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Request! How would the RFA react to an MC that looks delicate innocent and all that, but then shES A TOTAL MEMESTER *dabs* AND SWEARS LIKE A SAILOR 24/7

lololol this is so me except I’m neither delicate nor innocent looking I’m just abnormally quiet but look I will swear just to put emphasis on other swear words ok

also pretend that in the chats, MC acts ‘normally’ I guess, since she wanted to make a good impression. But now that she’s gotten more comfortable with the RFA, it’s time to let loose. 

also also sorry not sorry for my cringey memeing

also also also (really sorry) I think swearing like a sailor and knowing good insults are part of the same package so…tah



  • at first, he thinks you’re an actual angel
  • you’re sweet, and pure, and so incredibly precious, you’re probably the most gent-
  • “Ay it’s my bitch- I mean boy, Yoosung!”
  • Did she…did she just call me her bitch?
  • not that he really minds though whoops 
  • This boy is s hOOK
  • When he grew up, he was the kid that thought “heck” was a terrible word
  • and now the love of his life just said the big ‘b’ word/?//???
  • MC the boy will cry actually he’s kinda scared that his mom is going to jump out from beneath a table holding a bible
  • Without realizing it, he’ll cover your mouth with his hand to ‘prevent’ you from saying any other bad words
  • then he realizes what he’s done and just sort of goes ah I hate myself
  • proceeds to curl up into a ball of solid misery
  • you: ಠ_ಠ
  • telling him memes just freaks him the fuck out because who is this person????
  • Yoosung hates surprises tbh
  • He calms down a bit once you revert to your chat room self, but this is only to lessen the blow, and you’ll gradually release your own beast all in due time
  • he’s fine with memes, not fine with swearing
  • but seriously when you guys live together he has a heart attack every time you stub your toe because you just yell profanities at the top of your lungs
  • “o h  f O R THE LOVE OF SATAN’S FIERY BALLSACK10/10 for creativity
  • your neighbors are like uhm is she ok I don’t think she’s ok
  • meanwhile Yoosung is sobbing on the floor
  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  • Actually with Zen, it’s a little while before you openly started to swear and meme-out in front of him, since you are a bit afraid of his fans’ reactions
  • But at some point, Zen is acting with a really shitty excuse of a human being
  • This guy has some sort of god-complex (also he wears khaki pants and keeps screaming about death and ruling the world) which just makes you want him in his pretty face
  • As they wrap up a scene, he begins to complain about everything that went ‘wrong’, and proceeds to storm away after his tantrum
  • He shoves people out of the way, and Zen tugs you to the side before the shit kid can touch you
  • But you can’t keep your cool, and just-
  • “Woah excUSE me, fucking douche canoe coming through.”
  • You feel Zen’s fingers just freeze around your arm
  • Did those words really come out of your sweet little mouth? 
  • Starts to wonder how else your mouth can amaze him *wink wonk* jfc this kinky piece of shit is too much for me
  • Basically after that incident, you don’t hold back anymore
  • Although Zen doesn’t get used to it for a while after-all your words and appearance are so completely different, he secretly loves it when you swear
  • Especially when you mention body parts 
  • Specifically when you mention his body parts
  • He thinks he could handle any other surprise you throw at him
  • You prove him wrong during an RFA get-together one day, where you all go to visit Jaehee’s cafe together since she just began to sell new things I like to believe they have their happy endings no matter what route you choose see sometimes I can be optimistic
  • You buy one of the fresh baguettes, eye it for a moment, then your tongue darts out and-
  • “Babe, just what are you doing?” you hear Zen’s concerned voice
  • Everyone is looking at you
  • Meekly, you reply “I lik the bred.”
  • Seven doubles up in laughter, since he’s basically the only one who gets it this nerd
  • Zen thinks you’re ill
  • You have to explain to him that it’s from a meme, and horror dawns on his face
  • “I’m dating a female version of Seven.”
  • But it’s fine, he loves you anyways, and insists you teach him about the world of memes so he can try to understand your references
  • Though it’s like teaching the average mom how to use a computer
  • No matter how many times you explain, he just doesn’t get it


  • Ok first off lemme just say rip Baehee
  • When she sees you for the first time, she is glad to see how sweet you look; your tender smile and innocent eyes wash away her stress and fatigue
  • That is, until you promptly grab her hand and say, “Damn, I’ve really hooked myself one bitchin’ fine-ass lady.”
  • Excuse me w h a t???????
  • Jaehee is physically unable to process what you just said
  • MC is that really you?!?!?!
  • “Jumin can really be a such dickhead sometimes. I’ve always wanted to say that to you,” you continue, scratching your head.
  • good job MC you just done gone and b r o k e the bae
  • How can someone so innocent-looking have such a foul vocabulary?
  • She thought the swearing was shocking enough
  • But boy was she not prepared for the memes
  • As soon as you two spot Seven, you just proceed to dab the fuck out and narrowly miss hitting Jaehee square in the face with your hand
  • oh no, she thinks
  • Seven reaches into his pocket and pulls out a few HB chips
  • seems like Dat Boi stashed a bag in big suit
  • “Bröther may i have some öats?” you say
  • on nO, she thinks again
  • “Sorry bröther, I’ve already begun eating the öats.”
  • “I have very few öats bröther, I must procure yours.”
  • Jaehee promptly collapses from the shock and let’s just say that it takes a while for her to recover 
  • She has you limit your swearing to when you’re alone together, if at all possible
  • But she cannot hold back your occasional meme streams while working at the coffee shop


  • When Jumin first hears you swearing, a puzzled look flashes across his face, but there’s no grand reaction
  • He just accepts it as part of who you are, and thinks it’s an interesting part of ‘commoner language’
  • There’s a business meeting with some dudes whom you despise, mostly because of their lewd comments directed towards you, which Jumin merely brushes away
  • You walk up to your babe during a break
  • “That guy is an absolute fucking asshole, it’s a pity that you have to do business with such an obnoxious smelly ballsack.”
  • “Um princess he’s still here.”
  • said obnoxious smelly ballsack is fuming, starts cussing right back at you
  • You summon up all your hate for him and hiss “Cash me outside, howbow dah?”
  • Everyone in the room: ?????????
  • “MC what language was that just now?”
  • “The language of memes.”
  • *asks Seven what this language is*
  • "Can you please teach me how to speak it?”
  • Jumin’s very first meme, hear me out, is not about his gayness
  • It’s the heavy breathing cat
  • and oh my god does he spam it
  • So much that Zen just basically stops taking part in any chat that involves Jumin
  • The Memeing Ways Part 2: How to Keep a Meme Relevant by Saeyoung Choi
  • and actually, surprisingly enough, Jumin also becomes a memer
  • also becomes a meme himself


