We may fall to fear or worry, but there is grace given in Christ each moment. To break the cycle of falling into fear, is to continue to seek Him, confess and submit our worries and our lives to the sovereignty of God, to read, speak, and meditate on His truth over and over again, and give Him thanks for His continual provision, His authoritative and final control over all, His goodness and gracious love, that desires us to submit our worries to Him, and trust Him wholly. Remember, He does all for His glory and graciously for our joy, He does not leave His children broken, He loves and makes new. Have courage heart, and trust Christ.

So I got some bedroom furniture for my new apartment today and my dad was helping me move my new bed in the house to just leave it there until i move and he was like “Lay it on the wall under Jesus so he can bless it and keep all the boys off of it” and now I JUST WANNA DIE

Legend has it that concealing a snapdragon makes a person appear fascinating and cordial, and in the language of flowers, snapdragons are said to represent both deception (perhaps tied to the notion of concealment) and graciousness.

freaksworthgold asked:

You are my inspiration!

That’s so sweet. You’re so sweet. 

I hear this on occasion and of all the compliments people so graciously give me, this is always the one I don’t know how to address. I’ve never felt worthy of it, but I think almost anyone would feel that way.

I’m just a dude. I’m just a guy who was accidentally given a lot of attention, and I hope to use it to help in whatever way I can. 

I’m so happy and I feel so honored that something I’ve done or said has resonated with you.


Yesterday (28/07) was a really special day for a lot of reasons and one of them is because of ALL OF YOU.

A few hours before the show started last night, you LOVELY, WONDERFUL, FANTASTIC people gave me the sweetest gift:

I hit 500 followers!!!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! Each of you are so special to me, even if we’ve never interacted. I started this blog as a way of keeping track of what fics I read, and when I was posting my first fic link I realized I really wanted to write what I thought about the story, and I just never stopped. :P Never in my wildest of wild dreams would I have thought I’d ever have even 50 followers, so this is like a dream I didn’t even know I had coming true.

I truly hope you enjoy the reviews, but mostly I hope you enjoy the fics that the incredibly talented authors in this fandom so graciously gift us. They don’t have to share their art with us, but they do, and we love them for it! 

Thank you again!! You all mean so much to me. Please don’t take this as an empty thank you. I’m genuinely emotional about reaching this milestone, and I can’t wait to keep sharing fics with you!!! 

Tonight the thumbs up go to ALL OF YOU!!!!

Two cute updates to counteract the negativity that has seemingly accumulated in my personal text posts.

1. I’m on friendly “hi good morning / bye” terms with the florist near my art school. He’s an old man (I’m fairly convinced he is Greek by his looks and accent, he could be Cypriot like me too tho who knows). I always catch him when he’s putting out his flowers and plants at the start of the day and when he’s packing up in the afternoon. Idk it’s more of a tiny nursery than a florist I suppose! Lots of dogs always hang around there though. It’s nice.

2. I’ve been graciously invited to sell my art in a pop up store for an American furniture store called West Elm all thanks to a lovely friend of mine from art school. They’re trying to bring together and support 500 designers and makers across the world which is such a great incentive! It’s all early stages so I’m not quite sure what kind of work I’ll be selling, whether it’ll be bead work or drawings (I can imagine framed beaded landscapes and quirky abstract beaded works being a sale point for such a store, maybe even classical style nudes transformed into quirky beaded works, who knows!). There’s a lot to be familiar with for it but basically once a month each maker shows their work in a space for three days at which people can come in and buy their work. They’re being really careful with their approach too which is really respectable!

  • lady on the radio:nicki minaj and taylor swift are having a HUGE fight on TWITTER his is WILD
  • on twitter:*taylor apologizing, nicki graciously accepting the apology, nicki saying she respects taylor*