coworker: gracie what are you listening to on your iPod? put it on the speakers for everyone to listen to!
me: *is blasting victorious*
me: uuuuuuuUUUHHHHHhhhhhh

travis just sent me a message said that i was weird and that i watched old people shows WELL LISTEN HERE PUNK *puts on ball cap backwards and leaps onto a skateboard* 



*skateboards downhill drinking tang and humming “make it shine”*

Still not over how bad iparty with victorious was and tbh I’m fuckin heated because I was reading the Wikipedia article and apparently victorious got heavily mixed reviews WTFFFF??? And was compared to icarly and basically all the cited reviews PREFERRED FUCKING ICARLY what the actual fuck like ok as a children’s show yes, icarly is probably ~better~ but that’s because it is LITERALLY JUST RANDOM STUPID SHIT?? whereas victorious is legitimately funny and has actually good characters but the sense of humor and complexity of story is definitely wayyyy over kids/preteens heads. I just cannot believe victorious would get mixed/bad reviews and also jade’s actress has never won an award???? and Ariana Grande who plays CAT has???!!!? Like I’m not questioning her talent, I love her and think she is amazing but cat is……no….no

Also I’m still mad that Jade’s song from that episode (the one where Andre has a crush on her) never got a full length studio version ITS CUTE…..and a good song……why…..

Btw no one cares but I finally watched the sam & cat special and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be mainly bc (most of) the actors kind of redeemed it in spite of the disgustingly idiotic gimmicks (a restaurant with robots….? What the fuck…???) like they explicitly shit on Robbie constantly and Sam becoming BFFs with jade was amazing….and then jade slapping sams ass that one time,….like what…? It was mostly stupid but there were some ok moments