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10-16-2011 asked:

I'm the prettiest girl in the world and so terribly sweet that people standing in my presence for an extended period of time have an increased risk of developing diabetes. I also really like my boyfriend's biceps...oh man, those rock hard biceps! (Taking a break from studying...missing you. D:)

I ALMOST SCREAMED OUT OF JOY OH MY GOD. cuddles you for 10000 years

you are the sweetest and i love you and miss you and i hope your studying is going well! ;w;
your biceps get a 12/10 ehehe.

jenjensd asked:

Hey, it's the Roxy from the meet who wanted your tumblr. Because I loved your cosplay and you seem cool :)

Oh hey! Haha, I was looking forward to seeing you on here!
sdjhgikf and thank you! Man you were so super friendly and sweet and that Roxy dress was all kinds of awesome :D
(P.s. very much liking your blog background, heh) 

     ( ♥ ┊ tba. )
             written for @etlxcidum

She is exhausted. Etro loved the heat, she loved the warm summer sun, the air, the smells that came with it. Heck she even liked winter, and the most fantastical sweets she could ever imagine while out in the snow. But this heat wave — her forehead drips sweat, irritating the skin where t-shirt meets. She was miserable.

Lightning, ❞ she calls out, however more so bored than needing anything. The only thing that could really be done in times like these was to talk to somebody. She was far too lazy for anything else.

anonymous asked:

Thoughts on Alex Russo?

alex is adjusting well and she’s also a grade a cutie. apparently she has a fire breathing dog? maybe she the starks can get together and have a ‘who has the dangerous dog’ rap battle. our money’s on robb. i think she’s relatively new to the town which is probably why i don’t have any ship potentiality readings to give you just yet. i do know that shane ashworth had a moment of ‘what the actual fuck?” over the fact that oh-ho-ho, doppelgangers! any time we get a new witch i have to admit that i’m super eager to see what drama they can cause. they’re a bit like super heroes but without all the pesky moral obligations.