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May I have the boys reacting to their s/o giving them a bento box that they've prepared for them?

- small gasp Akira’s eyes start to shine as he accepts the bento box graciously , a large , goofy grin forming on his face. He thanks his S/O , expressing his appreciation before immediately digging into the food.

- Though his expression barely changes , you can see the happiness reflected in his eyes as he swallows the content. Not before long , he is done with his meal. He praises his partner , saying that their bento box was the most delicious thing that he had ever eaten.

- Ryuji yells in disbelief , “ No way , for me?! ” as he looks at the bento box as if it was a precious stone that would shatter the minute he touched it. In just a moment , his face has the widest grin on it as he thanks you for the meal.

- ripping it open excitedly , he starts to swallow the pieces of food , clearing the lunch box so quickly you wouldn’t believe that he wasn’t choking. In the middle of chews , he exclaims that the food was delicious.

- Yusuke is startled as his eyes go wide. “ f-for me? ” he asks , his mouth open with disbelief. His stomach rumbles in delight as he opens the lunch box slowly , as if revealing a masterpiece. The aroma of the food causes him to let out a sigh of delight as he looks at the food with pride.

- He fights back his hunger as he uses his phone to snap a picture of the bento , before happily digging into the lbento box. as soon as the food melts in his mouth , yusuke had already decided : he wanted to marry them.

- mishima stares at the bento box in disbelief for a good 10 minutes , before his partner had to remind him that the food was getting cold. A permanent smile was glued to his face as he repeatedly thanks his partner for the food.

- I swear , this boy starts to cry as he eats the food. to think that he would be blessed with the opportunity to be able to eat a bento , from his S/O! overwhelmed with emotion , he thanks his partner for the amazing meal.

- Akechi is speechless as he looks at his partner. did they really want to give him a bento? He thanks them as he receives the bento with shaky hands. After asking his partner if he could start eating , he immediately digs in.

- His heart died right then and there once he removes the lid. the cute ketchup heart , warm , fluffy rice , he loved it all. He kisses his partner gingerly , thanking them for the wonderful surprise.

If you’re in a place that won’t ask questions and always reject yours, you’re either called to shake the status quo or called to graciously leave.

Musing on Sherlockians

How easy it is to be
when the object
of your desire

is a mink-sleek
man-boy, with facebones
that are all planes and angles–
well-lit and graciously

His lines, gloriously
written and delivered
with panache and
a Brit accent.

And if those fat, grey
whorls resided in the
cranium of someone

Flesh like a balloon
full of pudding,
face like it was on fire,
and the fire was put out

with an icepick.

Words that barrel out of
an untrained throat, or
stutter past crooked teeth,
a hare lip, some imperfection.

Would you love him then,
I wonder?

– S. E. De Haven (SnuffyArt)

Note: I do not know who to credit for the image. Please let me know if you are the artist.

Note to self: flip it

Flip it.

Ex: If your mom is giving you a lot of instructions about something you already know and you start to feel overwhelmed by them, and the nagging evil voices whisper, “she thinks you’re incompetent and stupid and a baby, that’s why she does this” and darkness starts to knock on the door of your heart,

flip it

and immediately pray inside, “God, thank you for giving me a mother who loves me so much that she wants to try and help me and pass on her wisdom”,

“thank you for this chance to grow in patience and humility, Jesus”,

smile, say thank you, objectively assess the advice for truth and goodness, and go about your business.

because the people near you generally do what they BELIEVE is good and helpful, even if/when they’re wrong, and it isn’t

Healthy boundaries with others are different than being rude and hard toward others.

All is grace and God knows better than I do what I need: everything He gives and everything He permits is for my good because I’m not as self sufficient or hyper-competent as I think I am, and all that happens in my day is something He either ALLOWED (like the cruxifixction) or INTENDED (like the annunciation), and thus, works toward a greater good. Always.

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I saw the post you reblogged about flowers and I can't PHYSICALLY give you flowers but here have these 🌺🌻🌹🌷🌼🌸💐🌺🌻🌹🌷🌼🌸💐

Awwwww yesss!! Well I shall graciously accept these!

On the nights when your sadness comes, I hope you invite it in like an old friend. Lead it to your table and converse over your doubts and misfortune. Feed it your energy because even sadness is sustenance and let it sit in contentment long after it has had its fill because proper meals should never be rushed. It is then that you can ponder over the “what ifs, almosts, why nots, and how comes” that plague you and it is then that sadness will reminisce with you, too. Because when you acknowledge its place in your life, you’ll understand sadness has worth and will give way to another sooner than later. It will remember your graciousness and will hopefully come gentler the next visit around. And when it does, may hope and solace be gathered at your table, too.
—  thespilledinkseriesfor those particularly sad nights

Little Jealous There, Sarge?