  • Apart from the mutual memeing in the chats, Seven considered you to be more of a demure, down-to-fuck earth kind of girl, and this idea was only strengthened when he saw your sweet looking face
  • As soon as you spot the tomato in the crowd at the RFA party, you dart over to his side and say
  • “Well just fucking bend me over sideways and fuck me twice there are so many people?!”
  • Seven blinks at you
  • A slow grin spreads across his face as he realizes o h he’s been deceived
  • *pretends to be shot in the chest*
  • “Hmmmmmm watcha saayyy,” you sing, slowly backing away
  • Seven is gonna die he loves you so much???? like what she’s also into memes????
  • Adores your cussing, and y’all nerds start to make up your own insults, even if they really don’t make any sense to other people
  • His personal favorites are “white crayola” and “factory edition Vanderwood″
  • You guys order your very own none pizza with left beef, but it tastes to bad
  • #firstworldproblems
  • You start making memes of each other

crimsonsoulpower  asked:

How do you want S4 to be? Hannigramatic? How so? Do you believe they'll still be angsting or would have been mellowed a but? :D

My ideal for S4 (or 4, 5 and 6, for that matter–I’m not too particular on the time frame, so if Bryan wants to draw it out over more than one season, more power to him) is for Will to learn who he is: the limitations of him being a killer, that he’s NOT cut out for Hannibal’s lifestyle even if he tries, that no matter how beautiful he may have felt killing by Hannibal’s side was, it doesn’t sustain him and is only one aspect of the creature that he is.

This is why I asked @existingcharactersdiehorribly to ask the question that she did at RDC3, which was more or less a S4 question, disguised. S3 left us with a truly borderline Will Graham, one who had both finally accepted himself as a killer and sentenced himself to die for it, and Bryan has talked about how a future season of Hannibal would show Will truly on the other side of the wall for the first time, with his “tether” cut. So if that’s where they start him, then where do they intend to go? What’s the final destination? That disagreement between Hannibal and Bedelia, which was left somewhat open-ended in S3, seemed like it presented an opportunity to take the temperature of the writer’s room on the matter, so to speak. The answers they gave were exactly the answers I hoped and suspected that they would give, indicating both a dedication to Will’s duality (on Hugh’s part) as well as a remembrance of and dedication to his heroism (on Bryan’s part). Bryan’s answer is especially encouraging because he’s the one who holds the vision for the future and the direction the story would take for Will.

In conjunction with Will truly learning who he is, I also want to see Hannibal finally coming to accept this fact also. Sometimes I just want to ask Bryan and Mads, “Hey, do you think it could ever occur to Hannibal that if he wants to be with Will that maybe–MAYBE–he should stop trying to change Will and just maybe work on, oh, I dunno…CHANGING HIMSELF?”

I’m not necessarily holding my breath for this particular revelation to ever occur to Hannibal, or that the tiger could change its stripes if it did occur to him. But the course of the story that’s been told so far, from Hannibal’s side, has been about his gradual release of control in spite of his absolute reluctance to let go. I remember Hugh saying in some interview way back when something about how Hannibal wanted to control their relationship, but in the end it’s Hannibal who is willing to burn the world to the ground for Will, and that puts Will in control. I want to see a continuation of that.

S1 was about how Hannibal nearly got caught because he began taking risks for Will and Abigail, but he put Will in prison instead, to preserve his life and lifestyle and freedom. So he maintained his control. But S2 saw him begin the process of gradually dismantling everything in his life for Will. First the Chesapeake Ripper got sacrificed, along with Miriam Lass, his “get out of jail free” card. Then he gave up his anonymity and prestige and cushy life in Baltimore to go on the run for Will. When that didn’t work out, he could recreate those things somewhat, but then he chose to give them up again, along with his freedom–the very thing that he’d held back from giving up in both S1 and S2, that caused all this mess in the first place. Through all this, though, Hannibal has maintained a steadfast belief that Will is that mirror image of him, and so the one integral thing that he hasn’t given up is that slight lie that he’s told himself. That is the one aspect of their relationship that he has absolutely clung to, and it has controlled the nature of the relationship: that not only is Will a killer, but that bringing this out in him is the best thing for him.

I want to see Hannibal and Will both learn that Hannibal has been, to some extent, telling them both a lie. And I want to see Hannibal accept it, and love Will anyway. I want his love to truly become unconditional.

I’d like to see Will’s coming to a truer understanding of himself through Hannibal’s influence and mentoring as the “continuation” of their relationship that Bryan talked about, and Hannibal finally coming to understand the limits of his vision for Will as the “subversion/inversion” of it. 

H.G x Reader ||SMUT|| #9

Prompt: Hermione and you have some late night fun at the library.

Throughout the years, Hermione and you managed to get to know the castle and it’s endless corridors from sneaking around so much.

For the first several years of your friendship when the two of you would sneak out and about, it would be only to talk. You would talk on hours on end and get to know each other more and more. By third year things- feelings- began to transpire between you two and your stake outs would become heavy with tension.

It was near the middle of fourth year that Hermione and you actually did anything about said feelings.

Throughout the beginning of fourth year the two of you had something of an unspoken-unofficial relationship.

You both had your eyes set entirely and solely on each other.

You began to hold her hand shyly. When she became tired she would lay her head on your shoulder and nuzzle your neck. When she was cold you would lend her your jacket and pull her into your warm and safe embrace. When Hermione was upset or forlorn you would wrap her in your arms, sit her on your lap and rock her back and forth while brushing butterfly kisses between encouraging whispers on her temple and her forehead.

You only really admitted your feelings toward her when you became jealous and so she did the same.

After that night, when you would sneak off, sometimes you’d just sit in silence, Hermione sitting between your legs with her back pressed against your front and your arms encircling her waist while your head rested against her shoulder.

By fifth year the tension came back, this time however, it was different. So very much different, for it was sexual tension now.

Sneaking off with the prefect usually led to steamy kisses, quiet moans, and hickeys. And, while your make out sessions became longer and hotter, so did your knickers.

