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Imagine #15 Brett- Taken

Request-  Imagine being Scott and Stiles’ childhood bestfriend and coming back to Beacon Hills. They are both attracted to you and both want to ask you out but to their surprise you agreed to go out with Brett

A/N- I changed this one up a bit to where you’re already in a relationship with Brett, but that’s about it. Enjoy!

“Scott!” Stiles called as the alpha pulled off his helmet, tucking it under his arm.
He walked, more like flailed forward, and began to tell Scott the news he had heard. “We got another new girl,” he said excitedly.
“So?” Scott asked. “We get new people all the time. Which is pretty weird considering the amount of murders in this town. I mean, you’d think there would be more people leaving than-”
“No time!” Stiles cut him off. “The girl, guess what her name is?!”
Scott raised his eyebrows, at a total loss as to why Stiles was acting like a total spaz. Well more of a spaz than usual, which he hadn’t thought was possible.
“Y/n Y/l/n,” Stiles stated.
“Y/n Y/-from the third grade?” he asked.
“The one and only,” Stiles told him. “She’s back dude. God, I had it so bad for her.”
Scott scoffed. “You had it worse for Lydia.”
“But that was only until after Y/n moved away,” Stiles pointed out. “Where did she move anyway?”
Scott frowned, trying to think, but suddenly the shrill bell signaling classes cut through his thoughts. “I don’t remember, but I have to get to biology. See you at lunch.”

You payed for your lunch, exiting the line and looking for a table to sit. You mentally cursed yourself for standing there like an idiot, but since you hadn’t made any friends in any of your new classes, you had no idea where to sit. Being the new girl was always hard, but the last time you had moved was sixth grade.
At least it’s not middle school, you told yourself, as you slowly walked down the aisles, picking up bits and pieces of different conversations.
“…think he’s going to ask me tomorr…”
“…coming to the scrimmage? I heard it’s…”
You hadn’t recognized anyone at all until you passed a table with only two a couple seats free.
“…again?!” a strawberry blonde girl was exclaiming, jumping up from the table. “Really, Stiles? You picked picture day to spill yogurt on my shirt? Not to mention this is the second time in a row!”
You tilted your head. Stiles? You knew that name, and it had only belonged to one person you had ever known. You concluded it had to be the same boy, and you turned to the table.
“Um, sorry are you Stiles Stilinski?” you asked a tall guy with messy brown hair, as he profusely apologized to the strawberry blonde.
“Y/n?” he asked, his face widening into a broad grin.
“You remember me!” you exclaimed, your lips turning up.
“How could I forgot the girl who gave Jackson Whittemore a bloody nose?” he asked. He turned to the rest of the table, introducing you to everybody.
You definitely remembered Scott and Lydia, who had now gone to the bathroom to try and get the pale pink splotch out of her new top, but there were a few new additions. Scott introduced you to a pretty Asian girl named Kira, and a tall brunette with close cropped hair named Malia.
There was also Liam, a short blonde boy with bright blue eyes, and his best friend Mason, but Scott told you they were only sophomores. They invited you to sit down, and to your surprise it wasn’t awkward at all. They treated you as if they had known you forever, and you had never been more relieved in your life.
Too soon, the bell rang, signaling the end of lunch. “Well, I guess I’ll see you all later,” you told them. “It was really awesome to see you guys again.”
This part was directed at Scott and Stiles, and the boy grinned at you like idiots. “You know,” Scott said. “There’s a lacrosse scrimmage today. You could come and watch. We’re both on the team, and so is Kira.”
“That’s perfect,” you said brightly. “I was already planning on going so that’ll be fun. It’ll give me a chance to get to know everyone a little more.”
The pack dispersed, leaving Scott and Stiles walking back to U.S history by themselves. “So Y/n…” Scott started, once they were sitting in the classroom.
“She got hot,” Stiles remarked.
“Stiles,” Scott complained.
“Come on dude, like you’re not thinking it too?”
“Okay, she is pretty attractive,” the alpha admitted. “I think I’m gonna ask her out today.”
Stiles laughed. “No you’re not,” he said.
“What? Why not?” Scott demanded.
“Because I’m asking her out,” Stiles informed him. “Okay?”
“Not if I get there first,” Scott told him, eyeing the clock.
Stiles’ eyes flicked upwards, seeing that there were only fifteen minutes left to class, and then school would be over and you would be waiting to meet up with them on the bleachers. Needless to say, as soon as that bell rang, Scott and Stiles were the first two out of the room.
The two boys raced down the hall, but as Scott pushed open the giant blue doors, Stiles took a left turn. Scott’s brow furrowed. Was he taking a shortcut that Scott didn’t know about?
It didn’t matter, he decided, because he had the speed of an alpha. He did end up getting there first, catching sight of you leaning against the edge of the bleachers. You waved when you saw him, a bit confused as to way he was sprinting towards you. “Y/n,” he said between breaths. “I was wondering-if you- wanted to-”
Suddenly Stiles slammed into him, in what looked to you like some sort of weird best friend hug. He patted Scott on the back roughly.
“H-hey buddy,” he said, then he turned to you, talking faster than you thought humanly possible. “Y/nareyoubusyfridaynight?”
“What?” you asked with a small laugh. “Sorry I didn’t catch any of that.”
“I wanted to know if you wanted to-”
“Go on a date with me?” Scott finished, his hand now firmly clapped over Stiles’ mouth. The human’s eyes widened furiously and he ripped Scott’s hand from his mouth.
“He means me,” he said, glaring at Scott. “He’s asking for me.”
“No I’m n-”
You cleared your throat loudly. “Stiles, to answer your question, I am busy Friday night.”
Scott’s face fell as Stiles stepped up with a grin on his face. “Okay then what about Sat-”
“I’m busy because I’m going on a date with my boyfriend,” you clarified.
“Wait, what?” The words tumbled from Stiles’s mouth before he could stop them. “Since when do you have a boyfriend?”
“Since last year,” you told him. “He goes to Devenford, my old school. You might know him actually-”
“Wait, you used to go to Devenford?” Scott demanded.
“Yeah?” you said, raising an eyebrow. “You guys know I only moved across the county right?”
Scott scratched the back of his neck. “Uh…we might have forgotten.”
You laughed. “Well yeah, I didn’t think you would remember. The last time I saw you was third grade.”
“Hey cutie,” another voice said.
You looked behind you just as Brett Talbot wrapped an arm around your shoulder. “These losers bothering you?” he asked.
You rolled your eyes. “No. And they’re not losers they’re my friends.”
“Well, as long as your ‘friends’ know you’re taken, I’m cool with that,” Brett told you his eyes narrowing. “Don’t you guys have to get ready for the game?”
“Yep,” Stiles said, grabbing Scott’s shirt. “That is exactly what we have to do and we should probably go do it. Right now, Scott.”
“See you later, Y/n,” Scott said, turning away and looking like a kicked puppy.
“I’m never going to make any friends if you keep scaring them off,” you grumbled to your boyfriend after they were gone.
“What can I say?” Brett asked. “I want everyone to know I’m dating the most gorgeous girl in Beacon Hills.”
You rolled your eyes, shrugging off his long arms and kissing his cheek. “Go win me a lacrosse game, you loser.”

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well my uncle is gay with a partner....... and my aunt's husband's sister is gay with a girlfriend......... ugh... guess there's too many gay people in this family! we've reached our limit! so i can't be gay! or even queer for that matter!!!! whatever, i'm straight anyways.... that boy in my class who kissed me randomly in grade 1? yup! he's a.... cutie!! :/