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So Emily, you’ve been gone a while?????¿
Yeah I just finished uni for the summer and I tried animating, this is my second attempt, Gracie stuck in an infinite spin cycle, lol. Might try this out some more, let me know what you think~

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Can make a master post of all David Tennant video diaries? I was a late comer to the fandom so I missed everything important. I've seen a few but I don't know how to find the rest

Awww, welcome aboard, dear! Glad to have you in our fandom!

Ok, so I think you can find all the video diaries on YouTube. Thanks to the lovely people that were nice enough to share them with us :D Here is a list, so you can find them easier:

DT video diaries, series 2/part 1

DT video diaries, series 2/part 2

DT video diaries, series 3/part 1 

DT video diaries, series 3/part 2

DT video diaries, series 3/part 3

DT video diaries, series 3/part 4

DT video diaries, series 3/part 5

DT video diaries, series 3/part 6

DT video diaries, series 3/part 7

DT video diaries, series 3/part 8

DT video diaries, series 3/part 9 - this one is blocked, unfortunately…

DT video diaries, series 3/part 10

DT video diaries, series 3/part 11

DT video diaries, series 3/part 12

DT video diaries, series 4/part 1

DT video diaries, series 4.part 2

DT video diaries, last four specials/ part 1

DT video diaries, last four specials/part 2

DT video diaries, last four specials/ part 3

DT video diaries, last four specials/part 4

DT video diaries, last four specials/part 5

I don’t know if there are more video diaries. These were the ones that I’ve seen.

But there are a LOT more things you need to see now that you are in this fandom. You will discover them by yourself one magical day when you will fall into the blackhole of YouTube whovianisms haha!

So here are some teasers, in case you haven’t seen them already. Don’t ask, just watch :)))

David, I’ve got cake!

The Weakest Link - Doctor Who Special

Doctor Who 500 miles Special

The Ballad of Russell and Julie

and some of my favourites: 

David Tennant sneezing - yup, this video has over 500 000 views…says a lot about this fandom :))

David Tennant making a mess 

David Tennants iconic giggles - yes, yes, that is also a thing :P

Hope you enjoyed them!


Wolfgang just gave me an idea of an Animal Crossing game set in a big city, but before any of the other Games.

Like Tom Nook and Redd would still be close and Labelle would still be working under Gracie Grace. Instead of Leif there would be one of Leif’s relatives (perhaps his mom?) and Shrunk and his Mentor would have their own club in the city.

You would be able to Rent an apartment in the game (obviously owned by Tom Nook) and eventually be able to buy it. When you start off with your job, it would be low wage, so you could room with a “villager” for the rent would be cheaper(though after you purchase an apartment you no longer have to pay rent). They’d only let you place certain furniture themes though (fairy-tale, modern, playful etc.) that fit with their “style” and they wouldn’t let you remove some of their furniture because it’s also their apartment

You could work with Blathers (University Librarian), Isabelle (Waitress), Shrunks Mentor (Janitor at the Club), Redd (deliveries of mysterious packages), Leif’s Relative (working at a flower shop), or Tom Nook (Checking up on the tenants and getting his money/packages). All the jobs start off as part time and you can do multiple jobs, but over time as you get promoted you learn more about the person you’re working for (their back stories and what not) and it takes up more time (no longer part time, and harder to hold multiple jobs)

Later on you could even purchase a terrace space from Nook where you plant and sell crops to other tenants and you get to know everybody and they move in and out just like the current games and yeah

I really want this to be a thing I’m so sorry


Hello, this is my beautiful Gracie! Our family always jokes about her being the most adorable boxer in existence. This is Gracie on her first trip to the beach, she had an excellent time and we learned that she loves water! She was about 12 weeks old when this photo was taken, we had finally gotten her vaccines so we could take her out and about!

Today Gracie is weighs about 60 lbs. She enjoys trips to beach when weather permits, and has a very large yard to run in, some chicken to scare through a fence, and several cats to chase and cuddle with. I consider myself blessed to have such a sweet and cuddly boxer by my side, even if she has developed a taste for paperback books LOL!

Gracie is a rescue pup. She came into a local shelter extremely emaciated, covered in filth, and already with a docked tail. Her previous owner had been a purebred boxer fanatic that developed some ‘health issues’ and stopped caring for the entire litter. They were all adopted out to good homes. We still see her siblings at the local vet clinic, they are all chubby little sweethearts!

Photo credit to tiniestdog please!


I have this little headcannon that Sable and Nook are desperately in love with each other. 

Well it says there’s something going on between them in the Animal Crossing wiki! After reading Nook’s profile that he and Sable were once old friends before he left for the city to make something of himself. After failing in trying to run his business in the city, he returned back to the village to continue his small business there.

The Able Sisters also have a bit of a depressing background, in that when Mabel was just a baby, their parents had died in an accident, leaving Sable to care for young Mabel. I assume that their eldest sister, Labelle, might have been around for a short while before leaving to work for Gracie.

I like to think before the death of Sable’s parents, Nook had already been interested in leaving town, and hadnt’ felt too guilty in leaving Sable behind because her and her family seemed a little well off with their family business. During his leave in the city, perhaps he hear of the death of the Able Sister’s parents, and felt really sorry for Sable that she was left to run the business and take care of her younger sister on her own, and that he had left without saying goodbye, because it might have been to painful.