Neither of you could ever return to sleep without having had sated your thirst of each other. Hermione would absolutely love being pinned against the wall as you slipped your hands under her shirt and played with her nipples. She soaked in the pleasure of tangling her fingers through your hair and forcing your mouth to her neck.

On occasion, when Hermione was feeling absolutely and wildly lecherous, you would slip your hand through her skirt and her panties and tease her clit.

Now, at sixth year, it wasn’t merely teasing. Now, neither of you hesitated on taking things further with sex.

That was how you ended up here…

In the library- behind countless shelves- in the Restricted Section.

Sneaking out for some late night ‘reading’ and actually doing the late night reading had proved to be a difficult task. A difficult task indeed.

Hermione had been awfully quiet for the past hour and you were sure the sound of pages turning had also stopped a while ago.

You smirked slyly over your book at Hermione, her eyes dilated and already fixed on your lips.

Her book was lying open, long forgotten, in front of her but, it had been long since she had read the page.

You glanced down over the side of the table and bit back a grin. Hermione was crossing and uncrossing her legs, a habit you knew she only displayed when she was hot and bothered.

“It’s a bit warm in here, lovely? Don’t you think?” You asked, biting your lip not-so-innocently.

Hermione met your gaze and saw the amusement dancing in your eyes. She glared at you in annoyance.

“Shut up,” she snapped, vexed.

You rested your head in your hand and propped your elbow up on the table, closing your book.

Make me,” you responded.

Hermione clenched her jaw. She turned and glared the the ground for several seconds before huffing out a breath and making her way toward you.

She pushed your books carelessly off your lap and sat herself down, straddling you. Immediately you grabbed her hips.

Hermione had been fighting the urge to fall for your teasing antics. You had been teasing her all week and you both hand an unspoken challenge going on. It seemed ,however, that Hermione couldn’t hold off any longer.

Hermione wrapped her arms around your neck and hungrily brought your lips to hers. You moaned quietly against her feverish mouth, somewhat taken aback by how fiercely she was kissing you. Your moans soon turned to growls when you began to feel her hips grinding on you.

Hermione’s hands fell from your neck and instead moved to begin unbuttoning your uniform. She had barely managed to undo the second button of your shirt just as you stilled her hands and pulled her wrists back behind her back.

You felt your girlfriend’s breath hitch at the action. She knew what was about to happen and she couldn’t wait any longer for it.

You gripped her wrists tightly behind her with one hand and pulled her head back with the other, revealing her neck. Instantly, you brought your lips to jaw, pressing open-mouthed kisses down the column of her throat and back up, occasionally whispering dirty things into her ear.

Hermione moaned hoarsely.

You released your grip on her hair momentarily and began to undo the buttons of her shirt.

When you were done the shirt fell open on its own, exposing the fair skin of her chest and her stomach.

You left it on, letting it hang messily off her shoulders because damn it was a major turn on for you to see her ’innocent girl’ demeanor broken by the image of her being so eager to be fucked.

You chuckled lowly, trailing a hand from her neck down to her chest. You fingered the material of her bra admiringly. The black lace allowed you to see her nipple- rosy and erect- and the colour clashed gorgeously against her skin tone.

Just like I knew it would.

“Are you wearing the present I got you?”

“Yes,” Hermione answered, breathy.

You smiled up at her, smiling in approval.

“Good girl.”

You leaned into her chest and took a nipple into your mouth. You wiped your tongue over the lace and sucked on the bud.

Hermione threw her head back, swallowing down a moan.

You alternated the nipple, sucking on the other one but, still playing with the first one.

Hermione bucked her hips in a needy way and whimpered when she didn’t find the contact she needed.

“Hey, now,” you chided, tightening your hold on her wrists. “I can’t please you properly if you’re not being a good girl, now can I?”

Hermione shook her head, biting her lip.

Then stay still,” you growled.

Hermione’s eyes dilated even more and she nodded rapidly. Pleased, you began sucking and biting her neck.

“Please…,” she whimpered softly.

“Please what?” You questioned against her chest. You pulled down the lace, finally revealing the pert nipple to you.

“Please- ungh- please fuck me [Y/n].”

You slipped a hand through her skirt and grabbed her center tightly. You could feel the heat and the wetness gathered there even through her lace panties.

Hermione moaned, bucking her hips against your hand.

Quiet.” You hissed.

You slipped your fingers past the hem of her panties and smeared her wetness along her thighs and her lips.

Hermione threw her head back, biting her lip tightly.

You pushed her lips open and rubbed your fingers over her clit.

Hermione shuddered and cried out softly.

You rubbed your fingers rapidly over clit for several seconds, just watching Hermione, then you prodded a finger into her slit.

Not being able to control herself, Hermione moaned loudly.

You pumped your fingers into her slowly, teasing her for a while, building her up before you curled your digits. You gradually sped up and released your hold on her wrists.

Instantly she wrapped her arms around your neck.

Her moans and cries began to get harder to contain so you let her bounce on your hand while you undid your tie.

As much as you loved to hear Hermione become undone you feared someone may hear you. You scrunched up your tie and stuffed it into her mouth, silencing her quickly.

She clamped down on the makeshift gag at the same time she clenched her thighs.

Her chest heaved raggedly and her legs began quiver unsteadily.

You held her hips steadily and sucked and bit her nipples and neck, bringing her to her release.

Hermione shuddered and screamed. Her nails dug into your neck and she dragged them down your back harshly.

She came on your fingers and over the floor.

You waited until her spasms stopped and slowly pulled your fingers out. They glinted with her juices and you sucked your fingers clean off, smirking up at Hermione.

She was panting and flushed, watching you with dark eyes.

You took your tie out of her mouth and tossed it away. Hermione crashed her lips onto yours, her hands cupping your face.

You pulled away and rested your forehead against hers.

“Ready for round 2, Princess?”

You had been speaking and goofing off with one of your closest friends when Professor McGonagall called for all the student’s attention, tapping a fork against a goblet. There was an announcement.

While everyone turned their bodies to look at the Professor you caught Hermione’s eye across the tables.

She sent you a smirk and you flashed her your own grin before turning away.

Students… as you all know no one is allowed to roam the castle after bed.”

She looked over the student body, eyes searching for a culprit.

Everyone nodded in confusion.

“This morning, our dear librarian, Madam Pince,” she motioned toward the librarian standing at the edge of the hall, beet red.

