bad bob zimmermann cried when his son graduated and if you ask him about it he wholeheartedly admits to crying and starts telling you about how much he loves is son and how proud he is & he might even start showing you some pictures of jack again and honestly if you don’t walk away too soon he might get choked up a lil bit and tons of people thinks it’s ridiculous but what bad bob doesn’t tell them is that the worst feeling he ever experienced was the way his heart seemed to ice over when he had to face the reality that he might not be a father anymore and he is just so gosh darn happy he doesn’t feel that way anymore because his son was so strong and he pulled through and he got better and bob loves him so much and he’s so proud and did he tell you about the one time one of jacks grade 11 history essays was published in an academic journal his son is so smart and

Photography Class | Part 2

Jonathan Byers/Reader

a/n; oooooh my gosh, i love this boy so much! i’m really overwhelmed by the response of the first part, and i’m so excited to share this with you guys! enjoy, and please give me some feedback! @alexs-ummers @pagemaximoff, i hope you guys like this!

part one here

Jonathan doesn’t even notice that his cheeks are still tinged pink, until Will points it out whilst they’re driving to Mike’s house. Jonathan just shrugs; a small, uncontrollable smile tugging at the corners of his lips, moving one hand to turn up the radio.

“No, no!” Will objects with a grin, smacking his hand away from the volume button. “Is it because of a girl?!” His voice is laced with excitement, as he shifts eagerly in the passenger seat.

“Sorta,” Jonathan replies, as Will laughs with excitement. “but it’s nothing to get too excited over, it’s just for a project.”

“Yeah, right!” Will scoffs playfully, rolling down his window, sticking his head out. “JONATHAN HAS A GIRLFRIEND, JONATHAN HAS A GIRLFRIEND!” He chants, causing Jonathan to roll his eyes.

Alright, alright!” Jonathan interjects, leaning over slightly to tug Will back into his seat. Will just laughs heartily as Jonathan returns both hands to the wheel, pulling up to Mike’s house. “Get out of my car, squirt. I’ll be back to pick you up in a couple of hours!”

Will unbuckles and exits the car, closing it behind him. But before he leaves, he leans in with a smirk.

“Have fun with your girlfriend!”

The drive to Benny’s from the Wheeler’s house is a little nerve wracking for Jonathan; due to the fact that he’s never really hung out with anyone before, let alone a beautiful girl as yourself. Jonathan was in half the right mind to decline your request; because the one time a girl ever asked him out, it ended up being a joke, which made him hole himself up in his room out of embarrassment for two days. (Joyce wanted to call the girl’s parents, but Jonathan convinced her not to.)

But Jonathan could tell that there’s something different and genuine about you, when you had asked. He knew that you weren’t very popular yourself, and that you mostly kept to yourself, much like him. So needless to say, Jonathan getting out of his comfort zone like this, is a pretty huge deal for him.

When he pulls into the parking lot he already sees your car, and parks next to yours. He puts his camera around his neck and slings his bag over his shoulder, slamming the car door shut. Jonathan already can feel the nervousness prick at him, as he starts his way towards the small diner.

Don’t be a coward, Jonathan tells himself, attempting a somewhat motivational talk. Just be normal. You got it. You can do this.

He takes one final huff as he walks into the diner, the sound of a bell jingling. The diner isn’t that busy, a few usuals scattered about. Jonathan’s eyes immediately bounce to the back of your head, and he smiles to himself; walking over to the small booth you’re sat at. There’s already a few of your things on the table, including a side of fries and two milkshakes.

“Uh, hi!” He greets, voice a little smaller than he meant. “Sorry if I’m a little late, I had to wait around for my brother to get home from school,” Jonathan explains, sitting across from you.

“No need to apologize,” you smile, waving a hand. “I got a head start studying for my chemistry quiz. Hope you don’t mind, but I ordered some fries and milkshakes for us!”

Jonathan tries to fight back the smile that tugs at his lips, as you push the basket of fries towards him, along with his milkshake.

“Thanks,” he smiles, taking a long sip of the milkshake. “you didn’t have to buy it, y’know. I have cash!” He adds, as you laugh softly.

“Consider it my treat. I hate this class, and you’re pretty much a professional. If I was you, I’d hate to be my partner.” You joke, as Jonathan just shakes his head.

“I’m far from a professional,” he says, once more doubting his own talents. “and you’re not too bad. I mean, I already got some food out of it.” He teases.

You blush slightly, surprised that Jonathan has a secret humorous side to him. You’d be lying, if you said you didn’t want to see more of it.

The two of you sit at Benny’s and chat idly, just getting to know each other. He finds out that you love Bowie and The Clash just as much as he does, which makes him smile wide. (and god he’s so cute when he smiles; you’ve never seen him really smile at school before, and this is like a whole new Jonathan!) You find out that Jonathan is also a secret Dungeons & Dragon’s fan — in which he tries to play it off, saying that he only plays it for his brother; but once you tell him you play it with your dad, he feels a little less like a nerd.

