death.

On Saturday, supporters met for a vigil in her honour, marching from Thunderbird House on Main Street to The Forks for singing, drumming, speeches and food.

The Winnipeg vigil followed an earlier ceremony held in Sagkeeng First Nation. On Thursday, members of the community of roughly 4,000 people met for a singing and drumming circle at the area’s powwow grounds.

‘The violence needs to stop’

Rikki Olson, one of the people who helped organize Saturday’s vigil in Winnipeg, said the ceremony was an important way to show support and solidarity with McKay’s family. One of Olson’s cousins is related to McKay and felt her death deeply, she said.

“I joined in because I felt the need to help my cousin out,” said Olson. "They were grieving and they needed to know that out here in Winnipeg, there’s all support here.“

The vigil began with drumming and singing at Thunderbird House. One of McKay's family members came forward to speak to the group, thanking everyone for the support and requesting privacy for the family.

From there, the vigil made its way to Oodena Circle down Waterfront Drive, escorted by the Bear Clan Patrol and led by drummers with hand drums.

Gina Settee, another organizer, said vigils play a powerful role in healing for the family and community. Her son was killed earlier this year.

"For me, I’m here because it’s a huge piece of healing for the family, and whatever support we can give, that’s where I’m at with that,” she said.

“It’s important for us to come together as a community so we can heal, or try to heal, together and support one another. It’s a huge piece, because our peoples are very affected by murder and violent crimes.”

A 2015 CBC analysis found that Sagkeeng First Nation was home to the highest number of outstanding cases of missing and murdered Indigenous women.

Settee said community support has meant a lot to her family following her son’s death, and hopes it helps McKay’s family cope with their own tragedy.

“I’m hoping that the family can find some peace within themselves … [and] as a family they become tighter. I know with my family, everything the community did for my family and still does, it brings us closer,” she said.

“It makes it easier — a little bit easier, not easier, just a little bit easier, to move forward just a little bit, you know, because everyday is different. It’s important for healing for the family, and we’re here to help them do that if we can.”

But Settee said she hopes it doesn’t take another death to keep the community together.

“We’d like the violence to stop,” she said. "The violence needs to stop.“

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Family + headcanon

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[Because I’m sure everyone has at least some knowledge of Edith’s kids (or at least her youngest) I’m going to focus on her parents for this.]

Edith was an only child and was her parent’s princess. Her mother taught her to cook and to garden. Her father was wrapped around her little finger from day one. They were a very happy family. In high school, Edith met Harold and her parents disapproved. They didn’t think he was any good for their daughter, and Edith refused to stop seeing him. It caused quite a few arguments. At 18, after Edith had graduated from high school, she and Harold eloped.

She and her parents didn’t see or speak to each other again until Edith was 32 and she left Harold. They’d never met their grandsons, (Barney and Clint, born when Edith was 19 and 24, respectively) but they were happy to have their daughter back and ready to support her in trying to get her children. Her father came with her to Waverly to take the boys from Harold, only for them to find out that Harold had died and the boys had been placed in the care of the state. 

Her parents supported her through her efforts of trying to get her children back. She was living with them at the time, and they’d even gotten a room ready for the boys to share. Unfortunately, the boys ran away before Edith could regain custody. Her parents supported her while she went through a very rough period of depression following the death of her husband and this seemingly permanent loss of her sons, and they helped her get back on her  feet once she was doing better. 

She remains in touch with her parents, even though she’s now moved away once more.


I feel like such a failure. Facebook is nothing but everyone i went to high school with graduating college. Meanwhile i dropped out of fucking cosmetology school and i work in food service. I like my job, but i hate that i havent done anything with my life. I dont feel like my boyfriend deserves to be with me. He works so hard for us and i dont do shit. I just feel worthless at best and i dont even want to say what i feel like at my worst. I dont know how to be genuinely happy anymore, its all just fake, and it kills me.

Orson absolutely hates being called things like dumb, or stupid. He’s struggled with dyslexia since he was a child and has trouble reading, but he’s honestly very intelligent and has the same amount of potential as Jackson, one of the smartest people in Sanguinem.

Ever since he was little, Orson was picked on for his disability. He didn’t actually get diagnosed as dyslexic until nearly graduating high school. While a lot of people mocked him and treated him like dirt, Orson actually won class salutatorian and rubbed it in their faces.

We’ll Build Our House and Chop Our Wood

This bit was an unplanned but much requested bit of GFFA that demanded to be written: Han asks for Bail and Breha’s blessing. This fits between ‘Headaches’ and ‘Forever’ and is unbeta’ed and terribly out of character, but it’s cute and feelsy and if you’re that bothered by it, please change the names in your head and let it be about Joe and Suzie. The title comes from the operetta Candide by Leonard Bernstein.

Also, because I don’t plan on getting in to any backstory, Han’s parents were killed in some tragic accident just before Han graduated high school. He was already accepted to school and managed to push through to make them proud, with the help of his godfather, Chewie.

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One of my cousins overdosed at some point this week (they found him today but he looked like he’d been dead awhile) and I was telling my mom how it’s weird to think you can get drug drugs here like. Pot is ubiquitous and my best friend’s old neighborhood had meth labs but like. He did coke. Where do rednecks get cocaine. And she told me my one cousin dealt it on a pretty large scale and was able to foot the bill for her dad’s funeral and this was probably why his wife had such bad ulcers.

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Okay, my crush's eyebrows are on fleek. And he's so cute. I don't know him personally. He's from my school but I saw him on Facebook first. I sent him a friend request and he accepted it. I want to talk to him and at the same time I don't. What do you think?

YES! Do it! One thing I’ve learned in college: people are a lot more receptive to friendship than I had ever previously believed they would be. I went to a tiny, tiny high school and graduated with the same 100 people I had gone to school with since 6th grade and everyone was very stand off-ish but in college it’s like you can ask anyone around you to go get coffee and it’s no big deal. And I now realize it would’ve been that way in high school too, if only I would’ve asked