“-opened the library just like any other day. Imagine her surprise when she found this,” she summoned a cloth and you could faintly recognise [Y/h] colours.

Your eyes almost widened and you nearly smacked a hand to your face as she waved it in disgust but, you managed to control your reaction.

“-in the Restricted Section no less!”

So that’s where my tie went.

Your eyes searched for Hermione’s and when you found her she was already staring at you.

She turned back around after giving you a discreet sneer. You turned back to look at McGonagall when your best friend caught your eye.

She was staring at you with her brow quirked and a smile knowing smile playing at her lips.

She leaned toward you. “So that’s why you needed my extra tie.” She whispered, snickering slightly.

“Shut up,” you growled lowly, your face growing as red as Pince’s.

“Now, we know which house this belong to, clearly but, we don’t know if this is charmed or if this was some sort of trick. So, listen closely and carefully, you have all been warned. No more sneaking out of bed and no more going into the Restricted Section! Whoever is found out of their bed chambers after hours will be Filch’s responsibility.”

A/n: Dedicated to the @Anon who requested this.💜 Never written smut before but I definitely don’t mind the practice👍

Title: 3 What-If’s I’ll Never Tell You

Prompt: 3 things a will never tell b 

Pairing: One-sided Ryuji/Akira

By: Admin

Ryuji wasn’t the thinking type. Others have said this of him, and he can’t help but agree. He’d always seen things as they were presented on the surface, unless a gut feeling had told him otherwise. 

He did or said what he felt was right, in the moment, even if it came back to bite his ass later – though he rarely thought that far ahead.

He lacked tact even when he tried his best to have it.

He didn’t put consideration into his actions or spend ample time making plans. He didn’t play with theories or attempt to wrap his head around complex anything procedures. Yet, for someone who wasn’t the thinking type, for some reason, he often pondered “what-if’s”.

Perhaps a tad too much. It stupefied even himself.

It was because of thoughts like these he realized there was more to himself than just the brainless banter he showed to his teammates; mostly Morgana, in point. That cat just had a way of nagging his mouth into action. 

There were many what-if’s swimming about Ryuji’s head, in total.

Yet the first three, all held one thing in common…

Ryuji glanced at Akira a moment.

1.     What if I’d never met him?

Kamoshida had been a devil staring him down in a crossroads for a long time. Ever since he’d shown up, Ryuji had made blunder after blunder, mistake after mistake, and in the wake of each he’d drowned deeper and deeper in regret. It was like he was sinking to the bottom of a marsh and Kamoshida was presenting him a pole he could only do two things with:

Submit to me, grab on.

Defy me, pummel further down.

If he had done the former, Kamoshido would no doubt have beat him raw with the prop he’d saved him with to make sure Ryuji knew his place – below Kamoshida, one way or another; whether it was gasping for breath on the floor or suffocating in an abyss further below made no difference.

Those had been his only two options for a long time, and eventually, he’d lost sight of the surface. No longer could he grab for the purchase, even if he wanted to, but Kamoshida still taunted him with it.

There had been so many – too many – instances where he’d wanted to snatch the pole and pummel Kamoshida silly with it, damn the consequences. Let him beg, let him bleed, let him feel the pain of his bones shattering under each blow.

And yet…

“What kind of mother are you, letting your son turn out this way?”

“Where’s your pride as a parent?”

“If it’s too hard raising him by yourself, then get married already – Lord knows a decent father figure would fix all the problems you obviously failed to.” 

“God. It’s like you’re not even trying to raise him properly.”

… the memory of his mother being barraged by the school faculty’s insults froze him in place everytime. The stillness in her shoulders when it happened, and the sound of pure disapointment in herself she made when they got home He could not, would not, do that to her ever again. And so, he continued to trickle deeper and deeper into his own hell; succumbing, and utterly alone. 

At least, that used to be the case. 

“…Pervert?” the teen gave him a straight look with a matching flat tone.

The case before Akira Kurusu appeared. It was as if the all-black muck of the abyss had been set aflame the moment he met him—

–and a path was slowly burning its way from the surface.

It took a while for Ryuji to realize the sudden shift, however. Nearly being killed by black masses in armor, meeting a talking cat, screaming from the pain of accepting his true self and deciding to rebel 

–it had all distracted him from realizing the gradual release of tension in his chest.

Until, once it was all seemingly over, he found himself breathing in clear air and feeling the sweet, sweet burn and, Akira holding his life-line with his secret smirk Ryuji had only just started to get glimpses of.

If he had never met Akira – he…

If another group had become the Phantom Thieves, he would have been okay. There was no doubt he would have continued to live on.

But he couldn’t see himself spending the rest of his life genuinely happy or excitement buzzing him out of bed every day like a rechargeable battery if that had been the case, like he was in the present.

Akira jumped small-ly when Ryuji settled an arm on his nearest shoulder and grinned placidly.  “Something wrong?”

Ryuji leaned to the opposite direction, but kept his arm on Akira’s shoulder. “Morgana ate my cod, but I’m not thaaaaat pissed.”

“That’s new,” Akira said blandly but with that undertone of mirth. “Who are you, and what have you done with—“

“Nope, nope, that’s definitely Ryuji. No one else can pull off that I’m too cool for school, cool with a k, hairstyle,” snickered Futaba maliciously from across the table.

“You little crab, I swear I’m gonna—“

“Don’t burn him too much,” Akira mumbled well enough to be heard. “I’d prefer not to carry my best friend’s ashes in an urn.”

Ann shook her head. “Why would you even keep his ashes…?”

“I’ve heard you can sell ashes for a lot of money on Ebay,” offered Makoto.

“Joker!” Morgana hissed suddenly. “Sell Ryuji’s ashes and get me another fatty tuna roll!”

Ryuji gasped and began calling everyone at the table traitors at the top of his lungs, when the second most prevalent what-if came to mind.

2.     What-if he hadn’t been my first best friend?

People develop a multitude of relationships in life. Some temporary, some distant, some frivolous, some deep. Ryuji had no friends in elementary, because that was when his dad was still around and the bruises were difficult to hide; the mental ones even more-so.

In middle school, it was slightly less barren. He had met Ann, and talked to her somewhat, but there were also other boys who likes manga as much as he did.

Some of them were later even members of the track team in high school – until Kamoshida appeared like a demon summoned from a sacrificial ritual. It was the abuse his teammates and he had suffered from Kamoshida that had brought them closer together. But unlike the day his father left his mother and him, when he screwed up and sucker-punched the coach and in-turn forfeited the future of the team, they ostracized him.

