On this day in music history: March 25, 1985 - Prince wins the Academy Award for Best Original Song Score for “Purple Rain” at the 57th Annual Academy Awards. The awards ceremony is held at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles, CA with the award being presented by actors Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner. When he is announced as the winner, Prince is accompanied on stage by Revolution band mates Lisa Coleman and Wendy Melvoin. The shy and soft spoken musician graciously accepts the honor, thanking the Academy, “Purple Rain” director Albert Magnoli, his managers, the members of his band, and God. Prince becomes only the third African American musician in history to win an Academy Award for film music, thirteen years after Isaac Hayes’ win for “The Theme From Shaft” in 1972, and just one year after Irene Cara’s win for “Flashdance… What A Feeling” in 1984.


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“As always, there was an all-American war hero look to him, coded in his tousled brown hair, his summer-narrowed hazel eyes, the straight nose that ancient Anglo-Saxons had graciously passed on to him. Everything about him suggested valor and power and a firm handshake.”

Before you ever call Taylor Swift a snake again you should consider this:

-She flew out to a fan’s bridal shower on her day off
-She lurked fans & sent over 30 of them Christmas presents in 2014
-She handpicked fans to invite to her house and listen to her album early
-She has been the most charitable celebrity multiple years in a row now
- On numerous occasions, she’s blessed multiple foundations with large contributions
-She spent her Christmas with a WWII veteran and his family
- She helped out a fan with her Student loan
-She pulls over and graciously takes pictures with fans on the streets
-On her tour, she specifically asked to meet fans she had fallen in love with online and knew exactly who they were when they walked in the room
-She repeatedly supports her friends from screaming for them when they win or going to support them at their very first broadway show (etc)
-She continuously lets fans know they are worthwhile and meaningful
-She thoroughly pays attention to what you have to say to her
- She has visited multiple hospitals blessing children by talking and singing to them
-After long shows, she hosts an aftershow meet and greet for fans
- She doesn’t make fans pay for m&gs and spends more time with them than artists that make fans pay
-She facetimes fans even if she can’t be directly with them
-She made it so her godson was able to have heart surgery by donating
-Donated money to a fan’s family members injured in a car accident
-Donated to flood victims in Louisiana

- I could go on & on, but these are just a few examples on why @taylorswift is the most generous person. She continues to blow me away everyday with her continued generousity. Before you think about calling her a snake again, consider how many lives she’s touched.

a concept: i meet steven yeun at the end of april. i reach my hand out towards him, which is graciously accepted into a firm hand shake. he glances down at my arm, noticing the red paladin tattoo on my inner wrist. we share a knowing nod and the venue changes, the walls deep shades of violet. “Knowledge or death” sounds from somewhere in the distance. I am put through the trials of marmora-

Bonus Round

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Note:  This was so much fun to write because Hoseok is the best.  Also this took forever because I had about 1.6k words of backstory that I just cut because… it took Forever to link everything.  Also this is inspired by semi-true-ish events so… yeah.  Graciously edited by the wonderful @sugaredmarbles.

EDIT: @sugaredmarbles just fixed my title too because she’s amazing.

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader
Rating: NC17
Genre: Smut  
Warnings: public sex, alcohol-fueled sex, dirty talk, pregnancy mention, unsanitary activity 
Word Count: 3547


Summary:  You’ve harbored a crush on Jung Hoseok ever since high school, and you had even decided on attending a performing arts university because he was going there.  You had almost been content with admiring him from afar, but he’s enlisting soon.  And this is how you confess to him.




“Have you confessed to Hoseok yet?”  

Namjoon’s question over 2AM coffee makes him the third person to ask you today.  

The first person to ask you had been Taehyung, a fellow theatre arts major.  (”You need to nab him before he enlists,” he had lectured.  “If everyone knows he has a girlfriend, they’re not going to pester him as much about going to… massage parlors…”) 

The second person to ask you had been Jungkook, a once-shy underclassman you had taken under your wing until he switched majors after seeing Hoseok dance.  Traitor.  Not that you necessarily blamed him.  (”You should just tell him because he’s leaving regardless.  If it doesn’t work out, you won’t have to see him again.”  Jungkook had always been blunt.)  

And Namjoon now makes three.  

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Batmom x Damian Wayne Drabble

A/N: I’m pleased with this one.

Warnings: None but it’s a bit longer than the others I think.


He’d never had someone quite like you in his life, the only mother figure he had was Talia, your opposite apparently. You’d often ask about his day, night activities, offer to stitch him up, make him snacks, take him places whenever he wasn’t quite himself - he secretly loved all the things you did but couldn’t understand why you did them. Did he owe you something? Did you need him for some evil master plan?

It was a Saturday morning and Damian was graciously finishing the breakfast prepared for him by Alfred when you walked in, dressed in a way that suggested you were going somewhere.
“Morning Dami, how’d you sleep?” You chirped reaching for a snack on the top shelf.
“Well. Though patrol was particularly strenuous.” He monotonously replied looking to you, green eyes filled with curiosity.