The longer you chat with Jonathan, the more you feel like you’ve been longtime friends; he seemed so bashful — which he still is — but the more you talk, the more he opens himself up; like a flower, blooming in the Spring. It makes you want to fight everyone at school, who spread awful things about Jonathan and his family.

It’s about an hour before you realize that it’s nearing sunset, in which you wave a hand over to Benny for the check.

“We should probably start shooting some pictures before it get’s dark!” You suggest, as you hand Benny some cash. Standing up, Jonathan slings his bag over his shoulder once more, you doing the same.

“Did you have anything in particular you wanted to shoot?” He questions as the two of you exit the diner, and into the parking lot.

“Pfft, I was planning on following you,” you tease, causing him to shake his head in amusement. “after all, you are the one that knows what you’re doing!”

“There’s this little clearing through those woods,” Jonathan replies, pointing to the woods across from the diner. “we could go there and take some pictures of the fields?”

“Lead the way, Byers!” You exclaim, following close behind Jonathan.

The walk isn’t very far as expected, and the clearing that he takes you too is simply breath taking.

The orange and yellow glow from the sunset makes the forest line glow, and makes the little gossamer-like wisps in the air seem like fairy dust. There are a couple patches of pink colored flowers, which is rare for a place like Hawkins; that’s usually just filled with dead grass and dandelions. You walk ahead of Jonathan to take in your surroundings completely; in awe, that a place like this exists in a place like Hawkins.

“How did you find this place?!” You inquire, spinning around in the grass, moving your fingers to graze over the taller pieces of grass. “It’s incredible!”

And as Jonathan watches you twirl around and smile at the world around you, he can’t help but to pick up his camera to snap a picture of you. You barely even notice, as you continue to gush about the beauty and aesthetic of the clearing.

The next hour and half is a blur, as you photograph things with Jonathan.

It’s an effort for Jonathan to get you to be serious, as he tries to teach you how to not be afraid of taking risks to get the picture; in which he made you get close to a deer, that happened to be grazing!

(Jonathan Byers, if that deer attacks me, I’ll kill you myself!)

(Just hurry and take the picture!)

After that, Jonathan decides to let you take over the camera for a while, seeing that his little lesson did in fact make you more confident in taking photos! He watches you with fondness as you wander about, taking pictures of leaves and flowers; making silly little comments to him, about how you’re going to be the next Annie Leibovitz.

When you turn your attention to him to be a model, Jonathan objects profusely; until you hit him with the puppy dog eyes — which results in him lying in a patch of grass; eyes closed as he smells a flower.

“Alright, c’mon,” Jonathan laughs, as he stands up. “I think we got plenty of pictures!”

“Wait!” You object, dodging out of his grab for his camera, holding it to your chest. “We need one more.”

“One more of what?” He asks, with a raised brow.

“Of us!”

You’re quicker than Jonathan is, because in an instant, you’re running up behind him to jump on to his back; nearly sending him toppling forward, as you stretch your arm in front of his face, snapping the picture.

You hop off of his back with a proud smile, as you plop his camera in his hand.

There,” you tell him, beginning your way back to Benny’s. “now we’re done!”

And in that moment, Jonathan realizes that his feelings towards you are more than of friendship — he wants to be able to hug you and kiss you. He wants to make sure that you’re always this happy. It feels crazy, because he’s only known you like this for a couple hours; but when Jonathan sets his heart on something, something that makes him writhe in happiness — he can’t just let it go. He’s got to have it. He’s got to have you.

When you arrive in the parking lot, it’s empty and the moon is shining bright. You lean up against your car, feeling a faint hint of sadness in you. You’re not quite sure why, because you’ll see Jonathan for the rest of the semester. But that doesn’t stop you from vocalizing your feelings.

“I had a really great time tonight, Jonathan.” You tell him, wrapping your arms around your chest. “And I’m not just saying that. You’re a really great guy.”

“I did too,” Jonathan replies, feeling his cheeks heat up once more, shuffling his feet. “and you’re… you’re….” Beautiful. Funny. Genuine. But he can’t seem to find the right words, causing you to tilt your head in slight confusion.

“I’m what?” You ask curiously, causing Jonathan to laugh quietly.

“You’re just… you’re just….” He starts, clearing his throat. “you treat me different. You don’t treat me like a freak, I guess. And I really, really appreciate that.”

You look up at him and he’s just staring right back down at you with eyes that are filled with kindness and genuine happiness that it makes you want to tear up — because nobody, especially as kind as Jonathan, deserves to feel that way. You want him to feel wanted, you want him to feel friendship… you want him to feel like he has someone — someone who can love as much as he does, and someone who wears their heart on their sleeve like he does.

So you don’t really stop yourself, when you stand on your tippy toes to become face level with him, sliding your hands softly up his t-shirt. Jonathan tenses slightly as you lean in forward, breath hitching as you look into his eyes

“Jonathan Byers,” you whisper, lips ghosting against his. “you’re far more appreciated than you’ll ever know.”

And he’s about to ask what you mean, but he can’t — because you’re kissing him. You’re kissing him with all the softness in the world, and Jonathan dimly realizes that he should probably kiss you back when your fingers cares his cheeks.