The only thing he had left after rehab for his leg was his sense of justice… and that only isolated him further.

In all the time before that, Ryuji hadn’t had someone he’d ever call his best friend. Before Akira, his mother alone held that title, and Ryuji never did nor never would feel embarrassed for it.

Yet it felt like a completely different experience, his friendship with Akira. Akira was quiet, more mature, and he didn’t have that feminine charm or adult mannerisms his mother did. They had shared interests and their conversation were intriguing – no one else shared his love the villains in manga, sadly. They got along exceedingly well and Ryuji felt as comfortable around Akira as he did in his own skin. It was odd, calming, and completely alien to Ryuji.

And because of this, he couldn’t help the swell of fear in his abdomen at the thought of their relationship never having took form.

Yet at the forefront of his thoughts…  

This last one was technically not a what-if – but it was. It really, really was. Not in its statement, but in its circumstance. If Ryuji had accepted his feelings sooner. If Ryuji had gotten over his ignorance. If Ryuji hadn’t stopped to think for once and had instead followed his gut like always. If Ryuji had pursued that tingling sensation he felt in his very blood whenever Akira touched him…

She might not be the one sitting there.

3. I love you.

Ryuji’s gaze fell to their Leader’s lap when Akira put an arm around Makoto. He nonchalantly let his arm fall back to his side.

Ryuji would never tell Akira any of these three what-if’s, but he would do what he could to treasure them.

“Everyone,” Haru interrupted out of the blue. “What song are they playing? I like it.”

“Ann, you’re the one who speaks English. Time to shine.”

“Um, sorry, but country isn’t really my thang.”

“Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad by Meatloaf,” said Akira quietly.

It was odd, since he couldn’t understand a lick of what came from the diner’s speakers, but for some reason… 

Ryuji couldn’t agree more. 

smeared-writing  asked:

Do you have any spells to end a storm? Thank you so much.

Hi smeared-writing, and yes I do. There are multiple ways to end a storm which is already there. The two most common ways are through Dispersing or Binding the storm.


This method involves spreading the storm out over a large area thereby minimising its effects. You can disperse a storm by calling winds to blow it away (or in a certain direction) or if you favour using weather maps you can draw the low pressure system moving away and gradually dissipating.

Binding (Storm Catching)

This method is also called ‘storm catching’ and involves catching a storm and binding it within an object (usually a bottle or knots) so it can be released gradually at a later date by pulling out the cork or undoing the braid/knots. 

Storm catching or “reeling in a storm” is even more difficult than storm casting so it’s always wise to think before you cast. Too much energy put into a storm and it will go on for weeks (and cause some flooding - basement incident) or it will be extremely violent and knock down power lines and tree branches. Too little energy and all you will get is a 5 minute shower of rain. 

Preventing a Storm (Weather Maps)

However, if you wish to prevent a storm from forming, you’re going to have to pull out the weather maps. To make a weather map all you need to do is to print out a map of your local area or the area you’re trying to keep a storm away from.

Just use google maps and don’t make the area too big or you might seriously strain yourself magically. Then laminate the map - now you have your own ‘whiteboard’ to draw weather symbols on to generate certain types of localised weather.

To practice this kind of magic you really do need to know how weather systems work and how they’re likely to move; knowing a little bit about meteorology goes a long way.

Once you’re ready, find out what the weather is predicted to be and draw it on your map. Now draw the high/low pressure systems moving so that the area you’re trying to protect doesn’t get rain. This method can also be used to bring rain to a certain area.

I hope this answered your question,

- Marci

Hey guys! Just letting you all know I’ll be going on a mini-hiatus from the 24th to the 28th of May. We’re going on holiday & stuff, and I won’t be able to use WiFi often– If at all. { The curses of a mobile home! }

I’ll be queuing all my replies from now on, so expect them to be released gradually over the next few days? 

Love you all! (´⌣`ʃƪ)˖◛⁺⑅♡

Humans can hold on to their “pent-up rage”, letting it build up or gradually release it safely like most people. You however have been letting it build up for decades and just before you die, you decide to unleash it all on Death.

Fandom: Yuri!!! On Ice
Title: I Think…
Pairing: Oturi
Word Count: About 1200
Summary: Some teasing, some wrestling, some drunken confessions, some sober ones.
A/N: For one of my favorite people on the planet. Happy birthday, @limitlessmonster. I still maintain that Oturi is the purrfect, pure ship and I might’ve watched The Man From Uncle when I was supposed to be working and was inspired by a scene. :D I hope your day is everything you want it to be and more. You deserve only the best. Ly, asshat. Happy Born Day!

On A03.


Otabek glances up as Yuri plops down on the couch to his right, throwing his feet up on the coffee table in front of him. When he notices Otabek’s reprimanding frown he sighs and lets them slide to the floor. It is a hotel room, after all. Not his coffee table. 

"No, thank you,” Otabek replies, nodding his acknowledgment of the gesture. 

“Hah?” Yuri twists off the cap to the bottle of vodka and generously fills his glass and the one beside it. “Come on. Don’t tell me you’re gonna shit out on me cause of the competition." 

"That’s exactly what I’m doing." 

"Tch,” Yuri downs his glass in a single gulp and reaches for the bottle to pour another. 

“You are a lightweight." 

"I’m Russian." 

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mrdetectivedouche  asked:

I've been going through your blog reading various posts about weather magic and I was wondering if there's a way to stop rain after you've whistled it up? If, for example, it rains too hard for too long and goes from a nice refreshing drizzle to "Whelp, now the roads are shit." do you whistle in a different tone or do something else...? Thanks in advance if you can shed any light on this for me.

Hi @trainlikejbbarnes so if you want to stop it raining then there are multiple methods you can use. If you want to learn more about weather witching (and to see the resources that are linked to this section) You should totally visit my weather magic page:

Alright, let’s stop some rain! ~ Ways to Stop a Storm (Dispersing, Binding & Preventing)

There are multiple ways to stop a storm. The most common are dispersing or binding storms. However there are also ways to prevent storms from coming by directing them away from where you are. This is great if you’re holding an event outside and you need good weather.

This method involves spreading the storm out over a large area thereby minimising its effects. You can disperse a storm by calling winds to blow it away (or in a certain direction) or if you favour using weather maps you can draw the low pressure system moving away and gradually dissipating.

