graduate photo

i finally looked at my graduation photos from like… 3 months ago and the lady edited some of them and i look whiter in them hgsdlkfhsdg;jksdf who does she think she is a mccree artist 

Room For Dessert 01

Description: A boring company dinner gets a little bit spicy when you notice the tension between you and your table’s waiter.

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Smut (M)

Word Count: 8.1k

Index: 01, 02, 02.5

A/N: Filth. Straight filth. That’s what this is. Jungkook’s graduation photos pretty much ruined me, especially when I saw the one of him taking their order and just looking so good and UGH. This is the result. Sin. Filth. Porn put to words. Enjoy. Please try not to die. 

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I was having a terrible dysphoria day today. I was having trouble breathing, couldn’t get out of bed, I mean the whole nine yards of dysphoria for me. But then something pretty great happened. I was going through the photos I took for my college graduation announcements, and my old high school graduation photos popped up. It really brought me back to 2011. I remembered going shoe and dress shopping because “I had to”, and being so unhappy that I cried constantly. I remember going to eat afterwards and keeping that purple grad robe on because I was so uncomfortable in my dress. I remember pulling my hair back the second I was done with family pictures. I remember being so incredibly uncomfortable and unhappy. 

I now look at these college grad pictures and I remember it being incredibly hot, but not at all uncomfortable in my clothes (I actually felt amazing in my suit). I remember all the poses coming very natural and smooth. I remember laughing a lot and not once being sad. I remember feeling fantastic and on top of the world. Even though I don’t have any of the friends that I had in high school due to my transition, I have new friends. Better friends. A new life. A new body. And I am better for it. Transitioning is a journey, and I am working on mine. 


Some extra shots from my graduation photo shoot last month. Thankful to make it through and blessed to be ( officially) a mechanical engineer! S/O to all the HBCU’s especially mine Alabama A&M University!!!!!!!! New job starts in august. ready to start this new chapter in life! 

SN: I apologize in advance for the lengthy post lol!



So here’s Jungkook’s Yearbook photos and his graduation speech lololo 

THEY ALL WENT TO HIS GRADUATION DESPITE THERI FAME I’MMMMMMMMMM like TT.        l I’m sosososo happy for him you can’t even imagine ヽ(⌐■_■)ノ♪♬  (「・ω・)「   ヽ(⌐■_■)ノ♪♬


You know, I almost forgot how nice to draw them