grad school surprise!

after some surprising emails and a lot of phone calls, i’ve discovered that my school is rolling over my financial aid for next year. i was told not to expect this, but nevertheless it’s happening. 

it’s not as much as last year (NOT THAT I AM COMPLAINING!!!!!!!!!) but it’s enough to cover my tuition and likely my rent if i spend it right. so the money i’ve put away in savings, plus the money i’m earning from my summer job (which i took because i thought this absurd gravy train was ending this summer) can go instead to other places. and i probably won’t have to take out any loans. 

i can’t describe how elated i feel right now. my first few days of being 24 years old have been spent so ill that i’ve missed out on responsibilities, and have costed enough money on medical care that i was disgusted with myself.

but this is a strange reprieve, a crazy light at the end of the tunnel and a better birthday gift than i could have dreamed of. my school still has faith in me. still thinks i’m worthy of investment. 

i’ve spent the last year and a half conditioning myself not to count on this sort of good fortune, but here it is. 

i love science. i love getting to learn it. i love using what i know to better people’s lives. 

it’s raining outside and i still have an awful cough but what a great day today is. 

So no one told you fifth year was gonna be this way