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Global Spell:  the Web of Protection

Hello, witches!  One of the practitioners over on the Discord server (WITCH HAVEN) wanted to create a spell that will be cast globally on March 28th (New Moon of March.)  This person put a lot of thought and effort into this, and I am happy to share it with you all.  There were many witches that came together and collaborated on this, so shout out to each of them for being grade-A badasses.  (I will link them below for kudos)


To protect the + Community (LGBTQIAPK) from physical, mental, and emotional harm AND to inspire respect, love, and acceptance from the global community. 


  • Craft a + symbol with the + Community’s rainbow inside of it.  (See example above.) 
  • Quartz, to amplify energy.


1.  Create your + symbol (graphic design, coloring, sewing, etc.) and while you are making it, visualize bright light pouring into the symbol.  Think about each group of people recognized, and not recognized.

2.  Cast a circle, invoking each element to aid in the energy/spell work.  Invoke deities if you have them.

3.  Inside the circle, begin meditating while holding the symbol.  The + signifies our connectedness as witches and the community we are trying to protect.

4.  After meditating upon the symbol, envision a web of white light encasing the plus sign.  This symbol represents everyone you want to protect.

5.  Recite:  “We unite as one to add our protection to those who are in need of it.  We entreat our global community to continue to aid us in our pursuit of equality, love, respect, and acceptance.”

Optional 5.5. Then envision each color associated with the elements encasing the symbol, then a web of silver and gold light representing love, acceptance, and respect.  (Another option: the silver can represent the Goddess and gold can represent the God.)

6.  Continue to keep this focus of each color melting into each other, forming a white light.  After you feel your spell is complete, send it from the base of your heart up through your head and into the world.

7.  Close the circle moving counterclockwise/widdershins thanking each element and deity for their aid.

8.  Your + symbol should be placed at the highest point in your house OR kept under your bed for seven days.  Afterwards, you may keep it, burn it, or bury it.  It is entirely up to you.


Collaborators:  @aquariwitchmom, @hearthandsoul, @talamh-criostal, @wattle-and-witchcraft, and several others who must remain anonymous/in the broom closet.

I had a dream that I was in a Barnes and noble and I found two books I wanted. One was a children’s book, maybe 3rd grade reading level, of some badass princess I wanted to read. The other was a “wreck this journal” type of book but it was “smoke this journal” and the pages were lined with weed and you just rip them out and roll them up

So Capheus just got that ambulance running without batting an eye

and he says it’s because he’s so used to having to hotwire the Van Damme bus to steal it back from thieves and I mean

Yeezus. I recall Jonas saying something once about how where normal people see a wall, sensates see a window. But concerning Capheus Van Damme, Zebra Extraordinaire…

Bitch, you give him a wall he’s just gonna bash right through that thing head-on and make his own freaking door, and he will do it with a smile on his face.

“This is not a problem.”

Life could hand him the most sour, deformed lemons, and Capheus would be sucking down that lemonade like 


Brook is absolutely TEARING SHIT UP this arc! I am so happy and proud of our skeleton!

It may be the Year of Sanji, but Oda is really giving Brook so much of the spotlight that he deserves! His character and personality in battle and out are really shining in ways we haven’t gotten to see before.

I am happy to fight anyone who thinks he is just comic relief, because Brook is a Grade 👏A👏 Badass👏

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Let me guess ur Ryder is a hetero chick as every Shepard n every Inquisitor

A far less antagonistic and accusatory way to phrase this question would be: “What sexual orientation is your Ryder?” or “Who is your Ryder romancing?” Why are you angry at me stranger?
To answer my second suggested question, my Ryder’s going to try her damnedest to romance Jaal. And it doesn’t matter that she’s romancing someone who happens to be male for multiple reasons:

1) Beni was always going to bang an alien. That’s how she rolls. The Angara as a species just look super cool and if Jaal was a chick or non binary, Beni would still romance the Angara. Or at least try. In the event that Ben can’t win over Jaal’s cuddly Angaran heart, she’s probably going to end up with Vetra (because let’s face it, Vetra is an A-grade badass and I’m a sucker for aliens with height differences)

2) Following that, you can see that Ben’s bi and her romancing a dude doesn’t make her hetero AT ALL. Keep your bi-erasure away from Beni please and thank you.

