honestly one of the best things grad school’s taught me so far is it’s okay to be wrong or admit you don’t know something. i used to be terrified and embarrassed to be wrong or not know the answer to a question. but now my boss says “i don’t know” all the time. i hear other professors go “huh that’s interesting i’ve never thought about that!” during lectures or seminars. i’ve witnessed nationally renowned speakers say “you know what, i have no idea” to hundreds of people in the audience. and when someone’s wrong they just go “i apologize. that’s my mistake” and it’s great. i have so much respect for people who can admit they don’t know or were wrong about something. because honestly any specialty in science is sooo huge and always changing and it’s just impossible to know everything about anything ya know? so not knowing something or admitting you’re wrong is a-ok and i love it. 

Life goals:

1. Own a large, beloved homestead.
2. Name it Blackacre.
3. Have a series of children, both legitimate and illegitimate. Make sure some of the children never know about the others.
4. Write a series of confusing, ambiguous, and overly complicated wills that may or may not validly revoke each other.
5. Die.
6. When all of my children sue each other over Blackacre, hope that the lawyers they hire get a good laugh out of the fact that I lived my life as one giant Bar Exam question.

Things that need to stop: 

  • Grad students making fun of undergrads and acting like they’re a burden
  • Older grad students telling first years that their excitement about research won’t last and they’ll eventually become miserable
  • Grad students trying to one up each other on how much work they have or how many classes they’re taking and making others feel bad if they’re not doing the same

Things chemistry grad students are using to view the eclipse

-actual eclipse glasses
-a variety of pinhole projectors
-the magnetic strips on floppy disks
-polarizers taken out of microscopes
-an arc welding mask

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I was wondering, would Bakugou's hearing be affected from the blast? Maybe he wouldn't be deaf, but he could have some hearing loss? I was thinking about it when I saw your art where his hands were stuck behind his head, but i thought it covered his ears for some reason. I adore your art by the way, and I hope you have a lovely day!!!

YKNOW WHAT. I WAS ACTUALLY THINKING ABOUT THIS THE OTHER NIGHT!!! That is one hell of an outcome that I’d love to dive into BUT I also gotta wonder about if quirks manifest fail safes for that kind of thing? 

According to the good ol bnha wiki its stated 

So I was thinking maybe his eardrums are SUPER tough, because setting off explosions around yourself constantly would def cause hearing damage, but if hes TECHNICALLY immune to the impact, (but in this post!grad au thing im making lets just say hes immune unless intentionally turning it on himself?!?!?) maybe his hearing wouldn’t be affected either?!?!?!! I DUNNO MY DUDE but this is a great question! And thankyou so much! I’m glad you like :’D <3

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Imagine someone at school likes the reader and keep sending the reader love letters and clown boi diddly don’t fucking like it aND IS GONNA CUT A BITCH

OH GOSH! this was a great idea! 

Here’s a little Oneshot for yah~ 


“It’s probably just a prank. Nobody writes love letters anymore! Haha!”

Pennywise watched the filthy human approach you from his seat in the storm drain across the street, your words from yesterday still ringing in his ears. The human walked towards you with their hands behind them, shyly standing in front of you. This was them, the human who thought they had a chance with you, the one who had been writing you pathetic little love letters. Penny heard them speak your name, the sound of it leaving their lips making him sick.

How dare they.

He watched you turn to face them, surprise evident on your face as you looked them up and down. The human seemed to flinch at the fact that you actually answered, Pennywise snickered at their lack of confidence. The human hesitantly waves hello, a greeting you politely returned as they twiddled their hands together in front of them and stammered out a sentence. They finished speaking, finally, and looked at you, handing you a single daisy that they had obviously picked from the garden nearby.

Penny was shocked to see a blush creep across your cheeks. His sharp teeth gritted together out of anger, were you actually flattered by this weakling display?