Binding (Storm Catching)
This method is also called ‘storm catching’ and involves catching a storm and binding it within an object (usually a bottle or knots) so it can be released gradually at a later date by pulling out the cork or undoing the braid/knots.

Storm catching or “reeling in a storm” is even more difficult than storm casting so it’s always wise to think before you cast. Too much energy put into a storm and it will go on for weeks (and cause some flooding - basement incident) or it will be extremely violent and knock down power lines and tree branches. Too little energy and all you will get is a 5 minute shower of rain.

Preventing a Storm (Weather Maps)
However, if you wish to prevent a storm from forming, you’re going to have to pull out the weather maps. To make a weather map all you need to do is to print out a map of your local area or the area you’re trying to keep a storm away from.

Just use google maps and don’t make the area too big or you might seriously strain yourself magically. Then laminate the map - now you have your own ‘whiteboard’ to draw weather symbols on to generate certain types of localised weather.

To practice this kind of magic you really do need to know how weather systems work and how they’re likely to move; knowing a little bit about meteorology goes a long way.

Once you’re ready, find out what the weather is predicted to be and draw it on your map. Now draw the high/low pressure systems moving so that the area you’re trying to protect doesn’t get rain. This method can also be used to bring rain to a certain area.

I hope this helps!
- Marci

@diedsaving continued from here!

     Concern virtually melts away from his features as
their lips meet, shoulders slouching as the wound coils
are gradually released. He is not shoved away, no, on
the contrary; Jim has stepped closer. One after another,
each new kiss is savored and his soul is finally set at
ease. It’s the shiver that shoots down his spine that
does it, really, dark hues closing as bliss washes over
his expression.

     He can’t help the pleased rumble that catches in his
    throat, a deep sound of approval not heard in years.

     The doubt that plagued his thoughts throughout many
nights spent alone had been proven wrong and he couldn’t
help but smile. Inquiring with Christine despite how reluctant
he had been to open up paid off. She’d be overjoyed to hear
of his success for sure.

     I’m a little slow to the draw, I’ll admit.He murmured,
resting his forehead against Jim’s.
Been out of the game
for so long… Guess I was worried I’d mess or up somethin’.

I’d rather not give my reasons but I do not believe that TOP is alive anymore. The recent pictures and videos of him were actually made in the months before his passing as a way to keep gradually releasing them over time like everything is fine. The From Top exhibition and Tazza 2 conferences were all staged and YG’s team releases “fan accounts” under fake Twitter names all the time to keep fans from suspecting anything otherwise. TOP’s body is actually stuffed in the walls of the YG building.

Similar confession:

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Title: Comfort

Word Count: 1,539 words

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Hoseok has a crush on you, and you’re on your period

You whined and kicked furiously at the blanket that was wrapped around you. “It’s so warm today! why must the weather be so warm, can’t it see that I’m melting here?!”

“You have a cotton blanket wrapped around you, (Y/N). What do you expect? If you don’t want to feel so warm just take it off,” Your older brother Yoongi muttered as he lifted his head from his phone while rolling his eyes at you.

“But…it’s my favorite blanket…” Feeling more aggravated by his actions, you whined even more and this time, the tears started flowing down.

“Oh no, no don’t cry (Y/N)-ah,” Yoongi jumped up from his seat, startled by your sudden whimpers and made his way over to you, not understanding how you could burst into tears so suddenly. “Ouch!” He yelped when you merely swatted him on the upper arm when he neared you. “Argh, forget it, I’m leaving this room! First I have to deal with Taehyung and Jungkook with all their problems and now it’s you on that time of the month again!” He grumbled and slammed the door behind him.

Frustrated, you picked up the cushion laying beside you on the sofa and pressed your head into it before letting out a muffled scream. Alas, the dreaded monthly gift had arrived, and poor you just couldn’t handle your emotions this time, all the stress and pressure from school and work that had been bottled up inside was finally taking its toll.

Since you knew your brother’s group members well, and they were practically family to you, you had assumed that visiting the dorm that they shared would lift your spirits, so you had gone there first thing in the morning. However, much to your dismay, none of the maknae line was there to keep you company with their fun and games, and the kitchen there didn’t seem to store any of the foods that would satisfy your cravings. Thus, you had been irritable and whiny the whole day, and your older brother had realized it soon enough. Now he wasn’t here to keep you company either.

Sniffling, you took out your handphone and started browsing through tumblr, while trying to ignore the cramps you were suffering. The door opened and a head popped out from behind it, although you didn’t actually bother looking up to find out who it was.

Noticing your glum and miserable expression, Hoseok, who had peeked in with an cheerful smile, paused, not daring to walk in. What had made the usual smile on your face turn upside down?

You didn’t know that Hoseok had been in love with you the day he first saw you, when Yoongi had finally relented to bringing you over to visit the boys. Hoseok had been intrigued by your refreshing smile, your sweet caramel-like voice, and your little antics and habits. He found it amazing that someone so wonderful like you existed, and he anticipated seeing you every time you came over to visit. However, he didn’t dare to confess his feelings towards you.

He finally tiptoed in and caught your glance. “(Y/N)-ah… You don’t look too well. Waeyo?” He asked while standing.

“Argh, you wouldn’t understand…” You grumbled, clenching your fists in attempt to alleviate the gnawing pain inside of you

“Aniya, just tell me! What wouldn’t I understand?” He smiled, his pearly teeth peeking out from behind his lips.

“I’m on my period, it hurts and I want food and I don’t have a boyfriend that can pet me and spoil me and comfort me when I’m on my period!” You squealed, as thoughts of your friends who bragged about their caring boyfriends who would do absolutely anything for them during their time of the month, feeling envious since you were still single.

Hoseok looked slightly taken aback and sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck, he had never been in this situation before and didn’t know what was best to do.

“You see, I told you you wouldn’t understand, forget it,” You grumbled thinking that you had probably made Hoseok feel awkward, and laid down on the sofa again, trying to get yourself into a comfortable position.

“Yah, don’t say that…if you want, I could be that…that boyfriend for you…” Hoseok whispered.

You stared at him in confusion. “What?”

“W-what I meant was, I can play the caring boyfriend for you today and make you feel better, if that will make you happier…” He stuttered incoherently.