“I hope you kicked butt out there, do you need any injuries taking care of?” You asked with a smile.
“No.” Rather blunt, with a hint of obnoxiousness.
“Alright, call me if you need anything.” You grinned walking over to the boy and playfully ran your fingers through his hair before leaving the kitchen.

Damian froze, this was odd behaviour - you’d never done that to him before and he felt slightly agitated that you were now treating him like a child. Dick walked in just as you were about to exit noticing the cold frown his ‘youngest brother’ wore.

“Hey Dickiebird.” You greeted and again tousled his hair too, to which left Damian thoroughly confused - so you weren’t treating him like a child?
Dicks eyes lit up significantly and he sent a pout your way as you left, immediately fixing his hair afterwards. Damian’s hair was also in more disarray than usual and realisation hit the older hero.

“It’s her way of showing she loves us, (y/n) does it to all of us from time to time.” Grayson grinned before grabbing some orange juice and presumably going to the Batcave.
There was no way you did this to all of them right? Damian decided to check this out for himself through the art of skilful observation, or maybe he was just determined to prove Grayson wrong.

First it was Tim, a couple of days after the 'incident’ and Tim had come to the Batcave under the alias of Red Robin, pulling down his mask and looking completely exhausted. You sat at one of the desks pushing a cup of coffee toward the returning vigilante while Damian leant on the railing above watching the scene unfold below him. Tim walked past the coffee and over to you who was now standing, he took you into a weak hug and rested his forehead on your shoulder allowing you to run your fingers through his tousled locks.

“Aw, you must tired Timmy.” Again you gave a meaningful smile and handed Tim his coffee which he graciously accepted.
Damian continued to observe,  believing that Tim was just soft and you had only gotten to ¾ of them meaning Dick still wasn’t right.

Damian was confident you wouldn’t do it to all of the Robins, apparently just most of them - Jason being the one exception, since he was always grumpy or sarcastic, he didn’t think you would dare touch him in fear of getting yelled at. However, he was proven wrong much to his distaste when Jason had arrived at the manor for goodness knows what and was leaning on the wall waiting for Bruce (he assumed anyway).

Thats when you walked past, noticing the absence of Jason’s helmet you briskly went toward him and rustled your fingers through his hair on your way past.
“Nice of you to visit Jaybird, you better tell me how you’re getting on once you’re done here.” You grinned heading down the hallway while Damian awaited the harsh reply from the Red Hood. Which never came…?

Instead Jason ran a hand through his newly messed up hair and smiled, it was a genuine smile too, one which was rarely even seen on him. Did he like it?
“Was that a smile Todd?” Damian arrogantly interrogated making his presence known.
“Shut up Demon spawn!” Jason remarked, a hint of happiness detected in his rude tone.

Upon returning from vigilante duty with his father, Damian was still considering his findings - why did you do it? Grayson was not right, it couldn’t be a sign of affection since he’d only been living here for a few months maybe he just refused to accept that you actually did trust him so quickly or it was denial.

He stood in the Batcave pondering all the possibilities, meanwhile you happily greeted Bruce with long kiss and a hug then made you way over to Robin with Bruce carefully watching your actions.
You ran your hand through his dark hair, ruffling it slightly which recaptured his attention.
“Welcome home Dami.” You greeted cheerfully but in a calm manner then began to make your way back up to the mansion.

You completely missed the look of shock that crossed Bruce’s face in a split second as you interacted with Robin. Robin on the other had finally accepted it, he enjoyed your little act of affection and it made him feel welcome, safe and happy even - this brought the smallest of smiles to boys features.

“Thanks… (Y/N).” Damian finished, turning to you as you left - you smiled and nodded in response while Bruce was just speechless due to Damian’s sudden change in attitude.

Lap Dance

Requested?: It was! However it was meant for @daveeddiggsit who so graciously handed it to me so yeah (Thank you Bri! This one’s for you.)

Words: 771 (short and sweet to start out!)

Pairing: Lafayette x Reader

Prompt: …giving Laf a lap dance???? Something really private like just a game between u two and u get him sitting in a chair and start moving your hips on him and he’s holding onto the chair so hard and cussing in french and ya ya you guys please go on (This is a modern AU because why not?)

Warnings: cursing (in french), gets a little spicy (i guess?)

Dedication: Firstly, @daveeddiggsit for convincing me to take this prompt and run with it, thank you!

@diggs4life for proofreading this for me and for the general encouragement <3

@tempfixeliza for also proofreading and being a kind soul

@sunshinemiranda because your ask really pushed me to try and believe in myself, i hope you enjoy!

(A/N: I do not speak French so I used a translator and I am so sorry if it fucked some stuff up. I tried! The translations are at the end! Also if you want a song to jam to while reading, I wrote this to Company by Tinashe. It’s a bomb song yo.)