You smiled, taking the flower and shaking your head, saying something that seemed to make the human recoil. They stammered on their response, nodding sadly and waving goodbye as you turned to leave with your group of friends. Pennywise made sure you were out of sight before his eyes snapped back to the human who had talked to you, now standing by themselves near a bike rack. The clown wanted nothing more than to race out of the drain, grad the horrible thing by the neck and break it before it had the chance to even see you again. But he knew that was out of the question, for now.

Later that day, Pennywise waited for you to return to him. He sat at the top of the stairs in the neibolt house and patiently waited to hear your footsteps through the hall. When you finally arrived, he felt a mixture of emotions upon hearing your voice.

“Penny, I’m back! You won’t believe what happened today!”

You called out, dropping your bag off by the door and walking into the creepy old home. You looked around, surprised to find that he was not their waiting for you as he normally was.

“What did it say to you?”

His voice from behind you made you jump a little as you spun around, turning to face a very unhappy looking clown. You gasped a little but smiled

“Hello pennywise! What did who say? Oh- guess what? The kid who wrote the letters actually talked to me today! You should have seen it, it was so-”

You started speaking but you trailed off as you started to notice something was off with your clown. Pennywise did not show any kind of amusement on his face. His dark blue eyes stared down at you and slowly he started to lean down.

“That human… What did it say to you”

He sneered, his words cold and sharp as his eyes started to ignite with a dim gold light. You gulped, trying to back away but finding only solid wall behind you. Your back was soon pressed against the peeling wall paper, the space between you and the clown fading fast as he cornered you.

“Penny- It’s not what you think! I promise, They just-”

Your words were cut short by the clown slamming his hand down onto the wall next to you, the force of the impact sending shivers through your body.

“Oh really!? I saw how you reacted, your face red with flattery!”

Pennywise said, his voice raising an octave midway through the sentence. You gulped, but let your nerves relax, starting to see what the real problem here was. Pennywise was jealous.

“Penny.. They put me on the spot in front of everyone..I was embarrassed, not.. It meant nothing to me”

You explained as a growl started to grow in the back of the clown’s throat. Pennywise’s eyes flashed and he pressed his body against your own. Your world was suddenly flooded with ruffled fabric and the smell of stale pop-corn. A large and clawed hand came to curl around your head, gloved fingertips trailing softening against your cheek.

“You are mine”

His breath hissed through his teeth as he spoke. You gently rose your hands up to curl around his shoulders, holding him, pressing your forehead into his arm

“Penny, They were just a kid with a crush. I’m not going anywhere”

The clown’s body seemed to relax as you reassured him, his hold on you slowly turning softer the more you spoke. He was shaking now, both from the exertion of anger and the fear that mixed through him. For one of the first times in his life he was afraid, afraid of losing you. You slowly pet him, running your hands up and down his back slowly.

“It’s alright Penny, I am yours. Only yours”


Thank you for asking! I love getting ideas like this! Its so much fun to play around with what you guys give me! 

Fuck It. Let’s Do This.

I’m a technical writer/editor, and I’ve been without a full-time job for six months. I’ve been picking up some freelance work, but I could use more. Basically, I want to keep my editing skills sharp and also just have something to do with my day. I also know that many of you on tumblr are working on educations or job packets or other such things, so I wanna let you know my rates, so you know what’s up. Here we go:

Personal Statement (these are a grad school thing): $30 for two rounds of editing, provided I feel the draft you send is pretty solid. Cost will vary if I feel that is not true.

Resume clean-up: $50 to clean up your resume and match it to the industry/industries you’re seeking out. For an entirely new resume to use for general purposes, I’d need to see what you have for me to start with.

Cover Letter template: $50 I put together a base cover letter for you with fill-in-the-blank spots for you to mention relevant work experience. 

If you order both a resume and a cover letter: I’ll cut you a 20% off deal and run the batch for $80. 

Copyediting: $6 per page. I’ve done masters’ theses, non-fiction books, longfic, and basically anything else. If you have an original manuscript that you know needs an editor’s eye for clean-up, I’m your person. Also great for academic papers and resume double-checks in terms of spelling/grammar/layout.

