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The Three Thespians: Chapter 2

HI! Welcome back! How are you all? I hope you are all lovely little peaches :) I have the next chapter for you! Yay! Here is chapter one if you need a reminder or are new.

Also, this fic was a prompt that I’ve adapted. Here is a list of requests that will sort of relate to this fic. There have been others, but thank you to all who have sent me fic requests.

As always, I hope you enjoy the chapter!

Hartbig, AU, Chapter 2

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Two Lines (1)

After almost a months hiatus on writing, i’m back! And with a brand new chaptered fic! 

This one is about Grace finding out she is pregnant after breaking up with her boyfriend and taking comfort in her best friends. 

I’ve tagged this with Hartbig because who knows what the future will hold…

Let me know what you think! 


She knew that eventually it would have to happen. She was already two weeks late and had been feeling a bit under the weather. So that morning she went to the drugstore and got what she needed.

‘Please please please don’t let me be pregnant’ she pleaded as she peed on the stick.

Grace had been separated from her boyfriend for almost two months now and they hadn’t spoken to each other since. Both of them agreed it was the best thing for them.

Waiting for the recommended amount of time, she then picked up the stick and took a deep breath.

She was pregnant.

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