Hey! Normally wouldn’t post this stuff amidst the glory that is Star Wars, but I’m having a good, old fashioned freak out and would love your help. If you live in the trash fire that is America, consider the following:

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that is currently festering in the Senate looks to harm a lot of people; for me, specifically, it looks to start taxing graduate student tuition waivers. Now, tuition waivers are what keep me from going deeper into massive, unwieldy debt. If I have my tuition waiver taxed (thereby increasing my perceived income by upwards of 300%), I’m going to have to drop out.

However, I dread calling my Senators and begging them to have a heart. Thus, ResistBot! By texting the number above (50409 in purple), I can take my time writing out my desperate plea to the United States Government. 

It would mean a lot if you could do the same, or at least spread the word. I’m scared and stressed, and while Star Wars is a great boon, I wouldn’t be getting the message of the movies if I didn’t rebel.


05.11.2017 .. headed down to my college library for a few hours on a cold, sunny Sunday morning to work on a conference paper. Having this place open 24 hours and five minutes away from my room is such a treat, just thinking of all the famous women who’ve studied here over the years is really inspirational. 📚 💻☀️

This past Saturday I graduated from Xavier University of Louisiana and it was a day to remember. I remember my coach telling me I should change my major because I was doing horrible in school. I remember crying numerous of times because I wanted to give up. With the help of my mom, genuine friends, and God I did it. My mom did it. This fall I’ll be attending The University of Nevada Las Vegas to pursue my Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy ❤️


02.10.2017 :: I’ve been in college for two weeks now and I managed to get one of the nicest graduate rooms in the ballot. Although I’ve been really busy I thought it was important to do some decoration and make it feel like home. I’m pretty happy with how things are looking right now.

I hope y'all had a lovely start to the week. I will be leaving the States on Thursday since I have to start my practical legal training earlier than expected… I’m so excited to start my legal journey 👩🏼‍⚖️

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Have a great and productive week guys 💕