Technical Editing: $6 per page to check and make sure when you say, “See section, ‘And then they kissed’,” is matched correctly to the real title of the section. Also includes checks on running heads, exhibit and table numbering, and similar information. Great for you academics putting together those huge papers. Also useful for crochet pattern designers. I know all your abbreviations.

Developmental Editing: $45 an hour. I read your whole, full manuscript (original work only) and provide detailed information about plot holes, story inconsistencies, characterization issues, and similar information. 

Book Layout: $45 an hour. This is especially useful for those of you who are looking to self-publish but don’t want to deal with the technical side of things on createspace and other sites. I will lay out your book according to the standards of where you’re publishing. I can do print, pdf, and ebook layout. 

Consultations on all services are free. Hit me up in an ask with your e-mail address and the project you need me on, and I’ll get ahold of you. 

I had this amazing conversation with one of the clinical supervisors who doesn’t work with many students anymore.  She was telling me that I have a quiet affect and calm presence and that I should use that to my advantage.  She said that my manner allows the patients to come out of their shells and share.  She told me not to be self-critical about being quieter because it was something that I can use as a tool.  There’s this stereotype in our profession that everyone is super outgoing and has a large presence in a room, so she told me not to feel obligated or pressured to try and be that way because what I do works well, just differently.  It just made me feel so understood and supported in a way that I didn’t realize that I had been missing.

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would you recommend going for a PhD?

This is a big question, a tough one, and one that I can only answer based on my own experiences by encouraging anyone who is considering a PhD to ask themselves a series of smaller questions. These would include:

