Well, I apologize to juicyshxt. I know you’re waiting for this to be done (and it’s well past my promised date of completion). This is just to assure you this is going somewhere and would be finished. hahaha I have the attention span of a 2 year old and I just jump from one artwork to another regardless whether they’re done or not. Well that and I just started playing FFXIII-2 so… :))

Guess what’s finally done (not in this photo though)?! haha Sorry, I was busy with academics, and thesis and all that. But those who asked for and ordered a copy. Expect to have them shipped like more or less after month which is during my summer break. :)) Thanks for being patient :))

So, Mark Salling’s coming to Philippines this 25th to host Circuit Fest 2013 in Makati. My sis and I got ourselves meet and greet passes. Hopefully, everything goes well and I’d be able to give this to him! :)) and hug him bc he had hugged Naya couple of times most probably. If I’d be able to, that’d be like hugging Naya indirectly, which would be the closest contact I could ever get with Naya Rivera :))