gradient background


A redraw of my traveling mage character that I made for last year’s inktober as well as test out my recent watercolour set. I really adored her hair and wanted to make it look even more fluffier than the initial painting. I wasn’t sure if I’d like to keep the details in her robe so I’m still fiddling with the idea.


scenes from this animatic

MAN THIS TOOK ME DAYS! and its my 1st time drawing Frisk and Asriel as kids… well.. mostly Asriel cuz Frisk’s appearance is like ET Chara but with the little hair on top.. :P

so another fake screenshots i did from TC’s animatic.. only picked the ones i liked there.. except the 3rd one.. thats just random (cuz i wanna practice drawing ET Asriel) forgot to say on the previous one that i tried something out with the lineart there.. looks good tho… think this one’s good on practicing lighting… lol. dunno if it succeed… :P also less blurry on this.. just trying it out…

animatic by: @xxtc-96xx