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Time for some Halloween inspired nails! 💘👯👰💀😸👹👺💥👽👸😱😈🌟💁💅

Etude House Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nails #4 Mint Frappe mini review

So you all are probably aware of the ever so famous Gradation Nails sets from Etude House. Today I’ll just share my thoughts on this little set ^^ 

Look how pretty it is! Takes of course a bit more time to do your nails with these than just using a single poilsh, but I just love the effect. So simply effortless and elegant.

The only bad thing is the ones with the chunky glitters at the end, are a frickin’ pain to remove. But I have learned a very helpful little trick to remove glitterpolish which I will share one day. But once you’re done, it stays on like forever, and I didn’t even use topcoat ._.

They recently released a green version and since that is my favourite color I just have to have that one!

Have you tried the Gradation polishes? Do you like them?



Hello my princesses~!

Today I will be reviewing just one of the many lovely polish sets in the Etude House Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nails series :)

I do not have too much experience with nail polishes of the Etude variety as this is my first purchase of the type, but I’m extremely pleased with the outcome! The back of the packaging shows you what polish to use first and where to begin and end to get those gorgeous cocktail-themed cuticles~ The first coat is a very pretty baby pink sort of color. The polish is quite thin but a standard 3 coats will get the job done in making the color a bit bolder. After the pink coats have dried the next step is to apply the smaller sparkly polish from the midway of your nail upwards. One coat of this should be just fine but I would recommend two to get a brighter shine. Finally (and personally my favorite part huhu) is applying the larger glitter sequins! This polish paints on rather sparsely so it’s best to apply several coats. You may have to manually move the sequins around yourself to get that big, glittery look to spread evenly onto the tip of your nail. It can be a bit of a pain but in my opinion it’s definitely worth the final product!^^ The look in person as opposed to on the box is a bit bigger in terms of glitter and a lot less subtle, but nevertheless you still get a beautiful princessy look lovely for any occassion!