Before you could formate a reply he rushed out the door, and then came back with a paper bag in his hands. You were dumbfounded. What was this kid up to? He giggled at your spaced out look and knelt down in front of you before revealing what was in the bag.

“Churros!” You gasped as the fragrance of the fried dough wafted around the room. “How did you get these so quickly?

“I ran all the way down the street and back to get them for you - Ah! Not yet, (Y/N), you have to show me aegyo first before you can have your churros,” He explained and then chuckled as you eagerly and impatiently reached out to grab the bag from him. Now he had leaned back, holding the bag out of your reach.

“Bbuing bbuing!” You said as you balled your hands into fists and brought them up to your cheeks, while tilting your head and squinting your eyes.

“Aish, you’re so bad at this! Even I can do it better than you!” Hoseok burst out into contagious laughter as he ruffled your hair and then started his own cringy aegyo, making you burst out into peals of laughter as well.

You had to admit, he was cute. Hoseok did a few more silly actions for you, ending with “I’m your hope, I’m your angel!”, before finally handing you the bag of churros, his heart skipping a beat as he watched you devour them as if you hadn’t eaten for months.

He felt glad that he had made you laugh and smile again, and he felt that this had, in some way, brought you two closer together.

“Hoseok, it’s soooo warm in this room!” You complained again after chomping down the last of the delicacy.

“Take off the blanket then.“

“I don’t want to!” You pouted.

He sighed, but at the sight of your innocent doe eyes filled with exasperation he turned on the air-conditioning, before plopping himself down on the seat beside you.

“Yah, now how am I supposed to stretch out my legs! You can’t just invade the sofa like this and take up so much space!” You cried out alarmingly. “Yah, Jung Hoseok! What do you think you’re doing!”

In the midst of your whines he had wrapped his arms around your waist and hoisted you on top of his lap. Now his legs were outstretched across the sofa, but because you were petite in size as compared to him you could easily curl up on his lap.

“Isn’t it much more comfortable here?” He said, his low, husky voice sounding close to you.

You nodded, the cramps that had made you squirm earlier finally began to subside, and it was really comfortable in Hoseok’s grasp. He wasn’t too hard and bony, and instead his muscular form made you feel comfortable, yet secure. You leaned your head against his chest and the constant pounding of his heartbeat rhythmically played through your mind, calming your restless spirit and mind. His warm breath tickled your ears as he inhaled and exhaled, chest heaving simultaneously. “Gomawo, Hoseok-oppa,” you whispered contentedly.

While you were relaxed, Hoseok was a bundle of nerves. He had never been so close to you before, and had never even dreamed of putting himself in such a scenario. As he held you close to his chest and saw the tiny smile that played on your lips, he gradually let himself release the tension. Since he was already acting this way, he felt that it was only right for him to explain the strong feelings he felt towards you.

“(Y/N)-ah, you know…” He said solemnly. “I’ve fallen in love with you and - well, I know I’m probably not the kind of guy that you fancy but I’ll protect you and I’ll take care of you and I’ll make you happy and cheer you up whenever you feel down, I won’t ever betray your trust, I swear I’ll do anything for you, if you would only just give me…a chance?”

He gazed down at you expectantly, only to shake his head as he realized that you had fallen sound asleep. He observed your features admiringly, how your long, fluttering lashes seemed even thicker now that your eyelids were closed, how your wavy hair cascaded down your shoulders, how you bit slightly on your lower lip while sleeping. He couldn’t hold back the lovesick smile that crept over his face. Craning his neck down carefully so as not to wake you up, he planted a tiny peck on your forehead.

“I love you so much I’ll even fight away the monsters in your dreams. Sleep tight, Princess.”

(a/n): I need a Hoseok who can call me Princess and do all that for me *sobs* Hope you enjoyed that, and sorry it was late; my new laptop only arrived today.


After twelve straight hours of analyzing language development and TESOL structures, I’m officially finished with my last class of the semester!


• six pages of evidence to support full integration of ELL in the general classroom curriculum
• two page lesson plan with five specific activities and the language scaffolds and supports needed for students (ELL and native English) to successfully complete each task
• three hours of notes on integration, ELL supports, co-teaching, and gradual release methodology
• my favorite final project to date.

👋🏻 Seeya never, junior year.

Save Me - Chapter 77

As we stepped through the doors, Roger was waiting for us. “Would you like me to escort you to your private room, Mr. Leto?” He asked.

Private room?! I had no idea Jared had a private room here. Part of me was scared as hell. The larger part though, was curious and the thought of seeing Jared, my Dominant, in this environment, immediately had my body on fire.

“Actually, I think we’ll wander around for a bit longer.” He replied.

“Yes, Sir. Let me know when your ready.” Roger explained. Jared nodded and Roger turned and walked away. When he was far enough away to not hear, Jared turned his attention to me.

“You seem disappointed, baby.”

“No, not at all, Sir.” I replied smiling back at him.

Yes, yes I was disappointed because damn, now I know I’m going to be walking around in crotchless panties even longer than I expected.

“Good. Let’s go this way.” Jared motioned towards the opposite of where we came from.

It was definitely more crowded than it was earlier. Jared’s hand started on my lower back but as we got into a more public area, he wrapped his fingers possessively around the back of my neck. I could feel eyes on me as we maneuvered through the crowd.

“Do you see, baby girl,” he whispered in my ear, “everyone is looking at you because you are the most gorgeous woman in here.” gripping my neck tighter, he halted us pulling me against him, “and who do you belong to?”

Turning my head as far as his tight grip would allow, I whispered back, “You, Sir. I belong to you.”

“Good girl.” He whispered back then kissed my cheek. Turning his head forward we continued to make our way though.

As we came around the corner, I noticed we were at the very back of the playroom. There was a scene that looked like it had just started and it caught Jared’s eye. In this scene, there were two shirtless men with one woman standing totally naked. I could tell that both men were Dominant but she had to belong to the one. He seemed to be dictating how things would play out.

“We’ll stop here.” Jared said, “Sit down, baby girl.”

There wasn’t anyone else watching right now but us. Jared sat down on the couch first and I sat next to him. His arm laid against my lap as I tucked myself behind his arm. His hand started on top of my thigh but as we watched, he tucked his fingers between them. Again, I was fixated on what was happening in front of me. I think Jared was watching me and my reactions more than the scene itself.

