• Me:I have a couple of books on reserve.
  • Librarian:You here for the pile of stuff on cannibalism and dismemberment?
  • Me:Yes.
  • Librarian:Weren't you here last week for a bunch of books on castration?
  • Me:Maybe.
  • Librarian:I don't want to know.
  • Me:I don't blame you.

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I am taking the general GRE in 75 days, and my practice exam scores aren't exactly what I would like them to be. I am specifically struggling with the math portion, but not doing very well in the verbal sections either. I am enrolled in college full-time, have been awarded a research fellowship that requires 10 hours of my time per week (at least), and have an outside job. Would you have any advice on how to study for a standardized test such as this given time constraints?

You’re going to just have to buckle down and make time to study more. I know that might sound a little harsh, but they don’t give research fellowships to anyone, so I know you can do this. You know what you are struggling with, so focus on that (but make sure to review the other areas some, too).

GRE Specific Advice/Test-Prep:

General Studying Tips:

Good luck!