{Part Two}

Summary: There’s nothing wrong with not being the most experienced person in the bedroom. In fact, some people find it rather attractive, particularly James Buchanan Barnes. Although you express how much you want him, Bucky remains distant; he doesn’t want to do anything to hurt you. So what do you do? You elicit Sam’s help.

Warnings: jealous!Bucky x inexperienced!Reader, fluff, smut, biting kink

A/N: Inspired after spending some quality time with @mermanbuckybarnes and learning just how jealous Bucky can get.

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Bucky’s hands remained firmly on his lap, his eyes glued to the television screen. Black Swan was on and Bucky was entranced by the symbolism, striking colors, phenomenal acting, and the now on screen sex scene between Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman.

Your eyes raked over his body. His breathing had visibly increased, a sheen of sweat beginning to form on his skin, his hands moving ever-so-slightly to cover the growing erection in his pants; his tongue darting out to lick his lips, pulling in his bottom lip and dragging it between his teeth to quiet a moan. His eyes met yours when he felt your attention on him.

“You’re missing the movie, doll.” His voice had dropped an octave.

“Oh, you’re much more interesting than the movie, trust me.” You nibbled on your bottom lip contemplating whether or not to act on your lustful thoughts. 

You took a deep breath and reached for the remote, pausing the movie. You tossed it across the room before Bucky could grab it, shifting your position and climbing on top of his lap. His hands found your hips as you started grinding yourself against him; he worked you into an even rhythm.

“What’re you doing?” He whispered in your ear as you trailed kisses up his neck.

“You.” You tangled your fingers in his hair and yanked on the strands. “Fuck me so hard I won’t be able to walk tomorrow, Sarge.”

“(Y/N)…” Bucky’s grip tightened on your hips.

“Oh, fuck!” Your clit was getting the attention it needed. “P-Please, Buck.”

“I…” Bucky sighed and stopped his movements, bringing your own to a halt. “I can’t.” He shook his head and lifted you off his lap. “I, uh, I’ll just see you later, doll.”

You tried to call out after him but he was gone in a flash. You plopped onto your back and groaned loudly, ignoring the ringtone symbolizing Sam blasting from your phone. That’s when the idea hit you and you knew exactly what you had to do. 

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to break things down, this is why harry did this concert tonight:
- for the fans who made the effort to show up for him, to show how much he loves and appreciates them
- for the charity he so graciously is donating all the proceeds to
- for those affected by the tragedy in manchester, to pay them a tribute in his own special way

note that none of these reasons are for himself. if he chose himself, he would have cancelled the show. but he didn’t, because he would always think of the love he can give to others than what he can give to himself.

Favorite Things from the KH Concert

• Nomura teasing Yoko Shimomura and her taking it so graciously
• Yoko Shimomura speaking English!!
•Japanese speakers in the audience reacting to what Shimomura or Nomura said before the translator had a chance to tell the rest of the audience in english
• the conductor using a keyblade for the last piece!!!
• Shimomura, Nomura, the conductor, and the pianist being awkward af dorks with their final bows
• the part during the battle theme medley where they featured under the sea for 5 seconds and everyone laughed bc there isn’t any fucking fighting in ariel’s world in kh2
• the fact that no one fucking knew what the dress code was so some people were rocking formal gowns, others were in costumes, and others in a t-shirt and jeans (for the record there wasn’t one. Everyone looked great. If you’re going to a future concert wear what you want!)
• the audience collectively dying when Nomura showed up and showed us the trailer

Just want to give a huge shout out to the kind people who sub Skam episodes with English to allow for all of us to enjoy the show with you! I highly appreciate you guys for taking the time out of your day to upload subbed clips for all of us. It is a privilege to have such kind people who allow us to enjoy this show with them and I would like you to know how much we appreciate you (even though we don’t say it enough). Skam is one of my favorite shows and I would not have the opportunity to watch it if it weren’t for the generous Norwegian fans who graciously provide us with these translated clips. Thanks again!!!!

BTS Reaction to Your Cat Watching Him During Sex

Incognito;Hello~ if you still do request could you please do a reaction to BTS? How would they react when their s/o’s cat comes in during sexy time and just intensely stares into his eyes and the cat doesn’t want to go away?

