grade a memo

i was thinking the other day that the two anime-only arcs of truly significant length, noah’s virtual world and the legendary dragons thing, are like… totally wild for seto kaiba. like in the virtual world he gets all of his traumatic family history dragged out from under the bed for the viewing pleasure of yuugi and company, mokuba yells at him again and then falls under noah’s mind control, when seto finally breaks mokuba OUT from that mind control they get turned to stone, then fucking GOZABURO who’s supposed to be DEAD shows up again and they stake their lives on a duel. they straight-up try to kill each other

and THEN!!! JESUS!!! in legendary dragons he effectively LOSES KAIBACORP and then here comes amelda, who’s like, “you’re a product of the military industrial complex, there’s blood on your hands, everything you own is paid for with murder and death*; you’re just as bad as gozaburo!!! also, here are some visions of children dying in wartime. get fucked” like. are you having a nice time, seto? no?? how about a nice game of chess? btw it’s chess in the dirt with some bullet shells. your opponent looks like your baby brother. also he dies. oops. someone please let this kid take a vacation

*side bar: yugioh, a show about a children’s card game, has a minor plotline wherein a major character is forced to confront the fact that their position in the world and their massive amount of inherited wealth is a direct result of the military-industrial complex ? ! ? i mean, it doesn’t really alter seto’s perspective all that much, because he already knows that weapons-era KC was #Evil and gozaburo was also #Evil, and he’s already taken steps to redeem the Sins of his Stepfather, and i think he knows only all too well that he’s absorbed the responsibility for KCorp’s involvement in wars and institutionalized violence, but regardless, god bless the amelda duels. what a good, top-notch, A-grade conceit