3) I, as a player, have the right to play the game however I damn well please. I do not have to pander to the whims of a stranger too cowardly to even ask this without being anonymous. Besides, I’m no writer for bioware so How would how I choose to play affect you or the game in any way shape or form? Also, would it matter if Ben was hetero? I’m hetero and quite frankly I’m allowed to make decisions that follow what personally attracts me and you’re allowed to do the same.

4) I made a drawing because I’m excited about my OC. Shame on you to shit on people to suit your own agenda of making people feel bad about what makes them happy, because let’s face it, I’m probably not the only one you’ve done this to. Get a life and sort out your priorities

Unless you’re ready to be kind and join in celebrating other people’s OCs, mind your own damn business coward and let my Beni bang aliens in peace.

Who should you fight? DeSu2 ver
  • Daichi Shijima: You know, you'd think this boy would be ready to fight 24/7, judging by his idle animation, but nope! Wimpy Wimpson, unless you threaten his friends. Fight Daichi if you really have a bone to pick with him, but will it even be satisfying? I don't think so.
  • Io Nitta: I probably shouldn't need to even tell you this, but don't fight Io Nitta. Why would you anyways? You must hate puppies and happiness and all that what. And even if you had a good reason to (you don't) she could probably completely trounce you and then apologize for it as she picks you up from the ground.
  • Yuzuru Akie: You know what? By all means, fight Joe. Joe will probably laugh it out as you beat the snot out of him. He will, however, complain about you ruining his snazzy getup, yeah that wasn't very cool of you, was it? Total drag, mate.
  • Makoto Sako: Makoto Sako is a synchronized swimmer-turned-law enforcer/demon slayer, do the math and you'll realize that she's more ripped than jeans in the 90's. Also you do remember what she does in the Record Breaker opening, right? Yeah wouldn't want a piece of that myself.
  • Hinako Kujou: Well, considering Ms Kujou is a physical brawler and a master of many kinds of dances, she can probably bend you in half whilst twirling gracefully, and then wrap your sorry ass with the finest Osakan cloth there is. Do not fight Hinako unless you think your back could use some pressure.
  • Keita Wakui: Please fight Keita. I'm not saying you will win, because you probably won't since he's a boxer and all, but please for the love of god, someone needs to fight that kid. Fight Keita Wakui, he'll probably ask you to fight him even if you don't want to, anyways.
  • Airi Ban: She's 15. Do not fight the small 15 year old girl. I mean, she can still kick your ass, as Kama (a God if you recall) can attest to. 'FIGHT ME' is something you're likely to hear often from her, but you'll have to excuse yourself.
  • Jungo Torii: You sick fuck, no.
  • Fumi Kanno: You must be shitting me. You played this game and yet you think you have any chance against her? Oh my god she will have a field day trying to figure out what ridiculous thought process lead you to that conclusion. Do not fight Fumi unless you fancy the idea of having your cranium bashed in by laptop(s).
  • Otome Yanagiya: Otome is a doctor. Do not fight Dr Otome Yanagiya. You don't even wanna KNOW about that time she had to use a scalpel to... you know, selfless people who have chilren to protect are some of the fiercest motherfuckers you'll ever meet. Please walk away.
  • Ronaldo Kuriki: Ronaldo will probably wipe the floor with you while raving about the good of mankind, which doesn't mean I'm necessarily telling you not to fight him. In fact, sure, fight Ronaldo. You can probably beat him by letting his rage cloud his better judgement.
  • Yamato Hotsuin: We all want to fight Yamato Hotsuin at least once, it's like an initiation ritual to this game. He just has that natural "punch me" kind of face, you know? And his personality doesn't help in the slightest. I absolutely cannot guarantee that you won't be eaten by energy dragons, but I support your efforts in fighting Yamato.
  • Al Saiduq: If it's meant to be, you're gonna fight him eventually, so why delay the inevitable? Fight him. You're unlikely to win unless he holds back a lot, but at least he'll be a real sport about it, Bruised One.
  • Miyako Hotsuin: If the sabre and the whip she holds in her default getup didn't tip you off, you're dealing with a Grade A Badass here. Do not fight Miyako unless you wanna say goodbye to being able to sit straight!
Inked Baby || LRH

Originally posted by fightlashton

Summary: [Y/N] has her first tattoo done by her tattoo artist boyfriend, Luke. As usual, he does a superb job. Luke and [Y/N] are seen as polar opposites when it comes to their relationship, since Luke is a grade A badass and [Y/N] is a good girl, but there’s some behavioural characteristics some can’t exactly…see.

