A while ago, various medblrs were sharing low grades they’d gotten to help show that it’s not the end of the world if you have a C on your transcript. Now that I’ve been accepted to med school, too, I wanted to show you my grades, because I am the poster girl for “a C won’t keep you from going to medical school." 

It’s worth noting that I’m a post-bacc student, so I have a lot more grades in general than your average undergrad. It’s also true that my Cs (and that one D) weren’t in my post-bacc classes. But it seems to me that many pre-med students find it hard to believe that someone with these grades in any class could be accepted, and unnecessarily beat up on themselves if they have even one or two low grades. (And I included those B minuses above precisely because even a B- can feel like the end of the world to a pre-med sometimes.)

Do your best. Work hard. Shoot for the stars. But remember: as an applicant, you are more than just your grades and scores. Keep your eyes on the prize, and use those low grades as learning experiences to springboard yourself to greater heights.

identify the reason why you currently have a bad grade
is it because you were procrastinating? is it because you do a poor job on assignments? is it because you don’t pay attention in class? is it because you didn’t understand the concept? is it because you forget tiny details or forget to double-check? whatever it may be, it’s important that you figure out why you’re not doing well so that you can address it before it’s too late.

set a study schedule
figure out when that grade will become final and how many tests you have left before it’s too late, whether it be the end of a trimester or a semester. now, plan out when you’re going to study the concepts that you don’t understand and review past material to make sure you covering everything. if you have the time on weekends, it’s nice to preview upcoming material!

talk with your teacher
if you show your teacher that you’re willing to improve and that you truly care, they may offer you extra credit or at least help you improve your grade. don’t be afraid to ask them questions. i sometimes stayed after school to ask my teachers questions and asked them to help me over concepts that i didn’t understand. they may even let you retake a test. remember: you’re going there to ask for help, not to complain.

find a tutor or join a study group if you need help
study groups / tutors are really helpful! they can simplify things for you and help you focus on your studies. there are lots of study groups on tumblr and you could probably find a tutor for free by finding someone who needs volunteer hours. (lmao that’s how i earn some of my volunteer hours ahaha). there’s also a lot of resources on the internet!

turn in all assignments
do your best on every single one and turn them in on time. even the late assignments can count. it’s better to have a low percentage than to have a complete zero. 

do your best on every test/quiz/exam
those are the ones that will bring your grade up, so do your best! review the chapter and practice a lot of problems. you could even ask your teacher for practice questions! go over your old assignments as well because those are the things that will be on the tests as well.

it’s going to take effort and discipline, but i believe that you can do it!
i hope this helped and good luck!
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Listen to me.  Listen very carefully.

If you get a bad grade, it’s okay.  Really, it is.

Let it motivate you to do better the next time.  Don’t let it tear you down.  I know you’ve been working hard, I know you’ve been trying.  Keep trying.

I know that it pains you when you see that grade.  It hurts.  I know that- for at least a moment- you feel like it was pointless.

It’s not.

Keep trying.  Work harder.  Do your best, not someone else’s best.

You can.  You can.  You can.

You can, and you will.  I believe in you.



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