I had this amazing conversation with one of the clinical supervisors who doesn’t work with many students anymore.  She was telling me that I have a quiet affect and calm presence and that I should use that to my advantage.  She said that my manner allows the patients to come out of their shells and share.  She told me not to be self-critical about being quieter because it was something that I can use as a tool.  There’s this stereotype in our profession that everyone is super outgoing and has a large presence in a room, so she told me not to feel obligated or pressured to try and be that way because what I do works well, just differently.  It just made me feel so understood and supported in a way that I didn’t realize that I had been missing.


Accessing History: Unmasking the Process of Preservation

Come check out the preservation exhibit opening May 3, 2017 at 4:30pm!

The purpose of this exhibition is to unmask the preservation process and offer a glimpse into how we maintain our collections to ensure that they are available to the public for years to come. Over the course of history, the preservation process has evolved alongside our understanding of records and their role as documentary evidence. Today, preservation takes many factors into account, including proper storage, environmental conditions, and the physicality and materiality of records. We preserve these materials not only for their historical value, but also for their value as primary resources for researchers, including UWM students, staff, and faculty.

This exhibition displays items from four different departments of the library—Special Collections, Archives, Digital Collections, and the American Geographical Society Library—and focuses on the challenges faced by the Libraries in preserving often delicate or unusual materials.
Materials from all four departments participating in the exhibition will be on display at the opening for attendees to see up close. There will be a brief gallery talk followed by the opportunity to speak to members of each department and handle special materials!

Under the direction of Max Yela, this exhibition was developed and installed by Special Collections/Archives intern Elizabeth Kamper and Special Collections intern Kalani Adolpho, both graduate students in the UWM School of Information Studies.

So the Texas Academy of Audiology is hosting their annual conference in San Marcos and saying that the theme is San MARVELous because reasons probably.

(I’ve been put on the decorating committee because apparently I am well known as being “that one girl who’s obsessed with Marvel”)

So I get their newsletter today and…..

………………..god fucking dammit

some stuff

i just wanted to say THAKN YOU to all the people who sent me an ask or a msg over chat about my fake subs and how they made you laugh, or how much you enjoy them. 

thank you for taking the time to write out such kind words, i didn’t even think these fake subs could make people laugh out loud or cheer up so many shitty days so thats really cool. i dont reply to all of them but know that i read and appreciate every single one 

hope you’re all having a good day or night!!!

I am excited to announce that my paper has been accepted at the American Shakespeare Center’s 9th Blackfriars Conference! I will be in a colloquy session on “Extra Textual Material”.

I’ve been experimenting with daily layouts for my planner over the past couple of weeks and finally created one that really works for me. In the midst of difficult life b.s. I’m dealing with right now, I am finding it easier to cope with because I have some structure in my life through this journal planner thing.

I love finding and lettering a quote for the next day every night; this one, in particular, is such a good reminder to keep my spirits up. And I log 3 things I’m grateful for each morning and night - it’s really helping me to keep a positive perspective.

I’ve made a ton of personal growth this past month and seeing it laid out on these pages, in what I’ve done and also how the journal has evolved, is really satisfying and motivating.

today my exhibit design prof was talking about writing label text concisely and was like “ask yourself- is having the scientific name on there REALLY necessary” and I gasped dramatically and jerked upright in my seat as if I’d been electrocuted and I got like a minute into a passionate defense of including latin names on signs before I caught myself