graduate flowers

Imagine the maknae line at a wedding and Tae forces Jimin to try to catch the bouquet with him, and it actually ends up in Jimin’s hands. Jimin blinks once, twice, and then he realizes what happened. He gets really flustered and blushes and throws the bouquet away from him…right into the hands of one Jeon Jungkook. Jungkook is mildly confused for a moment, but looks up and sees Jimin, and winks. Tae is dying laughing in the background at jikook, Jimin is so red and is ready to melt into the floor boards, and Jungkook’s just smirking at Jimin with the bouquet in his hands ^.^

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AU head cannon for zimbits: Jack gets interested in flowers after graduation because while hockey takes a lot of time and is super loud and stressful gardens aren't. And he likes seeing things come to fruition and like growing plants is cool as fuck. Bitty kept with figure skating and has to run a lot to keep his figure. One day he's running down a sidewalk and trips over some cute gardeners trowel. He's not hurt but the gardener asks him to have some tea and a break just in case.or something.

ooohhh this is so cute!!

maybe jack invites bitty in because it’s the off-season and he’s a little lonely

maybe jack invites bitty in because he needs opinions on gardenias and no one will come over to look at the plant catalog with him anymore

(but he needs help deciding!! should he go with the classic gardenia jasminoides ‘cape jasmine’? or the delicate ivory-petaled ‘chuck hayes’? what about the enormous ‘miami supreme’? or maybe he should go for the unusual yellow ‘golden magic’ variety? there were too many options. and jack had limited himself to one variety of each flower at a time. if he didn’t enforce that rule, he was liable to buy six different kinds and get overwhelmed trying to plant them all.)

luckily, bitty has just met jack and he’s not tired of being quizzed on his favorite flower varieties yet. he’s honestly a little charmed, and jack’s eyes are very blue, so, sure, he can play along– hmmm, read me the description for the chuck hayes again, why don’t you? i think that was my favorite. lord, but this whole garden is gorgeous… you certainly don’t need my advice if this is how you got it lookin’ all by yourself!

Graduation flower

Many of u guys didn’t notice that jk take a selca with others flowers bouquet and I believe it’s from jm

When they on the car jm throw the bouquet to jm and jk asked where did they buy t said some place near here then jk know it’s lie , so jm said we bought at the mart then jk giggle he know something

He still have it with him when he was at restaurant

But when they leave the restaurant he doesn’t have that flowers bouquet with him any more + on jm video post same he doesn’t have it

Now lets compare between the two flowers

First one is random colors doesn’t have any meaning

The one that jk post is a rose flower

 the rose is considered a symbol of balance. The beauty of this flower expresses promise, hope, and new beginnings

There is only three colors in here

Purple : a color intermediate between blue and red aka jk + jm favorite color

Yellow : the color that remind him of jm

Pink : love

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psssst can I ask for jaehyun as a flower shop owner but the flowers are all enchanted to cause good things for each person who buys them!! and one day you come in trying to buy flowers for a friend who's been having a really bad month and he thinks you're so cute and you can finish the rest :))))))

i LOVE this idea!!! i just had to write it omg

  • jaehyun inherited the flowershop from an old family member of his 
  • and she’d always joke about how it was magical,,,,and jaehyun didn’t believe it until he showed up to work the first day and noticed small insects fluttering around all the flowers???
  • but the closer he got he realized they weren’t insects - they were fairies!
  • fairies of all different colors and shapes 
  • and one of them, the color of sunflowers, flew over to him to explain that every morning the fairies would come and spread magical dust on each flower in order to grant it power
  • and jaehyun didn’t really understand until one of the fairies instructed him to pick a rose and then see how well the rest of his day would be 
  • jaehyun did just that, plucking the flower and putting it behind his ear,,,,and like magic the entire day,,,,,,had just felt lighter
  • the headache he was so used to getting mid-day was gone, the cracks in his bathroom mirror had seemed to fix themselves, and best of all the book he’d lost months ago turned up on the counter of the flowershop
  • jaehyun had always been kind of a skeptic,,,but the flowershop had changed his perspective,,,,and every day he’d gotten into the groove of learning what each flower meant and what they could do to help people
  • like if someone came in to get flowers for someone sick, jaehyun would recommend chrysanthemums  - people trying to get flowers for graduations or promotions, he’d recommend lilies - and for those trying to find love, he’d give carnations 
  • one afternoon, as jaehyun was fixing one of the arrangements in the window he notices you looking curiously at some of the potted plants
  • something tickles his ear and he turns to see a fairy perched on his shoulder leaning in to whisper “i think they’re looking for something to cheer their friend up - how about d-” jaehyun smiles “daffodils. i know!”
  • the fairy laughs, disappearing in a cloud of glitter and jaehyun approaches you
  • “i see you’re interested in something for your friend?”
  • you straighten up, slightly shocked and stutter out a “how c-can you tell?” 
  • jaehyun shrugs, smoothing out his apron and motioning into his shop
  • “daffodils are great for get-well flowers, they’re bright and not too fragrant, i think your friend will really appreciate them.”
  • you follow jaehyun inside, not realizing that no matter how small the shop is - the inside is beautiful with hanging plants and soft lighting
  • for a moment you swear you see something pink moving across the room - a fairy -no way, this isn’t a story book,,,,,,,
  • you look over to see jaehyun holding an assortment of daffodils - “do you like them?” 
  • nodding he takes them to the back to wrap them up and you lean over some of the carnations, breathing in the smell and leaning down to touch one
  • as you do, you notice a tingling feeling in your heart - like something is making it beat a little faster, from the  corner of your eye you see jaehyun and then shake your head a bit
  • ,,,,,,,,you don’t even know him,,,,,,,,,,,,why do you feel nervous seeing him????
  • you don’t hear it but a couple of the fairies giggle behind you, one of them picks up a carnation as you’re turned the other way and drops it beside jaehyun
  • he reaches out, touching it, mumbling that he hadn’t put it here- 
  • but the same tingling feeling appears in his chest too
  • finishing up the bouquet he ties the ribbon and brings it back to the counter
  • you turn to step toward him but as your eyes lock, the tingling sensation floods through both of you
  • and staring at each other speechlessly,,,your hearts beat
  • from the shelves and pots the fairies watch as jaehyun tries to gather his words and you shuffle on your spot until you go 
  • “h-how much?”
  • silently jaehyun looks down, then hands them to you with a small, shy smile
  • “nothing, i-if you agree to stop by again tomorrow?”
  • your heart pounds, and so does jaehyuns, but you take them and nod slowly
  • “i- i will definitely stop by.”
  • jaehyun rubs his neck and tries to hide the obvious blush on his face, “ill be waiting,,,,,,,,,”
  • you turn to head out, seeing the carnations you’d touched earlier before
  • you swear that you see a petal move, a small figure behind the stem but you hurry out because you’re late to see your friend
  • neither of you see it but you’re both shrouded in red mist,,,,the power of the carnations binding your hearts together and the fairies giggling as jaehyun stands at the counter and mumbles to himself that you’re the cutest person he’s ever seen,,,,,,,,,,