  • What do you want to do with your PhD? Teach? Research? Write? Work inside the academy, or outside? 
  • Depending on the answers to the previous question - how viable are careers in your field doing the thing you want to do? Increasingly, at least in the US, universities rely upon exploited contract labor (grad students and adjuncts) rather than tenure-track professors due to how much cheaper that labor is, so if your field doesn’t seem to have a lot of sustainable career paths open, you’ll want to at the very least have a backup plan or two. 
  • Do you love reading? Because that’s the thing grad school has been all about, in my experience. I’ve learned how to read a lot of very dense and complex material very quickly with an optimized level of comprehension, and I’ve learned through that reading how to write my own things that other scholars would want to read. In a humanities/social science program with a 3-course semester load, I’d say you should expect to read roughly 400 pages per week, plus any writing assignments responding to those readings your professors ask for. This does not include reading in preparation for seminar papers, which can add a whole heck of a lot more on your plate.
  • What motivates you? If it’s money, even in the long run, I cannot recommend a PhD program unless you’re going to be like, an economist or something. Lots of my colleagues are motivated by a love of learning and a genuine, persistent curiosity about their object of study. Lots of them are also motivated by a fervent belief that better scholarship can lead to better culture and politics, and that by doing what we do as both writers and teachers, we can change the world for the better. More than anything I’m in the latter camp, though I obviously have to be deeply intrigued by my research topic to sustain my work. 
  • What and who else do you need to consider in taking on the lifestyle of a PhD student? If you make any money at all through a teaching or research gig, you won’t be making much. You will work nearly all the time. You might end up moving across the country for jobs several times, sometimes to places that have nothing more than their local college/university. You will probably be cranky a decent amount of the time. You’ll need to travel for conferences and the like. If you have a partner or dependents or cannot/will not live in certain places or under circumstances, you should be up front with yourself and all invested parties in those things. If you have health - physical, mental, etc - needs to consider, these things shouldn’t be a barrier to your pursuit of academic degrees, but 1) sometimes will be on an institutional level because the academy is ableist as fuck and 2) are things to be thinking about before choosing a place to move to or a program of study. 
  • What will the financial situation be? I’m lucky enough to be in a program where I receive a full tuition remission and a teaching stipend - though I do only get paid my regular wage 9 months out of the year and still live below the poverty line, my livelihood is not in immediate danger should I not secure funding for the next semester. Usually tuition remissions are tied to paid positions, so if you’re not getting a stipend, you’re often also paying thousands of dollars to attend the University. Don’t do this for a PhD. I literally cannot think of a situation in which it would be worth it to pay 5-7 years of tuition for this degree. Any program worth its salt will pay you to be there.
  • What program will you attend, and who will you seek to work with there? I only applied to programs that I would’ve been thrilled to attend - which meant I only applied to three. Lots of people apply to closer to/over 10 programs, including ‘safety schools’ they believe they’re more likely to get into. For me, it was always more about getting to do the kind of work I want with the kind of mentors I was looking for than it was about getting a PhD at any cost. I chose a program where several faculty members would influence my work in ways that excite me (which turned out to be for the best, as my advisor left for another university in the middle of my program), so the entire intellectual community of my program is one that’s exciting and helpful for me and my work. If you have a way of getting this information, I also suggest you try to find out what kind of advisor your desired mentor is - I know that there are some scholars in my field who I would not have had a good time working with just because of personalities, and my happiness is something that’s important to me even as I slog through the work!
  • Are you okay feeling like you’ve put things on hold, in even just a small way, for 5-7 years? My colleagues and I are all committed to having as full lives as possible, with families and wide circles of friends and hobbies and other things we’re committed to, but all of that takes a lot of work. And even with those things, depending on what stage of life you’re at, there might be things that you find need to wait until you’re done or almost done - buying a house, having a baby, etc. etc.
  • Related to the last one: Where are you in life generally? I was just barely 22 when I started my program, only 3 months out of my undergraduate degree, where I’d lived in a house with a cook and a cleaning crew and, despite working very hard at my schoolwork and jobs, had not done a lot of the ‘grown up’ day-to-day life maintenance stuff myself. My first year in my program was so difficult because I was juggling learning how to be an adult with learning how to be a graduate student and learning how to be a teacher and learning the actual material of my courses. It was a lot, and I also gave up my young-20′s party girl lifestyle to move to a college town where I was closer in age to my students, but couldn’t go out without feeling anxious that I would run into one of them. In the end, this is what I needed - I grew up, and I figured out my mental health (in time), and I committed myself to the kind of politics and pedagogy and lifestyle that I had come to my program in search of - but this would’ve been a bad move for tons of other people. If you’re just finishing up undergrad, unless there is a particularly compelling reason to go straight through to the PhD (in my case I like to believe there was, though I’m not entirely certain how much of that is a rationalization I’ve built up for myself after the fact), I would not recommend starting a PhD right away. My friends and colleagues who took even just a year off seem to have had an infinitely easier time coming back and feeling good about the decision and being able to juggle it all.
  • And if you do decide to start a PhD, here’s what I think is one of the most important things to know - you probably will, and probably should, have at least one period of time where you question whether or not this is the right thing for you. I’d be concerned if a friend who had committed themself to the amount of work a PhD program throws on you never once had a moment of ‘dear jesus mary and joesph is this what i want to be doing for the rest of my life’ (because while it ends, in a certain sense, when you graduate, the life of an academic proceeds in similar ways for quite a long time from my understanding). I had two big moments like this in my life - and admittedly, one of them was on Election Night 2016 when the results became apparent, so that’s less related to my desire to do academic work and more related to what I thought the world needed from me moving forward. They were both important moments. You need to let yourself have them. And if the answer to the question “do I want to keep doing this” (not “am I cut out for this?” though, that’s a different question entirely that I ask myself most days) is a resounding ‘no,’ or even a whispered ‘no,’  you should take it seriously and figure out what it means to leave graduate school. Especially for PhD students, it’s hard to see leaving the academy as anything but giving up or a failure, but it’s literally not. The academy, by and large, is a horrible place. PhD programs, by and large, are peddling knowledge that will do little good to a lot of people and offers hardly any future job security in a lot of fields. Yes, it can be right for some folks depending on their wants/needs, but it doesn’t have to be right for everyone, and you can realize that at any time. 

