These beauties. Yes. This happened today :) 

In true family form - well, taking after my father at least I’ve just spent a good amount of money on audio equipment out of my paychecks. But $80 for hours worth of listening pleasure is well worth the price, I think. So, I’ll skip going out to eat for the next few weeks. 

Grado makes headphones with such beautiful global sound. They don’t overpower music at all and I think that’s what I like about them. They just present it to you as it was made to be heard. There’s no interpretation - just elegantly presented music. The interesting thing is, if you are distracted, it’’s hard to hear the brilliance of their sound, but these guys make it easy to transport yourself into that zone of musical transcendence. 

Today was a good day, besides the headphones.

Grand Rounds on Health Policy made me doubly sure that I want to impact policy and research/implement innovative healthcare delivery systems as part of my role as a physician. Whether I can actually do both is a doubt I seem to grapple with. It’s not my intellectual capabilities that I doubt, but my emotional capacity to commit to two fields that deserve deep involvement. [On a side note, it seems like Trance really seems to get me writing]. Perhaps, at this stage, when most of my efforts are pre-exploratory really, I should be more open to walking down paths even if I will later discover that they are not for me. As usual, perhaps it’s action, intent and the willingness to try the unfamiliar that set’s apart those who do, from those who get entangled in their thoughts and frankly, don’t.