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Also known as ‘Person A is older than Person B AUs’

  • Person A and B are twins and Person A is literally (insert any number smaller than 12 here) minutes older than B and talks to them like they have more experience
  • Bonus points if Person B is the taller one
  • High school!AU where Person A is a senior and Person B is a freshman
  • Person A shares a birthday with Person B (NOT TWINS) and they attempt to figure out who was born first
  • Person A and B were born on the same day but in different timezones
  • Person A is a dead inside store manager (~18 yrs+) and Person B is an optimistic freshman who must be trained (~13-15 yrs)
  • Person A hates Person B for no reason, until Person C (a mutual friend) tells them they share a birthday but have a year between them
  • Person A is a graduated TA, while Person B is a third year student who hates the education system until Person A starts leaving little snippets of advice on their quizzes that they start looking forward to it, even if it’s sometimes just a doodle of an octopus eating a burger
  • Person B is 3 days older than Person A and loves using that against them 

That’s as much as I can think of but feel free to add on!

~AHHH these are so cute I love them!! I hope you don’t mind but these gave me a few of my own ideas! -Mod Karissa

  • “Wow you’re so old” “Shut up your birthday is literally a few months after mine”
  • “Hey now that you’re old enough, can you buy alcohol for me?”
  • I wanted to rent this place for my birthday- what do you MEAN it’s already rented
  • you know this means you die first “not if i hit you with my car omfg”
  • twins but the younger one is on a trip and in a different timezone and calls the older twin “Hah! Now IM the older one!!”
  • “wow hey i think i see a grey hair” okay you literally are like 2 years younger shut up jfc
  • tfw you’re the youngest friend but you’re the only one who acts like an adult- GET BACK HERE DONT JUMP THAT FENCE OMG

#GradblrChallenge Day 17:

Second and final day of student conferences–went a little more smoothly than Monday’s conferences, but still draining.  Some of the highlights: one of my students telling me I reminded him of a slightly more outgoing April Ludgate from Parks and Rec and another telling me she wants to enroll in the children’s lit class I’m teaching in the fall!  So overall, less bad.  

I have to go to class tonight–and we haven’t met for a couple of weeks because of break and our professor being out sick, etc.  It’ll be good to be back, but I’m kind of peopled out after conferences so we’ll see how it goes.  

Today’s To-Done’s:

  • hold student conferences
  • read for lesson plans
  • reply to emails
  • proofread budget plan
  • submit postcolonial lit. paper

Today’s To-Do’s:

  • read more of East, West Stories
  • lesson plan
  • gather work materials for tomorrow

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left all the stars in your city nights 

“He’s got a roommate?” Niall asks, frowning.

“Yeah, but he usually only hangs out with grad students. I mean, it’s a smart plan all things considered. I think there’s like a rule that all graduate students have to TA, so like, it probably helps him with his grades or something. I don’t know. I’ve met him a few times but Zayn swears he’s great,“ Louis explains.

Liam nods, taking another drink from his glass, turning in time to see Zayn. He smiles at him but his smile falls immediately when Harry steps out from behind him, standing there smirking at Liam. He remembers him, obviously. They just fucked last night.


Liam’s screwed.

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anonymous asked:

You're a teacher? How old are your students?

I’m a TA. My graduate assistantship includes teaching a class on information literacy. Most of my students are freshmen, but it’s an undergrad elective. 

I *am* in the college of Ed, in the library program. We do have a lot in common with teachers, including wondering if our field is going to exist after the current administration does its best to destroy it. 

A lot of people writing university AUs get some really fundamental details about British university life wrong, such as room sharing and fraternities, but thankfully buzzfeed has come to the rescue and compared British to American university life. Please read to save a brit’s life.