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where is your name "stargirl" from?

ooo good question! So basically when i was like in the 4th grade i read this book called stargirl by jerry spinelli (its rlly good u should check it out). And when i was making an account for club penguin (rip) i couldn’t think of a username so my sister said i should do something i like and i picked that book and thus stargirl was born!!

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ngl i miss when class act updated every Thursday. any chance you'll be getting back on that schedule again?

Oh hi Anon! I totally understand where you’re coming from and I get it. I miss the updating every single Thursday, having something for you folks every week and hearing from you regularly. I don’t miss how stressed out I was trying to get that update ready every single week, or how I felt like there was never enough of me, to both write well and give my students the time and attention they deserve. 

I write in addition to working what most days feels like far more than a full time job, and it’s hard, because I love both of those things so much and I feel like sometimes I am pulled in different directions by them. If a student asked me to come to their play/sport/whatever I always equated it to a night of writing lost and then there was so much pressure I was putting on myself to catch up. And now, I feel much more like I can say yes, and I can support them and my grading is less behind etc. 

So, I’m sorry for rambling, but the answer Anon, is no, I don’t plan to get on that schedule again. I’m also working on my new novel now, and I don’t want to lose the momentum I’ve got on that. It’s nice to have two different writing projects to switch back and forth between. I promise I’m not abandoning Class Act, but this schedule of every other week has worked so much better for me in my life. I hope it means that the updates, though less regular, are better quality. 

Thanks Anon for wanting more, it makes me feel good to know that people miss it. 

i picked up a new class of year sevens today and i was writing on the board (in very illegible overly loopy cursive) and one girl was like “miss rose, i think you’re a very similar person to your handwriting” and i was like “why do you think that sweetheart?” and she was like “it’s very pretty but a lot of it is just unnecessary”

and can i just say i don’t think i’ve ever been dragged that hard in my life let alone by an eleven year old


she had the world || panic! at the disco

  • Me: I read a lot of fantastic fanfiction by super talented writers! I read every day! It's improved my vocabulary!It makes me happy!
  • Person: Fanfic? Ew, that doesn't count
  • Me: ...
  • Me: why the hell not you overly greasy donut

They didn’t understand it, but like so many unfortunate events in life, just because you don’t understand it doesn’t mean it isn’t so.


get to know me - 1/5 favourite male characters: Snafu Shelton (The Pacific)

Don’t worry, we got a nickname for you too, Bill Leydon. We call you Ball-Peen Hammer. Like a little hammer, for a little man. Alright, Snafu. Shit-N-Ass… Fuck-Up.