Relationship: TattooArtist!Luke/[Y/N]

Word Count: forgot to count clearly

You heard the faint buzzing of needles as you entered the shop with your boyfriend, putting you on edge already. 

“You sure you wanna do this? I mean you already look like you’re about to pass out.” Luke joked as you smiled nervously. 

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This is less about sexism and more about equality. The best band teacher I've ever had, the one that taught children 4th and 5th grade, was a total badass. Like imagine a human version of jack skellington. So on the day he was introducing third graders to instruments, he says 'and remember that instruments don't have genders. A girl can play tuba and a boy can play flute.' He was so cool I miss him

YES this is the band teacher I always aspire to be.

Tom Mison is one hell of an actor...

Ichabod is clearly, utterly gone. It seems he recognizes yet is sitting on verbalizing the depth of his feelings for Abbie.

In-text and obvious: home-cooked gourmet meal, flowers on the warm side (reds), candles, singing his heart out in joy while he continues to try to pamper her.

More subtly: the protectiveness in his body language has been ramped up. Every action scene he gestures toward her as if ready to shelter her from harm before remembering she’s a grade-A badass.


Soon as she heard the footsteps approaching her in the room she’d been thrown in, well not thrown in, more like led to, (It was pretty strange after all, after the day she’d had. Turns out Kings didn’t take too kindly to random strangers dropping into their council meetings), she whipped around, turning to meet whoever had entered the room. Her motions were jerky in a way, almost as if she’d been expecting something entirely different than what greeted her. 

She was definitely not expecting tall, dark, and DAYUM. She’d been told to wait here, that the King was going to send someone in to talk to her about the particular mission it’d taken her a whole twelve hours to finally get assigned. Was it bad that all she wanted was to take a damn nap. 

Granted, she was a stranger, in a strange land under constant warfare, it made sense that she’d been put through twelve hours of trials and tests and blah blah blah. It was better to be safe than sorry. She knew that better than anyone. 

So when it finally came to this, she was both pleased and a little wary. Was this another test, or was she finally done? 

“I—- Um…. Hi?” The girl looked him over, he looked like a grade a badass. She really hoped that this wasn’t gonna be another test. “I— I’m Eliza—- And uh, you look like your bad side is a baaaad place to be.” There was a moment of silence. As she evaluated what she’d just said, she discovered the desire to want to face palm. She was an idiot. 

An anxious, intimidated, and slightly intrigued idiot. 

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So, I was thinking about it a bit. Zelda in RR has a certain character. It's written based on Ocarina of Time, but you barely see Zelda in that game, so what did you base her character off of?

Now with a read more because wow that was longer than I thought.

Okay, so let’s try this again.

Zelda and I have a complicated relationship to say the least.

You actually see her more than any other character in the game except for Link. I’m doing this off the top of my head, but all the sages have two-ish appearances, Malon has maybe three or four, Kaepora has I don’t know but it needs to be less, Ganon has …four? That might be too generous, I can think of three off the top of my head. But Zelda(/Sheik) has about eleven of them (or more), and the last one essentially lasts from the time you free her from the crystal, to when you get out of the castle, to when you fight Ganon for the last time, to when she sends you back in time.

Not only does she have all those appearances, but she’s active in them in a plot sense. She’s typically revealing something, or giving Link something (including bad poetry apparently), or directly helping Link achieve something. This isn’t to say she doesn’t get damselled, because she totally does. And this isn’t to say that her role doesn’t ultimately come down to “Get side-lined with no explanation offered when it’s convenient for Link”, because she does. I’m just saying she’s actually a huge part of the game and the game’s story and it really wouldn’t be the same without her (for one of the first times in LoZ history I’m pretty sure).

