gradient shirt


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I really missed EA/Maxis Match CC for TS3, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and finally learn how to frankenmesh. I always loved this jacket, but not so much the outfit that it was with. I paired it with a gradient t-shirt so that it’s more wearable.

It is available for young adults and adults and there are four colour channels (the fleece, the jacket and two for the t-shirt).

Known issues: The mesh isn’t perfect (it’s my first one ;) ), but it’s usuable. Some clipping on the highest weight and slight colour bleeding with certain skirts/trousers…nothing that I’d actually pair with it though haha! The slight weirdness in CAS does not appear when actually playing.

Thank you so much to @peacemaker-ic for helping me with my disaster attempts! I really really appreciate it :)

i don’t draw liam often. i thought i’d change that. please click for more detail