graduate fashion week 2012

Christopher Jaydon Photographed by Anna Feneberg for + 21GFW Magazine #2012

I recently googled myself (pretentious i know) but i thought why not, i came across this image which was the front cover of the 21 year anniversary magazine/newspaper for Graduate Fashion Week 2012, ive never seen the image without the title and writing across it, so as soon as i found this i was very excited and all of these feelings of motivation and inspiration came running back to me. FEELING PROUD ALL OVER AGAIN!!! If anything i have become more motivated to push the next collection.



Behind The Scenes imagery I have never seen before of the Graduate Fashion Week 2012 Preview Shoot – there was never a final photo produced but the fact it was seen by fashion photographer Ben Weller and I.D Magazines Charlotte Stockdale makes me really happy. So exciting, i cant believe i have never seen this before!!