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Today is my birthday.

I wanted to take a moment to look back and see how far I’ve come. Starting in high school, I remember being a “failure”. I used to be addicted to video games and my grades starting to become really bad. It reached a point where my teacher looked my parents dead in their eyes and told them I wouldn’t be able to go in any university with these grades. I saw my own mother having tears, being disappointed and angry at me.

After that day, my whole life changed. I’ve reduced my time spent on video games and started studying. My last two years of high school, I became the first of my class and were able to start studying computer science in university. After I obtained my Master’s degree, my parents told me that some family members thought early one that I would end up being a failure and start drug dealing. They assumed this because I was a shy kid who wasn’t as clever as the other ones.

So when I hear people complaining or being negative about a situation, that makes me laugh. Because even when my own family didn’t believe in me, I found a way to make it happen. I didn’t make for them though, I made it so I can make my mother proud and never see that same look of disappointment I experienced 10 years ago.

we were all forced to read “classics” in school so reblog and put the one you actually ended up liking a lot and the one you can’t fucking stand in the tags

my fave is Lord of the Flies and I ironically enough want to burn every copy of Fahrenheit 451. trash

  • Me: Ugh, Zarkon is terrible! He's so cruel! Has no heart! Cat stealer!
  • Season 3: Haha oh yeah Zarkon was a sweetheart who was afraid of cats and laughed at his friends jokes and fell in love with an Altean
  • Me, on the brink of tears: Fair enough

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i picked up a new class of year sevens today and i was writing on the board (in very illegible overly loopy cursive) and one girl was like “miss rose, i think you’re a very similar person to your handwriting” and i was like “why do you think that sweetheart?” and she was like “it’s very pretty but a lot of it is just unnecessary”

and can i just say i don’t think i’ve ever been dragged that hard in my life let alone by an eleven year old

at hunk & lance’s 5th grade graduation every kid had to get up and say what their favorite school memory was. hunk’s was “my favorite moment was when i met lance” and lance’s was “my favorite moment was when i met hunk” and while each of them was speaking the other was in the corner dabbing.