So he does. He kisses you back. And yeah, it’s a bit tentative and messy but it seems to fit in with Jonathan’s personality. Soft, unsure, loving.

When you pull back, you step back from him, once more leaning against your car; but this time, you’re lacing your fingers with his, pulling him slowly back to you.

“I… um,” He stutters out with a laugh, trying to form a coherent sentence. “didn’t expect that.”

“Expect that a lot more,” you laugh lightly, pulling him down once more; wrapping your arms around his neck. “because you’re going to be stuck with me for a while.”

Your lips are on his once more as his hands find your hips, and your heart skips a beat when he pulls back; looking at you with a fond expression.

“I could get used to this.” He says, with a small smile.

“Good, because I could too.”

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i need more gavroche and montparnasse being friends

I seriously think Montparnasse is so nice to Gavroche because he genuinely FEELS for the kid. He works with his father yes, but Gavroche has been pretty much abandoned and lives on his own like taking care of two orphans and providing them food and shelter.

Now let’s be real, Montparnasse is probably named Montparnasse because he was found in the Montparnasse area of Paris and bam! He got his name because he didn’t have any. Just like Fantine was called Fantine because people said she looked like a child aka “enfantine” -> “fantine”.

Montparnasse was “street boy” as a child so he was either a) abandoned as a child or b) his parents died or c) had a shitty family, not unlike Gavroche. No wonder he has a fondness for Gav’. Gavroche repeatedly SASSES the living fuck out of him, criticising his clothes and disguises. Now, if you know anything about Montparnasse, criticising the way he dresses MAY NOT be the smartest idea, after all “few prowlers were so dreaded as Montparnasse”.

But does Gavroche care? Nah. Does Montparnasse take offense? No! He DOESNT! He just brushes it off like a big brother who just got tease by his baby brother! That one time Montparnasse asked Gavroche what he thought of his disguise:

“That changes you,” remarked Gavroche, “you are less homely so, you ought to keep them on all the time.”

Montparnasse was a handsome fellow, but Gavroche was a tease.

“Seriously,” demanded Montparnasse, “how do you like me so?”

Like… Gavroche just called him ugly to piss him off and Montparnasse just?? Didn’t mind that a twelve year old owned him like that because he genuinely likes Gavroche!

AND THE BEST THING! When Montparnasse puts the final touch to his disguise, Gavroche is all like “!!!!! Play Porrichinelle for us!!” and the kids get all excited to have Montparnasse entertaining them. And HONEST TO GOD, Montparnasse, fearsome, thief and murderer Montparnasse would have DONE IT, but he was too troubled that night and there was a policeman around so he had to leave.

Anyway I don’t know why that turned into a semi meta of “Montparnasse and lost/abandoned kids” but HAVE IT ANYWAY.

TL;DR: Montparnasse shows affection and compassion to abandoned street kids because he was most likely one himself 

The Star. Knight of Wands. Ace of Swords.

It isn’t until someone is gone that you wish they would come back. Appreciate the time you have, for it will never return. Take nothing for granted.

but guys… imagine the first time sarada got sick as a baby…

papasuke is worried when she has little appetite one day, increasingly so when sarada develops a fever and starts vomiting. his panic grows, suddenly under the assumption that something very serious must be going on, and he swears he has never scrambled so fast to get to his wife.

mamakura has never seen her husband quite so disheveled and concerned, his dark eyes so very wild and anxious, clueless about what to do. 

“something’s wrong with sarada,” he says, his voice just short of trembling. “she–she was fine yesterday, but now she won’t eat and she has a fever and she’s been throwing up and i dont–i dont know what wrong. i dont know what i did.”

she calms him down, takes their tiny baby from him, and calmly proceeds to give her daughter a checkup. her voice is steady as she asks for sasuke to fetch the thermometer in the bathroom, along with her med kit, but this still doesn’t seem to manage to actually quell his concerns.

“is she okay?” he asks once sakura is seemingly done. he needs to know what he did wrong, because he is sure it’s his fault. he was the one alone with sarada yesterday. “did she eat something she shouldn’t have?”

sakura cups his cheek and smiles. “she’s fine, sasuke-kun, stop worrying so much. she’s just got a bit of the stomach flu, that’s all. she probably got it from boruto when we visited naruto and hinata two days ago. he was just getting over it, but it’s possible he might have still been contagious.”

relief visibly washes over his features. “so it wasn’t my fault?”

her eyes crinkled. leaning in to kiss his cheek, she said, “of course not. she’s not too sick, either–her fever’s very, very mild and she’s still pretty energetic. the only thing we have to worry about is trying to let her hold down her fluids.” she kissed his mouth, then. “but she’ll be fine. she’s okay.”

sasuke’s stiff shoulders finally relax, at that moment. it’s very scary sometimes, he thinks, to be a father. 

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Is it an autism thing to get really over enthusiastic about something? Like, even if it's not a special interest, if I know facts about something, i start talking about it really excitedly and loudly. I don't even realize that I'm doing it until I see people looking at me kind of like I'm an over excited 5 year old.


-mod har