OUT OF PLAY: Japanese POW had Koshien on his mind when he died

#npb #HanshinTigers [The Asahi Shimbun]The school is now known as Yonago East High School. Doigaki was a year ahead of Shimizu and would later star as a professional ballplayer with the team now known as the Hanshin Tigers. After graduating from high school, Shimizu entered what is now …
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About Wesley:

Wesley Parkinson was supposed to be a military man. He graduated high school with plans to join the United States Army. He passed all the tests, fitness and mental. He attended the boot camps, he went through training. And finally, he was declared a soldier, and was scheduled to be deployed to Afghanistan. That’s when things started to fall apart for him.

Wesley did not report for duty when he was supposed to be deployed. Instead, he panicked. The reality had settled in of sent halfway around the world to kill strangers in a war-torn nation, and he realized that he couldn’t do it. He couldn’t face it. So, he left. He was dishonorably discharged from the military for going absent without leave, and tried to find a small, quiet town where he could get a fresh start.

His very brief military stint has always been a point of personal shame for Wesley, and he’ll never discuss it. Instead, he dedicated himself to a new job, one that he hoped could help show that he actually was courageous and willing to help his fellow citizens. He claims that he never looked back.


  • Meili Teruya: Colleague. Wesley and Meili know each other through the fire department’s charities. Wesley has a great deal of admiration for Meili, and would never dare tell her of his own military past.

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Having one of those nights where I really don’t like that I’m 16 and I wish I could be a kid again and never grow up and never deal with adult situations or friends being dumb or just general world problems that I let myself worry about. I wish I was just a cute little punk kid again but I cant go back. I hate this. And also my knees hurt so I think I’m getting taller. I’m seriously going to be a freaking tree by the time I graduate high school.


we spent Saturday night on a tea plantation in Munnar and it was AMAZING

the hotel was so tiny - that top floor is the balcony, where we drank lemon tea and shivered from the mountain wind, and the floor right below it (yes, those windows!) is me & Murston’s room. the boys are off the the left, and below us are two British fellows, freshly graduated from veterinary school

When I graduated high school, my mom and (one) little sister flew from Minnesota, to the Pacific North West, and stayed for a week with me and my guardians, after not having seen each other for four years. We don’t look related unless you can see all of our eyes, but damn I love them and miss them so much.

Congratulations to all 2015 graduating students of FADEKEMI SCHOOLS… sky is your stepping stone!
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In pedagogy, there is a troubling and (when you think about it) strange problem that is usually described as the problem of “the practical application of knowledge to life.” And it is in fact true that the graduate from school (whether high school or college) finds himself in the quandary of not knowing how to “apply” knowledge to any problem that arises outside the walls of school.

Like no off fens but what do any of you actually know about what it’s like to discontinue school and then start again over and over lmao when do y'all even actually talk about these dropouts besides when you make a “tumblr positive” post? Y'all interview the fuck out of college students all the time and the issues they have but never step outside your comfort zones and talk to people that couldn’t finish school or never started school or even didn’t graduate high school


PART ONE of my new weekly series of post called “my lyrics decoded”

Track Name : The visibly Invisible (Wind Chills)
Project its on : The Collective Unconscio[US]
Where to find song and project: LINK IN BIO “Graduated school and still kept the teachings/ people felt the pressure and couldn’t start to see it/
everything is different when you’re not running the bleachers/military benefits took away all the dreamers/ and high paying jobs only hire low self esteemers/things we do for the gold and big body beamers/

Now everybody’s rapping and the shit is just lacking/ no technique or skill like its a magic kit/ but not on my canvas, or in my verses/ they don’t understand that they’re lacking the passion/” This is from track 4 on my latest Project entitled as The Collective Unconscio[US]. Every single line within this song bring its title to life in my different forms.
Like, why do my people have to die? Why do my people have struggle to survive? Why did George Zimmerman walk free? Tell me why the world so cold. Featuring my brother @marque__antonius
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i. My brother got a certificate from the VP when he graduated in high school. Uhm with Jejomar’s face, I wish to return this…
ii. OJT toxic days! Missing those days.
iii. My youngest brother’s note to my younger brother. #iwillneverunderstandboys
iv. I saw my hs friend along Tolentino St. yesterday!! Of all places, Manila! We haven’t seen each other for more than 4 years.
v. Our favorite burger joint near UST. Hehe 💕
vi. My water bottle gave up on me. It wasn’t able to handle the pressure… Literally.

Let Me Tell You Why I'm Pathetic.

There’s this girl, and for reasons that I don’t know, I’m not going to name her. Because if she found this, she’d make a big deal out of it and continue to torture me. So, we cleared that part.
Anyways, there’s this girl. She’s basically the ideal girl that you could think of and double that. Honestly, she is the greatest girl I know and she hardly even cares for me. So, I’ve probably liked her for about a year and a half but she’s always had a boyfriend who, let’s face it, kinda sucked ass; but she must’ve saw something in him that nobody else saw but that’s completely irrelevant at this point. She recently became single and I was like, this is my chance.
Let me clarify that we’ve graduated high school at this point.
So, while we were still IN high school, I wrote her a letter of why I liked her and made her a playlist of songs that reminded me of her. I stated the whole letter two months before graduation but kept re-writing the letter to make it as perfect as she is. ( Pathetic. )
So, to this day, I still have to letter, the playlist, a painting I drew for her because I’m pathetic, and my only copy of The Perks of Being A Wallflower.
I always say I’m going to give it to her but never do because every time I see her, she’s flirting with another guy. So, I keep it because I don’t want her to throw it away when she starts talking to guy or whatever.
I like her. And she likes me. And I more-than-like her and I know she doesn’t more-than-like me. But I don’t care. I’m madly and deeply in love with her but can’t say because I’m afraid I’d ruin anything that we have between us. Which is nothing really.

aight i’m stuck between two really interesting jobs and i want to to do a joint program so i can get like near guaranteed acceptance to a graduate school i want to go to but like the partner schools are in like WHEAton or Providence, RI ??????????????

whenever I’m anxious I feel like I’m dirty and need a shower. what is that?? what is it. certain parts of my life that were particularly stressful were highlighted by some strong feeling about something.

when I was graduating high school I thought about how my bellybutton was never clean constantly and it bothered me so much.

the end of college I became so obsessed with saving money I would stop eating to save it. I was obsessed with that.

right now I’m about to enter school again and I’m really stressed out. I can’t go to bed until 4am because by then I’m sure everyone else is asleep and that the sex noises I hear are for sure not real.

what is this