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Jaws is one of those timeless films, and a favourite of mine. It was around 3 years ago that I started sketching this idea up, and every time I came to work on it I would hit a wall. I just couldn’t figure out how I wanted it to look.

A couple of weeks ago I rediscovered it whilst looking through some old work and swore to myself that I would get it finished, finally, and the time off really helped. I instantly knew exactly what to do with it.

So here it is. A 3 year rocky relationship of a piece!

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The Labyrinth Chapter 8

Genre: Gang AU/ High School AU
Pairing: Reader/Jimin
Length: 2186
Summary: Finding an injured boy collapsing in front of your house, you decide to help him, only to find out he’s associated with some underground business. After that fateful night, you surprisingly find him in the new class you had just transferred into. 

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