SO YES, THIS IS A VERY LONG SET OF QUESTIONS AND THOUGHTS but that’s because taking on a PhD is a very big choice and commitment, at least for the time that you’re working on it. And the academy is exclusive and ableist and racist and sexist and homophobic and cissexist and classist as hell, and so especially for those of use who are women and lgbtq and have mental illnesses and/or disabilities and for those who are not white or citizens or American (presuming you’re considering the American academy, which is all I can really speak to despite the feeling that it’s no better in many other places), we need to think long and hard about whether putting ourselves in the position of being further exploited, further burdened, further beaten down is worth the end goal. I’m certainly hoping that it will be for me - I love the work I do, I love to teach, and I love the smart and compassionate colleagues I’m lucky enough to call friends. But it’s a big commitment, and so I hope you all take the time to think it through! I’m always happy to talk through it with you, so drop a line if you need!


Accessing History: Unmasking the Process of Preservation

Come check out the preservation exhibit opening May 3, 2017 at 4:30pm!

The purpose of this exhibition is to unmask the preservation process and offer a glimpse into how we maintain our collections to ensure that they are available to the public for years to come. Over the course of history, the preservation process has evolved alongside our understanding of records and their role as documentary evidence. Today, preservation takes many factors into account, including proper storage, environmental conditions, and the physicality and materiality of records. We preserve these materials not only for their historical value, but also for their value as primary resources for researchers, including UWM students, staff, and faculty.

This exhibition displays items from four different departments of the library—Special Collections, Archives, Digital Collections, and the American Geographical Society Library—and focuses on the challenges faced by the Libraries in preserving often delicate or unusual materials.
Materials from all four departments participating in the exhibition will be on display at the opening for attendees to see up close. There will be a brief gallery talk followed by the opportunity to speak to members of each department and handle special materials!

Under the direction of Max Yela, this exhibition was developed and installed by Special Collections/Archives intern Elizabeth Kamper and Special Collections intern Kalani Adolpho, both graduate students in the UWM School of Information Studies.

directed by | junmyeon (pt. 2)

“When Y/N and Kim Junmyeon are paired together for a film project, things seem like they can’t get any weirder. That’s where you’re wrong.’‘ 

admin: a.  🌸

genre: fluff mainly, smut in later parts

note: just to clarify, since afi is a post-grad thing, the reader would be 23 and junmyeon would be 24. idk if anyone was actually wondering about that but idc. 

It’s easy to space out while you’re waiting for class to begin, about fifteen minutes before any kind of bell is supposed to think about ringing. Everyone’s conversing at a questionable volume, and it’s hard to concentrate solely on one voice. 

Y/N sat in the home room for Class A, resting her head on the wooden surface of her desk. Both Ella and Jae were running late, meaning she was bored out of her mind, and didn’t have anyone to distract her.

She was trying to listen to someone else’s conversation about their project, which only made her thoughts spiral into those about her’s with Junmyeon Kim. Even after a day, she couldn’t wrap her head around the fact that she had to this. What was her Professor thinking? God knows.

She hoped Junmyeon was actually a nice person, and that they could agree on what idea to do, etcetera. What if he was one of those people who thought they were better than everyone else because they studied film? Or worse, one of those people who chose to study film because they thought it wasn’t going to need any real effort? Someone in between? Was he tall, short, or average? Did he have glasses or contacts or neither? And more importantly, had she ever seen him before?

Her train of thought was interrupted by the sound of a familiar, adventitious voice calling her name.

“Y/N!” exclaimed Jae, appearing in the doorway of the homeroom. Upon realising how loud he was, he smiled awkwardly, and started walking toward Y/N’s desk, conscious.

“You’re cheery,” she said, eyebrows raised. “And late.”

“Traffic. I overslept,” he said, taking the seat next to Y/N. “Anyway, how’s your daydreaming going?“ 

“I keep thinking about my project,” she admitted. As if it were something to be guilty about. 

“Don’t dwell on it,” said Jae. “I’m shit at advice, so don’t come for me if I say something ruining. But you need to think of it like this: Junmyeon, or whatever his name is, is probably nervous too. He doesn’t wanna come off as stupid either. So instead of worrying about your impression, do some work. Get on with it. Chances are, he won’t even care." 

