The KakaSaku Mermaid AU that nobody asked for.

Yume: I had this concept in my head last year and forgot about it, only to have it randomly pop up again yesterday so I in a flurry I decided to finally sketch it out.

In which Pirate Queen!Sakura rescues a captured Merman!Kakashi from being sold on the black market and frees him back into the ocean. Except now he won’t go actually just be free somewhere else and keeps following her ship and she may have just adopted a pet Mershark.

Bonus First Mate!Naruto because he and Sakura definitely need to be raising hell together on the seven seas.

I shut my eyes.
Open. Shut.
It’s always you. Right there behind my eyelids.
Your face, your eyes, your smile
Your voice even still echoes in my head.

You have burnt a hole in my brain.

But I don’t know if I want to let you go
Because I know that if I do
I’ll never see your face again,
Not even in my memories.
Memories fade quicker than the light on a snowy evening.
But I know that if I don’t
Your face will be the only thing I see behind my eyelids for the rest of my life.

And I really don’t know which one is worse.

—  Love: a conflict

so. tell me, asoiaf fans. do you guys think Brienne of Tarth is a trans man that doesn’t have the language to describe how they’re feeling, or do you think she’s just a woman who is unsatisfied with women’s roles in westerosi society?



series 9 countdown: something small…

anonymous asked:

To be fair, as a lesbian, I actually dislike all the sexuality changing mods. What bothers me is this idea you can change people's sexuality, when I myself had to deal with not only other people but also myself wishing I could be different to be more "normal". I wished people stopped defending the "Cassandra bi mod" or "Cullen bi mod" only to scream about the "Dorian bi mod", it feels hypocritical to me as it boils down to the same thing.

I can understand where you are coming from. My viewpoint in regards to Cullen and Cassandra is that of representation and the creator’s original intent. As you know LGBT+ characters are not well represented in media, and the mods in regards to Cullen and Cassandra are attempts to address that lack of representation.

And what I mean by the creator’s original intent is that audio files do actually exist that show Cullen was intended to be a bisexual romance, but they took that out last minute. Cassandra had been hinted in DA2 as being a bisexual character as Varric teases Cassandra about having a crush on Hawke regardless of gender.. There is also a lot of issues in regards to how the “Main” love interests of Origins and Inquisition are straight characters.

What I mean by that is plot relevance. Alistair and Morrigan are straight. They join your party no matter what and are key aspects of the plot. Leliana and Zevran can be completely missed and never join your party. In Inquisition, Cassandra and Cullen are straight, they are both key leaders and instigators of the Inquisition and a lot of plot beats involve their contribution. Moreso than the other romances.

Heterosexuality in media is seen as “the norm.” My viewpoint is that those mods (in regards to Cullen and Cassandra) attempt to change that and have LGBT players have more footing and equal ground.

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