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Signs as Types of Classmates
  • Aries: The one that walks down the hallway with a bunch of friends and talks rather loudly, and slams their locker so hard that there's now a crack in the middle. They usually have a basketball or sports equipment in one hand or in their bags so that they can easily beat some sense into you when you're fucking up. They're also usually the one who makes the class crack up by talking back to that one annoying teacher. You would go to them for opinions whether you're close or not, because you know they're honest.
  • Taurus: Usually the one with a pleasant face. They're answers would be pretty cold when they first meet you, but once they decide they like you, they'll be telling you dirty jokes in the middle of the lesson. The ones that eat a ton and don't gain a pound. When they say "no", you know it's best to back the fuck up because when they're mad, holy shit.
  • Gemini: The kid that comes to class in pretty skirts and blouses. Often mistaken for a Leo due to fashion sense, but they have a softer, more delicate aura, like a flower. You can never be sure about how a Gemini is like, because while one is an angel, the other is a big bitch. Love them or hate them, you can never deny they are talented in one way or another. They also have many connections, and so if you fuck them up, all they have to do is open their mouth and you then you can bid your social life farewell.
  • Cancer: You always think they're quiet until you get to know them, or see them drunk. Then holy shit, they're wild freaks. They are usually that kid sitting at the back of the class doing what the teacher says and getting good grades. But they're badasses that've never been caught. They are also very caring and have a friendly aura, but they can switch moods extremely easily, so you might just turn around and see them crying in the middle of nowhere.
  • Leo: They have an urban fashion and rock every outfit and are blessed with assets of a model. They are actually really nice, unless you fuck them up, then they become the bitchest hoe/bastard you've ever faced. They are well-known around school even if they have a close circle of friends as they're really friendly to everyone. Are vain, and has bathroom checks often, especially for their hair.
  • Libra: They're that one cute kid that you'll notice once in a while when they're laughing with their squad. They are usually the one groaning loudly when the teacher gets the class to do something no one likes. They're really friendly and have the weirdest ideas. They are usually the one caught in the middle of a drama because everyone knows they're fair and wants them to take their side, which stresses the Libras even more because they love unity. Also the one to be caught eating snacks in class.
  • Virgo: That one kid that gets the best grades and looks like they know nothing other than books. They are either quiet mice or loud fucks, depending how comfortable they are around the people they're around. They are sarcastic little shits, and are what you would call a smartass. They seem as if they dont' lack in any aspect, and are usually the teacher's pet (mainly because the teacher didn't hear the snide comments they make under their breaths in class)
  • Scorpio: Noisy, noisy, noisy. They are something like Cancer - quiet and polite when they are unfamiliar with the people, but when they get used to them they are loud and ratchet. They are actually pretty friendly and have a dirty sense of humour as well. You best be hiding if you make them mad, because they become quiet when provoked, which means they are thinking deeply about where to hide your body. Swearing machines. They have so many different personalities that everyone gets confused, even themselves. Basically, you love them or you hate them, no in between. Will slap some sense into you when they know you're being stupid.
  • Sagittarius: The one kid at the back that you think is cool because they always have their headphones on. But then you get to know them and they're the biggest dorks. The one to throw an open party when they're parents aren't home. They are also very honest and are great listeners, or more likely they sit there while you talk, and start daydreaming. They usually have a short attention span and are known to have crushes on many at once. They change their minds really quickly. However, they're honest about opinions so you know you can trust them. Also hopeless romantics.
  • Capricorn: They are so hard to deduce, really, because they're either the innocent, studious ones, or the wild party freaks. Either way, they put in 100% effort in whatever they're doing. They have eccentric personalities and like trying new things and going to concerts and everything that makes them feel free. They also are quite the loners, because they usually stick to one friend. But again, the cheerleading captain is also a Cap. They are extremely dedicated and you know it's best to back off when they're working hard for something they're passionate about, and that includes their crushes. You just can't win them.
  • Aquarius: They are so chill that freezers need to be upgraded. They like are the biggest adventure seekers and are usually the one skipping school to do something amazing, like skydiving or driving around the country. They are also the ones next to Aries walking down the hallway, because no matter how quiet and laid-back they are, they're just so likeable and are popular. They really like having people around them, whether they are part of the interaction or not.
  • Pisces: The artist. They are usually the ones talented in a type of art, whether they know it or not. They are also the ones staring out of the window until someone calls them or slaps their shoulder. They can be loud with the people they're close with, but then would need some time of withdrawal after, which they gain by sleeping in class. Somehow still gets decent grades. They also like people to think they don't care, but then you catch them making sure the person they just fought with has an umbrella with them when it's raining.