“Young Grackles” 5" x 5" oil
There’s nothing quite like having a pile of young birds (in this case, Common Grackles) descend upon your yard, with their curious, clumsy, confused ways. This group I observed seemed especially fresh and clueless, trying nibbles of plants and twigs before getting it right by cracking seeds I’d offered. This stage of adolescence in birds is especially endearing to me.


Another Grackle post. I am making the best out of what I am getting currently :) Yesterday, I thought this Grackle had speckles of mud on his neck. But apparently, he has a discoloration. The last picture is a different one, for comparison. Some kind of leucism? No matter what it is, but I always love when a bird comes up that I can differentiate from the others. Well, and that “evil eye” lid looks spectacular too!

A Really Cool Sword

I’m playing a kenku rogue named Grackle. My friend is playing a firbolg ranger named Maulie. Our party is currently fighting a huge, misshapen, undead Frankenstein-like creature.

Dm: as the monster turns to face Maulie, Grackle, you notice something shiny sticking out of its back.

Me: I call it! I want to jump from the tree I’m in to get onto its back and grab the shiny thing. (I roll very high for dexterity)

Dm: you effortlessly leap from your perch in the tree and land squarely on its back. Up close, you can see that there’s what looks like a silver sword handle protruding from a wound in its back.

Me: now I’ll use my action to pull it out I guess (rolls high enough on strength)

Dm: before the beast can realize what’s happening, you grab hold of the handle and pull as hard as you can, and you see in your hands you have a smoothly carved, silver colored shortsword with etchings along the blade of something written in Giant language, you can’t make it out but you can tell it has magical properties.

Maulie: (ooc) wait, I’m a firbolg, I can read giant, right?

Dm: oh, yeah you’re right, do you want to try reading it?

Me: (as Grackle) Yo Maulie, can you read this?

Maulie: yeah ok what’s it say?

Dm: uh, heh, ok Maulie, you can see that carved into the blade of this shortsword, written in Giant language, is the word “butterknife”

(We all start laughing)

Me: (as grackle) Maulie why’re you laughing? What does it say? Is it something cool?

Maulie: (in character, between bouts of laughter) it says Really Cool Sword