Apparently I forgot to cross a bunch of things off on my secondary source masterlist so I’ve been panicking about having to read like 26 books in the next three days… Turns out it’s actually just four and some articles so I’m approximately 65% less behind than I thought and I’m so relieved I want to cry but I also sort of want to time-travel back like two months and punch my past self in the face because I did not need this unnecssary stress you witless invertebrate

  • Me:I have a couple of books on reserve.
  • Librarian:You here for the pile of stuff on cannibalism and dismemberment?
  • Me:Yes.
  • Librarian:Weren't you here last week for a bunch of books on castration?
  • Me:Maybe.
  • Librarian:I don't want to know.
  • Me:I don't blame you.

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I am taking the general GRE in 75 days, and my practice exam scores aren't exactly what I would like them to be. I am specifically struggling with the math portion, but not doing very well in the verbal sections either. I am enrolled in college full-time, have been awarded a research fellowship that requires 10 hours of my time per week (at least), and have an outside job. Would you have any advice on how to study for a standardized test such as this given time constraints?

You’re going to just have to buckle down and make time to study more. I know that might sound a little harsh, but they don’t give research fellowships to anyone, so I know you can do this. You know what you are struggling with, so focus on that (but make sure to review the other areas some, too).

GRE Specific Advice/Test-Prep:

General Studying Tips:

Good luck!

  • Librarian:Wow. You're the first person who's ever tried to check out this particular play.
  • Me:Tried?
  • Librarian:Yeah I can't actually give it to you, you have too many books checked out already.
  • Me:Okay but... evidently no one's going to miss it.
  • Librarian:Touché.