BΔSTILLE Song Catalogue

[Last updated: 25/03/17]
This is a list of every Bastille song we know about!

If you can’t find a copy of anything in the list, feel free to message me and I can probably hook you up. At the bottom of the list I’ve also included songs by Dan Smith before Bastille formed and songs he created with Ralph PelleyMounter.

If I’ve missed anything please reply/message me so I can update the list! I’ll be updating it periodically anyway with new stuff they release.

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(via 21131 | The Grade II Listed Cliff Villas, Lower Broad Street, Ludford, Ludlow, Shropshire by Ben Abel | Flickr)

hello! i’ve written my first spideychelle fic that is not in the same universe as my headcanons! unfortunately, i’m waiting on an invite to create an AO3 account so it’s not posted there yet, but I will update this post the second it is!! without further ado…

The four times Michelle caught Peter staring at her, and the one time it was the other way around.

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Spooky Converted Church Complete With Graveyard Up For Sale As Family Home

House-hunters with a taste for all things ghoulish have a rare chance to make their home in a Gothic church, which has its very own graveyard in the garden. The Grade II listed building, on the market for £450,000, has kept the original stained glass windows, elaborate octagonal church tower and even the ornate altar – now in the kitchen. In the garden there is the occassional gravestone, although prospective buyers are assured visiting mourners are rare. Inside the Lincolnshire property there are three bedrooms tucked under arching beams, a spiral staircase and original flooring.

Home Sweet Home

The untouched exterior of the church. (SWNS)

Source: SWNS

Private Property

Home-hunters after their own Gothic residence will be impressed by the Old Church House. (SWNS)

Source: SWNS

Under The Arch

The stones of the imposing lychgate were laid more than a century and a half ago. (SWNS)

Source: SWNS

Watchful Eyes

Carved angels and stained glass figures overlook the kitchen. (SWNS)

Source: SWNS

Bath And Beams

There are even original features in the house’s bathrooms. (SWNS)

Source: SWNS

Below The Beams

One bedroom has impressive oak beams and a colourful stained glass window. (SWNS)

Source: SWNS

What’s Cooking?

The original tessellated tile floor remains in the kitchen. (SWNS)

Source: SWNS

Make An Entrance

Chandeliers and stone carvings decorate the hall. (SWNS)

Source: SWNS

Living Area

The large living room has beams and exposed brickwork. (SWNS)

Source: SWNS

Stained Glass

There are original stained glass windows throughout the Gothic building. (SWNS)

Source: SWNS

Period Features

Every room has plenty of impressive features. (SWNS)

Source: SWNS

Whitburn Windmill, Whitburn, South Tyneside, Tyne and Wear.

The Windmill overlooks the North Sea and is located between South Shields and Whitburn Village on the Coast Road.

There’s been a mill on these grounds since 1779 providing food for the local population and later a valuable look out spot.

The building is listed (Grade II) as it is considered to be of special architectural and historical importance.


65 Ladbroke Grove (1938) by Maxwell Fry

Grade II listed block of flats on Ladbroke Grove, Kensington. The building has 18 apartments over four storeys and a penthouse space. The building is constructed of bluff brick, with blue tiling and metal windows, as well as metal tubular railings. 

anonymous asked:

Is it possible to help someone who is bleeding internally without breaking the skin, or is my character with impenetrable skin screwed?

Hey there nonny! Depends on the cause of the bleeding and where it is. If it’s in the character’s GI tract – if it’s the stomach, bowel, or small bowel that’s ruptured – an endoscopy or colonoscopy might be able to allow a smart surgeon to throw some stitches and save the day. 

But it’s far more likely that the bleeding is coming from either the spleen or the liver, neither of which are accessible. 

A CT scan without contrast – they may be able to use an oral contrast pill – will reveal the location (perhaps) of the bleeding but not how much is going on. A sonogram will reveal that there IS bleeding but not where. 

The thing is, though, that a lot of internal bleeds aren’t managed with an operation, even those due to blunt trauma. (Penetrating trauma always gets a knife, though, because the wound needs to be explored.) A splenic laceration of grades I or II (low-grade) won’t need surgery. 

The bitch is, without piercing the skin you can’t get bloodwork, and without bloodwork you can’t get an idea of how bad things are – the best measure of how much blood someone has lost is a blood test called an H&H, hematocrit and hemoglobin. Low hemoglobin levels require a transfusion, which also has to go by IV. 

