grade 2* listed


St Marys Church Ellel by Barry Smith
Via Flickr:
St. Mary’s Chapel, Ellel Grange, was built by Alderman Preston and consecrated in 1873. The Chapel is unused and in a state of disrepair. The site lies to the south of Ellel Grange on the edge of a well wooded knoll. It is completely screened from all sides by mature woodland with access to the site being via a long single track access road on the western side of the A6. The site itself contains the existing Chapel building (formerly known as the Church of St. Mary and now known as Kings Lee Chapel) and the detached small Mausoleum building. These buildings are redundant at present and are in the ownership of Ellel Ministries, who have been seeking a viable use of the Grade II* listed Chapel building which is in need of repair and is currently on the English Heritage Buildings at risk register in the priority C category.


I give you the last remaining vestiges of 1880’s London, when Jack the Ripper roamed the streets of Whitechapel and Spitalfields.  You’ll see Christ Church, in front of which prostitutes would pick up their Johns, and The Ten Bells Pub, the last place Annie Chapman was seen before she was murdered and where another Ripper victim, Mary Kelly would pick up her Johns.  All the buildings in this post were around then, but now they boast fresh paint, grade 2 preservation listings and £2 mil price tags.  Such is the price of history.


The Elmhursts children’s playhouse (1929) Grade 2 listed.  Set in the grounds of Dartington Hall Gardens

(via The Playhouse by Jacky Shepley | Flickr - Photo Sharing!)

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sweet a manson hmm well i need somewere to put all my stuff the old allegro's a bit full *drives up and parks outside* hmm might be grade 2 listed could be 4 in which case the insides are old but the outsides modern *opens door* HELLO? *echo* lo lo lo lo

Amy: *She walks to the main hall wering her maid uniform, she looks on him blushing deeply red as she didn’t hear any knokks only a voice saying hello.*