They had moved the submissive to a table and had her bend over it. One Dominant bound her hands and feet while the other stood waiting with a paddle in his hand. Once she was secure, he quickly brought the paddle down on her ass. She shrieked in pain but he continued five more times. Her ass was glowing bright red by the time he was done. Taking his hard on out of his pants, he smeared pre-cum across her ass then spread her pussy open and plunged into. He pulled his cock out the untied her legs, while the other Dominant pulled her up onto the table. Flipping her onto her back, her legs were again secured. Each Dominant picked up a crop and began peppering her skin.

Jared pulled his hand free from between my thighs. I looked at him questioning as he slipped his hand under my knee and placed it over his leg. Being crotchless panties, my core was completely exposed causing my mind to jump back into reality. I quickly moved my hand to cover myself.

“Move your hand.” Jared quietly demanded as he turned to me. When I didn’t do it immediately, he lifted his eyebrows. He was dead serious and I knew it. Slowly I moved my hand away, just in time for us to be joined by a few others.

As soon as I moved my hand away, it was replaced by Jared’s. Slowly, he spread my outer lips apart exposing my engorged clit. Using his tortuous fingertip on my clit again, he began to make slow circles.

Grabbing his arm tightly, I bent my head back on the couch getting caught up with what he was doing to my body while listening to the moans of pleasure coming from the woman strapped to the table. I forgot about the fact that we were in public. I forgot about the fact that there were people standing right there…I was so lost in what I was feeling.

Tilting my hips up, I turned to beg, “Please, Sir, use your fingers in me..”

Jared didn’t say a word, instead he answered by plunging two fingers into my aching hole. Using his thumb on my clit while still pumping his fingers into me, I could feel my pussy start to pulse. I needed to cum.

“Sir, I’m going to cum, may I please, ahhh, I need to…”

Just as I was about to fall, he pulled away. He had done this so many times tonight, I felt tears of sexual frustration pool in my eyes. “Nooo, please, no..” I begged holding his arm tightly.

Jared pushed my knee from his leg and stood, holding out his hand for me to take. Wiping the tears that slipped down my cheek, I placed my hand in his and he pulled me to stand. Harshly tugging my hand, he led us around the corner to an unoccupied play area. Stopping so suddenly, I ran into him, he turned to face me.

“On your knees.”

My mind was trying to catch up to what was happening… “Now.” He commanded again as he pushed my shoulder down. I fell to my knees.

“Open.” He demanded, unbuttoning his jeans and pulling the zipper down. His cock was rock hard as he pulled it out.

I immediately complied, opening my mouth as he pushed hard past my lips and to the back of my throat. Tightly gripping my head he held me in place. His body was vibrating and he let out a deep moan as he slowly pulled his hips back. As soon as I got enough room, I used my hand to cup his balls. They were so tight against his body I can’t believe he hadn’t cum yet. He was so close though…I could feel him trying to regain control.

Gradually, he released his grip and slowly pulled his cock back. He didn’t pull completely out though, he let his huge head sit between my wet lips as he continued to back his body down. After another moment, he pulled free from my mouth. The taste of his pre-cum danced on my tongue and it took all I had to not bend slightly forward and take him in my mouth again.

Taking a step back, Jared tucked himself back into his pants then walked to the counter to grab a small towel. Returning to me, he kneeled down lifting my chin up with his fingers then wiping it clean. He helped me to stand then cupped my face in his hands. Pulling my lips to his he shoved his tongue past my lips in a deep, possessive kiss.

“I promise, it won’t be much longer, baby girl.”

anonymous asked:

Could I request a super fluffy sick Jim refusing to leave the bridge with Spock desperately trying to get him back to his quarters because he needs to rest and get better? Pretty please?

A broken exhale forced its way out of Jim’s lips as he tightly gripped the armrests of his chair. He swallowed hard and pushed his rigid spine against the seatback, focusing intently on the main viewscreen; there was nothing unusual out there—nothing but darkness flecked with dim points of starlight. For once, space was the last thing on his mind.

Focus,’ Jim told himself. ‘Keep it together.

Around him, the bridge crew busied themselves with their individual tasks, sometimes making small talk with each other to fill in for the recent lack of action; the Enterprise was en route to its next survey location and the last several days had been more than a little monotonous. Fortunately for Jim, that meant there’d been nothing of significance for anyone to report during this shift.

No one had approached him within the last half hour while his condition deteriorated, and Jim believed his mounting suffering had gone unnoticed. It was the only hint of comfort he could find now, acknowledging that in the very least, his fitness for command wasn’t up for debate.

His breaths fell short and silent, his knuckles turning white hot from the force with which his hands clenched. The artificial lighting was too bright, the frequent chimes and feedback from equipment somehow amplifying in volume and making his stomach turn. Jim’s brow tensed and his toes curled in his boots.

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A Bigger Picture

Irritating, smartass, beautiful Dean Winchester joins Cas on the ferris wheel – quite to Cas’s chagrin until it’s realized that Dean is afraid of heights.

Rated T for swearing.

He’d wanted to be alone. Or at least, that was what Cas was telling himself as one Dean Winchester climbed up the metal steps and slid into the seat beside him. Trying to ignore the irritation that threatened to tick away at his patience, Cas turned to look in the opposite direction, the clerk who manned the ferris wheel clicking the safety bar before them into place and backing away.

All Cas had wanted was to get to the top and look down on the fair. It was one of the few joys he got at such gatherings, and he liked to think it gave him perspective in a life that was hard to find such. A calming sort of practice so to speak, and the closest he could get to the sky being away at college. He had a pilot’s license, but the university wasn’t exactly down with the idea of him parking his plane in the parking lot, so it had to stay with his parents – three whole hours away.

Instead of that simple joy however, he was stuck with know-it-all Dean Winchester. The one person that, in all the Lit classes Cas had taken since he’d started college two years prior, he couldn’t stand. They clearly had the same English major as they ended up in classes together all the time, and it didn’t seem to matter what Cas had to say, Dean always had to comment. Always had to try and one-up him on every analysis, every answer, every single thing he said. It’d gotten to the point where Cas had started the same game back, which left them to struggle for dominance while their profs watched on in brow-raised silence.

Truly, Cas despised no one else more.

“Hey, Cas,” Dean greeted a moment after they were locked in, Cas pursing his lips as he crossed his arms over his chest. Dean was holding into the safety bar, his hands tight as he stared down at the metal foothold where their feet sat.

“Hello, Dean,” Cas replied flatly.

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