"I guess,” she replied, only half meaning it. “That didn’t help a lot. Thanks for the thought, though?”

“Told you I’m not the best,” he said. “Try your best. That’s all anyone’s hoping for." 

Before Y/N could reply, the Professor entered the room and everyone went quiet. She made awkward eye contact with him, and she kept her head down, to avoid any more. It didn’t seem like Ella was going to arrive that day. She prefered absence over a late mark. 

The first thing she noticed about Junmyeon were his glasses. Thin-framed Ray Bans that seemed to be taking over his face, and somewhat distracted everyone from his features. God knows why he chose glasses over contacts, because when he took them off to clean them on the hem of his shirt, Y/N swore her heart skipped a beat. He was way more attractive than he let on, as he sat in the middle of the class, not drawing much attention to himself. His hair was black, the special kind of black that almost shone blue in the sunlight. And when he noticed Y/N standing in the doorway, looking at the floor, he smiled. 

"The floor isn’t going to give you answers any time soon,” he said, just loud enough so she could hear him. The classroom was almost empty, except for himself and two other pairs working quietly at the back. 

This was enough to snap her out of the second daydream she was having today. She approached his desk while trying to stop looking so red, and shook his hand. “Hi, I’m Y/N.”

“Junmyeon,” he said. “Nice to meet you.”

She hoped he was being sincere, as she took the seat beside him.

“Everyone else scattered themselves around, but I figured I should stay here,” he explained. His accent wasn’t quite American - it had some unidentifiable foreign twang to it. 

“That explains the emptiness,” she said. “So, uh, what are we working on?”

We’re supposed to decide together,” he said. “You’ve got great ideas. I’ve seen some of your work before. It seems to be characterised by controversial topics being present in the plot, treated like no big deal.”

“Casual representation,” Y/N found herself saying. It was easy to talk to him: he looked like he was listening. “There’s a lot less of it in Hollywood than I’d like to admit." 

They ended up discussing things forever, rarely making any progress with their project. It wasn’t what Y/N expected at all, and certainly not what Junmyeon expected. She noticed quite a lot of things about him during their time. The way he bit his lip when he said his opinion, the way he looked up when he couldn’t find the words, the way he spoke about his work so modestly. 

She couldn’t figure out if she liked him, or if she was admiring all his qualities. She could notice qualities like that in her friends, but they weren’t exactly admired. All this was making her head spin. Better stop thinking about it…

The bell rang, and they both sighed, hopefully in disappointment rather than relief. They’d only set out a few things for their project, and much was left unfinished. Junmyeon considered something.  

"We haven’t made as much progress as expected. So I’m wondering, if you want, you could come back to my place and we could work more on the project there?” He cringed while saying this. How do you ask something like that without sounding creepy

Y/N was lost for words. She knew it was purely for work purposes, but something small in her mind screamed otherwise. Without thinking, she said, “Sure.”  

Junmyeon nodded, and started getting up from his desk. People were already starting to move through the busy hallways; you could see from the window on the door.  

She did the same.  

“What time are we thinking?” she asked. To know it was definitely happening.  

“I can do tonight after lessons,” he said. “I’ll meet you by the willow, okay?” 

“Okay!” she replied, a little too eagerly. They parted ways with a wave, and didn’t see each other until after school.  

the has beens and never were 


members: ella 🥀, jaeden smith™, y/n ☘️. 

y/n 🍀: guys junmyeon invited me over to his place  

y/n 🍀: i’m meeting him outside the willow in like two minutes  

jaeden smith™: i know  

ella 🥀: W H A T  

y/n 🍀: it’s for our project  

y/n 🍀: i’ll explain it properly later  

ella 🥀: no no no i wanna hear the details now  

y/n 🍀: can’t  

y/n 🍀: i can see him now  

y/n 🍀: bye

yo this was the second part of directed by, i hope it’s okay? thanks for the feedback on the last chapter, i wanna know your thoughts on this one 

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