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Lafayette was nervous, you could tell. There was some sweat beading around his hairline, he kept shifting in his chair and his knee was bouncing rapidly; it was pretty cute. You chuckled, making Laf lift his eyes to meet yours. He visibly relaxed when you gave him a warm smile.

“You okay, Laf?” You asked, going to your phone and scrolling through your playlists.

“Never better, mon amour. Just waiting for you.”

You could feel Laf’s eyes trailing down your body, you took the liberty of changing to shorts and a tanktop when you thought up the idea to give your boyfriend a lap dance. Why?

Well…why not?

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Wyatt Logan Appreciation

11 Reasons We Love Wyatt

I know we all love Wyatt with everything we’ve got, but I’ve seen comments and reviewers saying that he’s the typical white male military lead. I’d like to graciously prove them wrong, but also, spill on why I simply love Wyatt.

1. He isn’t a jerk.

We ALL have to appreciate this. Wyatt hasn’t and never would be a jerk. He’s never belittled Lucy or ever made her feel inferior because she’s a woman. He knows she’s the boss and he’s totally okay with it. He never tries to take the lead because he thinks Lucy is incapable, he knows he can trust her and that he can count on her. He’s never made ridiculous remarks about Lucy nor has he ever been rude to Rufus. Yes, he’s white and male, but he’s never treated Rufus or Lucy in a way he shouldn’t. He also knows he can count on Rufus when he needs the extra muscle. 

2. He’s caring.

He may try to hide it, but Wyatt is more caring than one may think. He always puts the lives of others before his own, whether they’re his friends or complete strangers. He was willing to completely sacrifice his life to save soldiers he knew had the littlest chance of making it out alive.

3. He’s protective. 

He’s a soldier, he has it in him to protect those he loves. Doesn’t matter if his life is at risk, he will do anything in his power to protect the ones that matter to him. It’s evident in the way he’s always looking out for Lucy, keeping her in his sight, saving her and Rufus’s lives plenty of times. 

4. He’s defensive. 

Wyatt’s quick to bounce back at anyone who even comes near any of his colleagues, especially Lucy. He doesn’t like people causing harm to anyone he cares about. He will put himself in front of the conflict and let himself take the hit instead. 

5. He’s a little damaged, but that’s okay. 

Wyatt’s seen and done things he wish he hadn’t. He’s killed, he’s seen death, he’s lost. There are so many things about Wyatt that are broken. He can’t even mention his wife’s name without getting teary eyed. He’s suffering from PTSD all on his own, without anyone knowing. He’s living with the memory of his closest colleagues dying for him out on the field. He’s carrying so much, yet always finds a way to generate that into his incredible strength. Sure, he’s a little broken, but who isn’t? He regrets things, but who doesn’t? He’s lost, but who isn’t?

6. He likes getting his job done. 

Wyatt knows what his job is and always makes sure he’s staying true to the mission. His job is to simply take out Flynn, eliminate threats to the time team and protect Lucy and Rufus. He does a great job, even with Flynn hoping around like a bunny on Easter. There have been multiple times where Wyatt has a clear shot at Flynn, but it somehow gets interrupted. He’s always protecting Lucy and Rufus and also deals with unexpected threats in a slick way. Even though it isn’t slick all the time. 

7. He’s funny. 

I mean, c’mon, everyone loves a funny person. But, the thing about Wyatt is that he’s funny at the correct times. He’ll bring out his wit and sarcasm only when the time calls for it, which makes him all the more charming. 

8. He’s a soldier.

You have to respect him. He’s been through things a lot of us haven’t or couldn’t even imagine going through. He’s had it rough, he’s had his own friends die for him. It’s a lot, but it’s made him tough. It’s made him into the amazingly skilled soldier we know and love. He always knows what he’s doing, from guns to hand-to-hand combat, he’s got it all. He also manages to smile and joke around despite all he’s seen, in my book, that’s pretty fantastic.

9. He’s a secret fanboy. 

His Bond freak out was glorious. Who doesn’t love a guy who can proudly announce his interests?

10. He’s gorgeous. 

Look at him, he’s got everything. The eyes, the lips, the scruff, the jawline, the hair, the smile. He’s just as beautiful as he is on the inside. 

11. He’s still a good person.

A lot of people resort to something not so great when they lose someone or have been through rough times. People resort to drinking, drugs, smoking etc. However, Wyatt doesn’t have any of these habits. I’m not saying you’re a bad person if you do have these habits, I couldn’t possibly understand your situation. But in Wyatt’s case, he’s somehow controlled himself and avoided going down those roads. Yes, he still invests his time in trying to find his wife’s killer, yes, he may be a little obsessed, but he only wants an answer to a burning question. Sure, he enjoys an occasional drink now and then but that ain’t so bad. You have to appreciate his self-control here. 

There you have it. Wyatt’s an incredible guy who is quite unique in a good way. He doesn’t follow a stereotype or a certain “type” of person. He’s his own person we have all come to love. I have now finished my rant, carry on. 

Wait, here’s Wyatt in his cute fedora. 

Yes, he is smiling at Lucy in the last one.