Really, the best thing I have is “put the character on bed rest and hope they get better.” That’s really all you can do. You can’t give blood products (no IVs), you don’t want to give fluids (what if it’s the GI tract?), you can’t cut and stitch…. Yeah, bed rest and watchful waiting. 

Sorry to be a pain. Good luck with your Luke Cage story. 

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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Fairarces, Roehampton Lane, Putney (1936) by Minoprio & Spencely

Four storey block of flats in Wandsworth designed by the duo of Anthony Minoprio and Hugh Spencley. The block is arranged in a semi elliptical plan and constructed of brick, The building is now Grade II listed.

Image via Leftover London


The Public Advertiser, London, May 20, 1758

Lost Yesterday, going from the Naked Boy next Door to the East India Warehouses, and thro’ Fenchurch Buildings, up Leadenhall-street to Birchin Lane, and so to Lombard-street, to Sir Charles Asgill and Co. a Bill for Ten Pounds, drawn by Holden on Mess. Holden’s, wrote on the Back payable at Sir Ch. Asgill’s and Co. last Indorsers Mess. Brassey, Lee and Co.

Whoever will bring the said Bill to the Naked Boy as above, shall receive Ten Shillings Reward. No greater Reward will be offered. 

From what I can tell, the Naked Boy they’re referring to is now known as the Golden Boy. Wikipedia says of him:

The Golden Boy of Pye Corner is a small monument located on the corner of Giltspur Street and Cock Lane in Smithfield, central London. It marks the spot where the 1666 Great Fire of London was stopped. The statue is made of wood and is covered with gold. The building which incorporates it is a Grade II listed building.

It bears the following small inscription below it:

“This Boy is in Memmory Put up for the late FIRE of LONDON Occasion’d by the Sin of Gluttony.”

(That inscription is a bit of a pun - sin of gluttony - playing on the fact that the great fire began in Pudding Lane and ended at Pye Corner.)


Victoria Baths is a Grade II* listed building, situated in the Chorlton-upon-Medlock area of Manchester, in Northwest England. The Baths opened to the public in 1906 and cost £59,144 to build. Manchester City Council closed the baths in 1993 and the building was left derelict. A multi-million pound restoration project began in 2007.

Let me tell you why I didn't learn any Spanish in high school

I went to a small high school. I went there from kindergarten until I graduated with a class of 14 people. We took Spanish I during the 10th grade as a part of the standard curriculum. Our Spanish teacher Ms. Rosales was not certified to teach Spanish but she was the only Spanish speaking teacher in the area.

In Spanish I, my class just learned the basics and food. We spent the majority of the year learning about food and how to order it. We were stubborn and wouldn’t listen to anything else. So, I don’t learn much that year. Things changed in 11th grade during Spanish II.

Due to being in the gifted program, I had a different schedule than the rest of my classmates. I had to take Spanish II with a few seniors who haven’t taken it yet. We had it last period. The seniors decided early on they wanted to go home early each day and convinced Rosales to teach them 4th period during her free hour. I thought I would have my class by myself from then on. Nope.

A group of boys in Spanish I switched to last period. Rosales had to teach two different classes at once. That wouldn’t have been too difficult. She only had to give me a worksheet while teaching them, but these weren’t just any other group of boys. These were the boys with the worst reputations in the school for heavy drinking, drugs, tobacco, fighting, you name it. One was even nicknamed Hitler. I knew all of them and their families (like i said it was a small school) so I personally didn’t mind too much. Other teachers were freaking out and worried about me. A smart goodie two shoes girl was stuck in a class of hoodlums.

Despite the circumstance, I quickly became the boys’ mama hen. I was older than them and I cared about their knowledge of Spanish. I tutored them during class and stood up for them when they got in trouble with the teacher. (She was mean to them for no reason many times.) In return, they treated me with respect. One boy, a total fuckboy, broke up with his girlfriend before Valentine’s Day. She gave him candy and refused to take it back. He gave the candy to me during class and said, “Happy Valentine’s Day, Violet!” I knew where it came from, but I appreciated the gesture. Another one became my date at a school dance when no one else danced with me. These boys became my little family despite their flaws. So no, I didn’t learn much Spanish in high school, but I learned something more important. If you treat others with genuine love and respect, they will return it. That is a lesson everyone needs to learn.