Best edit of the week, scratch that, the month


Thousands of city-goers cross this bridge on a daily basis, and think nothing of. Don’t even stop to appreciate the beauty of their very own city. They just see it as another obstacle to get over to start and end their daily lives. Always rushing. Never satisfied.

Filmed By: Harrison Boyce

Via: Nowness


Not everything that you have in life has to be perfect, and this video made by Rob Machado really helped me to realize that. Learn to slow down and realize the imperfections that are in your life, and appreciate them.

“This episode features Jay Nelson, a San Francisco-based artist who specializes in a unique type of automobile customization. This past winter, Jay drove down to Rob’s house in Cardiff, CA, where the two worked together to build out the inside of Rob’s van and create the ultimate surf mobile.”


At the end of March my brother, and myself made the move from Sacramento to San Diego California. We decided that this would be the perfect chance for us to experience Highway 1, and get away from the fast lanes of Interstate 5. These are just three photos of the journey along the way. We would’ve never been exposed to these beautiful landscapes if we hadn’t taken the slow route south, but even with such a beautiful landscape to embrace people were still rushing through. Honking at brothers in the 89’ Toyota Pickup towing a uhual that was as big as the truck itself. It seemed as if they were ready for their break from the fast city life to be over, and even if it had just begun.


Another smooth stylish rider put out an edit today. I really enjoy this series that Mutiny has going because it shows more about who the rider really is and not just their riding.


A sweet surf video made in my current residence city of San Diego, California. If you’re in the area be sure to stop by and check out this Aloha Sunday Supply Co.

“A short film from a California Spring

Celebrating the eccentricity of waves good & bad
And life on the pacific.

Featuring the personalities of
Taylor Leopold
Nathan Chesnut
Corban Campbell
Kahana Kalama
Billy Wickens

In the mediocrity of life
There are always waves to be ridden.”