t h a n k f u l. Just so full of gratefulness right now. These blessings my Father has given me, I don’t deserve & I won’t ever deserve. But He graciously & lovingly blesses us. For me, He’s given me amazing people. Who love me & my flaw-filled self, accept me, & help point my focus to Jesus. // here’s a little excerpt from my She Read’s Truth devo: “He is in the wanting and the asking.
He is in the waiting and the receiving.
He is in the mourning and the dancing.
Our God is in and before and beyond it all.

May we turn to the Giver just as earnestly in joy as we do in our times of need. May we not be silent but may our lips actively offer praise to the One who is not just the means, but who Himself is the beginning and the end.”

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hi! do you have an updated list of some of your favorite finished fics?? i feel like you always have the best rec lists because there's always a fic on your lists that i've never heard of before!

Hi! I, admittedly, am a piece of trash and haven’t read in literally ages and also never read very many completed stories because I fid WIPs much less daunting….BUT, the lovely Steph @kurzy-q graciously linked me to her post with her recs and the ones that were completed from that list. You can find that list here and these were the fics on that list that are completed: 

  • A Rhapsody of Sorts
  • Bloom
  • Boys Don’t Cry,
  • Crooked Heart
  • Dandelion & Burdock
  • Deckled Edges
  • Evaporate
  • In Your Atmosphere
  • Nom De Plume,
  • Res Ipsa Loquitur,
  • Salute,
  • Silver Springs
  • Sugar/Tennessee Teacakes
  • The Nice Guy 

Hopefully one of those help you out!!!!


As we’ll soon be approaching our next stop in ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI, I thought it’d be ideal to go over a few of our regular guidelines, as well as discuss the living arrangements for this particular stop. The Ymbryne we will be staying with this trip is MISS MORETTI. She’s, graciously, allowed us to reside in her seaside safe house for the next two weeks. As always, you’re expected to behave graciously to our host and keep up after yourself. Now, on to the details—

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Disney magic at the Winter Palace.


((I’m hoping as many people will see this post as possible because I feel that it’s very important.))

As I think a lot of you are aware of, for the last few years, conventions have been a place where people have felt the need to tell the actors of Supernatural (particularly Jared, Jensen and Misha) their personal stories of mental illness, suicide attempts/survival, and everything that comes along with those subjects. There have been multiple posts that I know of here on Tumblr and on other social media outlets begging people to stop treating the boys as therapists because it’s obviously a very hard subject to listen to in an environment where they are unprepared and put on the spot.

We know that the boys handle these encounters with fans graciously and kindly and that they do their best, but we also know that hearing these stories from fans have had negative effects on them. We know that Jared has, multiple times, had to excuse himself from autograph sessions to gather himself. In a fan convention setting, putting this kind of emotionally heavy subject matter on the boys isn’t right- as so many have said.

And now I’m telling you that if people don’t stop doing this to them, the boys will stop doing conventions altogether.

I’ve been in touch with the head of Creation Entertainment and though I can’t share the emails with anyone because of confidentiality reasons, I will tell you that he said himself that the actors have stated that if they continue to be treated as therapists without any control by Creation’s staff that they will no longer do conventions.

Because of this, Creation is going to be implementing rules that ruin the experience of photo ops and autographs for everyone in line who just wants the chance to say “hello” to the boys. By ignoring Creation Entertainment’s request (on their website and at the conventions) to not treat the boys as therapists and ladle heavy stories on them during a time that should be enjoyable for them, we as a fandom have potentially ruined conventions for them altogether.

If we want to keep the boys happy and healthy and enjoying the conventions like we all do, then we have to stop treating them like our personal counselors. It’s unfair to them, and to the other people in line, and it’s obviously taken enough of a toll on them for them to say something to the heads of the convention.

Please stop. There are other people and other ways to talk about your problems that are completely healthy and in environments that are safe.

16-year-old Chauncy Black had no money for food, so the straight-A student took the bus to a store in a wealthy part of town and asked a stranger if he could carry groceries to his car in exchange for some donuts. Knowing he needed much more than donuts, Matt White bought a week’s worth of necessities for Chauncy and his disabled mother, started a GoFundMe campaign, and raised over $260K in 12 days. Source 

So this is Chauncy…

…our new favorite person. I’ve been reading about him and looking at the GoFundMe page that Matt White so graciously set up for him, and in the time it took me to make this post (maybe 15 min), I watched the money raised go from $258k to over $262k. This happened in about 15 minutes…

The love is seriously flowing for Chauncy, which is awesome in light of everything else we’ve got going on in the world right now. It’s amazing what a positive attitude and strong work ethic can do for you. Honorable mention goes to the Internet…

We need to talk about what’s happening on the @ireland twitter account

Each week a different person who lives in Ireland takes over the account. This week it’s Michelle Marie, a blogger and black plus-size model.

Within hours of taking over the account, Marie was beset by trolls mocking her weight and race.

First she brilliantly addressed the fat shaming:

Then she responded (as graciously as she could) to the racism:

Thankfully, many have spoken out in support of Michelle.

But the hate just kept coming and clearly it had taken its toll. Michelle wrote a heartbreaking yet powerful statement to all the haters.

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You have been told that you love too much, too often and too hard, too many times and it should have taught you that the way people receive love is their problem not yours. It is not that you need to love in moderation. It is that they need to learn how to receive love more graciously.
—  Nikita Gill