Note: RATED M to those baby armies! Nonetheless, requests are open! I will be closing them soon, and only accepting the first 20 that interest me, so go request!! *pls have manners when you ask, or else it will be deleted ((-:*

Jin ➳ He was kissing your torso, making his way up to your chest, up your neck as goosebumps began to rise from the wet trail and finally, to your lips. He was humming, slowly positioning himself to your entrance and when he glanced to the cat bed just to find the once sleeping cat now glaring at him, the man couldn’t help but chuckle softly. “What’s so funny?” You asked, wondering why he was suddenly tittering and not making any further move.

“Oh, nothing.” He said, staring back to the cat and giving him a cute expression.

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Suga ➳ He was filled with ecstasy, fingers digging into yours hips with your chest pressed onto the bed as he slammed into you from behind. His eyes were closed, and as he could feel his climax coming — he was even more turned on by your mewling that resonated around the room and boiled his insides to the core. Opening his eyes, he witnesses your cat staring right at him, meowing loudly and he immediately stops while flushing red.

Looking up, you ask him why he stopped and he could only feel stupid from mistaking your cats moans for yours. “Please,” he says, slipping out of you, “get your cat out of here.”

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J-Hope ➳ Your legs were wrapped around his torso, and he held you perfectly as he thrusted into you against the wall. It felt soo good, you were really amazing and he couldn’t be any happier. Biting your shoulder as he began to quicken his pace and move more powerfully, he felt something very furry purr against his leg before he..screamed.

He dropped you, you falling straight on your bottom before you would scream at him for interrupting something intimate — until he would begin to sputter and point to your kitty in defense. “Your cat scared the shit out of me!”

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RapMonster ➳ His hands were working around your body, focusing on pleasuring you and slipping your clothes off as he kissed you passionately. And while he slid his boxers down his ankles, leaving your lips to leave kisses to your cheek to your chin and down your neck while positioning himself — his eyes fluttered open just to find your cat’s eyes boring into his. He froze, giving the cat a look as you smacked him for stopping.

“Your cat keeps staring, I’m not just going to give it a live porno here.” Namjoon mumbled, and when you told him it was okay, he could only give you a ‘are you serious?’ look.

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Jimin ➳ He laid on the bed lazily as you sat on top of him, moving painfully slow as he tried to beg you to go faster and when you wouldn’t comply — he grabbed your hips to thrust deep into you himself. With one eye closed and a smile gracing his lips to hear you cry out, his attention averted towards the door and back to you, only to snap back towards the door to find you cat laying provocatively as it stared at him intently.

He stopped, earning a cry of disapproval from you before he bursted into a fit of laughter. “Tell your cat to leave!”

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V ➳ He was sitting down with you bouncing on top of him, his arms wounded around your waist as your lips stayed attached to each other’s, kissing fervently and impatiently before he laid you down and intertwined your fingers together. Smiling towards you, he began to move slowly and when your fingers tightened around his, he began to pound into you — that is, until your cat jumped on the bed and began to drill it’s eyes into his.

“Why is..” He was flustered, quickly picking you up off the bed and walking out the door. “We need to go somewhere..better.”

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Jungkook ➳ Jungkook noticed your cat sitting in the corner and watching his every move like a lion, making sure the boy did nothing to harm you but; he just didn’t care. His mouth was latched onto your neck, sucking as he moved into you and when your cat graciously jumped onto the bed, Jungkook moved away from your neck with a plop! only to slow his pace just to pet the furry animal.

“He’s so cute,” Jungkook would comment  before moving his hands back onto you, “but not cuter than my kitty.”

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Hi! I had the absolute pleasure of receiving critiques from Efrain Farias and Hans Tseng when I saw them at Fanime a couple weeks ago! Showing them this old piece, I asked for tips on composition/lighting since larger illustrations are not at all my forte and they very graciously gave me invaluable advice to grow on. I’ve retouched the illustration since speaking with them and did my best to adjust the colors and make the focus closer to the center using some subtle shapes (also, but not as important: added some little pigeons). The new image is above and the old, from Sept 2016, is below.

I still have a long way to go, but I believe I can make something out of myself! Thank you!!

special delivery

“How much time until your next delivery, Jeon?”

“Unfortunately only ten minutes, Miss,” the boy murmurs, almost sorrowfully, and you watch as his eyes flicker down to glance at his watch.

“Great—” your hands fly down to his polyester jumper and hurriedly pull at the zipper, “—that’s ten minutes for you to fuck me.”

In which your husband is never home and the evening delivery boy is just oh-so convenient.

tags: delivery boy!jungkook, husband!taehyung, adultery, oral sex

word count: 3,444

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