Nooks reason for returning to the village (Not only because he had failed in the city), but also because he knew his business would follow through there, and, by dumping a ton of loans on the player, he would help raise money to help the Able Sisters. 

In New Leaf, it also looks like Nook’s Homes store is also occupied by the HRA; Perhaps Nook had met Lyle, the otter that represents the HRA, during his time in the city. The two are probably close friends, but, anyway, thats how I sort of like to look at Nook and Sables relationship.

Imagine.. At the end of the game, after you’ve paid off your loans, the Able Sisters shop is the last building to upgrade, and often Sable would be seen in Nook’s Homes, or vice versa?! *0* !!

Inspired by those goddamn pictures of Hoechlin as Clark Kent in Supergirl and these.

Single-dad!Stiles and Actor!Derek; Stiles’ daughter works with Derek on a film.

Stiles had this fantasy when he was younger of being spotted doing something mundane and offered the chance of a lifetime television role that would catapult him to fame and fortune.

That didn’t happen for him. It happened for his daughter.

Gracie and Stiles were getting ice-cream after her first week of kindergarten when they’d been approached by a woman named Kira. She introduced herself as a casting director with a company Stiles actually knew. She sat and chatted with them for almost an hour. Gracie loved her as soon as she noticed Kira’s time-turner necklace and their friendship was set in stone.

Kira gets Gracie her first gig on a bread commercial, playing one of the school kids biting into a sandwich in the school playground. Gracie quickly works up to single television episodes, supporting characters, a main-character in an unfortunately short-lived drama series, and then finally, her first film role.

Gracie Stilinski is to work alongside Derek Hale in Jesse Fitzgerald’s ‘The Second Sunday’.

Derek Hale was great with Gracie. He came over to visit her and Stiles several times before they started shooting, making sure that Gracie felt comfortable with him, as there were lots of emotionally tough moments for them in the film.

Derek always brought over a gift for Gracie – a book, a cupcake, a new charm for her bracelet. His gifts to Stiles were unintentional, but appreciated. His smile, his laugh, his willingness to play pretend.

The movie shoot lasted four months, during which Derek spent occasional nights with Stiles and Gracie, sleeping over after movie marathons, and offering to carpool to set in the morning.

Stiles appreciated it, because movie sets are different to television. The sheer scale, and knowledge of budget sometimes made Stiles short of breath and unfocussed. Gracie was distracted by the bells and whistles; she didn’t always pick up on it. Derek always found him and gave him more gifts. An embrace, a butterscotch, some coffee, a story about his childhood.

Stiles tried to give something back, but Derek’s kindness and selflessness was intimidating. All he could offer was to be a safe space for Derek, the one person on the inside of his crazy every day that wouldn’t judge his complaints, concerns about his ability or the ability of others, worries about not living up to expectations.

Stiles liked to provide swear words and syrupy pancakes for those moments.

And Derek gifted him with more smiles.

When the filming ended, the four months was over, Gracie had gathered all the loose ends from her trailer into an overstuffed bag, Derek invited her to be his date to the movie premiere.

Gracie accepted.

Editing was a long job. Gracie moved on to another project, back to television. The role was small but she could work with people she knew and she liked that.

Derek came to visit set as a surprise he had organised with Stiles. Gracie cried when she spotted him and they had to film a different scene while Gracie and Derek talked for almost two hours.

Derek stayed the night at Stiles’ insistence. Stiles made them pancakes in the morning.

The movie premiere came and Stiles made sure Gracie looked impeccable in her blue dress. Kira made sure her hair parted straight. Derek picked her up like it was a date, limousine and all.

Stiles acted the overbearing father and took pictures.

Kira grappled the camera from him and forced him in the frame with Derek and Gracie. Stiles felt under-dressed for half a second before he realised it didn’t matter. Derek and Stiles picked Gracie up between them, and turned to give her a kiss on the cheek. Her squeal was a gift to them both.

Stiles trusted Derek to care for Gracie. He stayed home with Kira and watched the event on TV. He cried. Kira did too.

He squinted at the television through his tears and thought it was well cast. They did look like father and daughter.

Derek brought Gracie home straight after the movie was over. He didn’t care for the after party, he told Stiles. He’d been to those before.

Stiles insisted he go. It was his career. It was his film. It was his future.

Derek said yes. It was his career. It was his film. It was not his future.

Then what was his future, Stiles asked.

This, he hoped. This was Derek’s future.

This was a family photo of Derek in a suit and Gracie in a blue dress and Stiles in a plaid shirt. This was pancakes every Sunday morning. This was Gracie and Derek getting a joint trailer when they worked together. This was two simple gold bands and another charm on Gracie’s bracelet. This was a family photo of Derek in a suit and Stiles in a suit and Gracie in a dress on a carpet of red.

Gracie’s been training with Ally Cowan at the Wind River Bear Institute. Today they’re trying to herd five sheep into a wooden corral, in a grassy valley a few hours south of Glacier National Park in Montana.

“Getting a border collie to drive, basically stay behind and push forward, is a bit tougher,” Cowan says. “For Gracie we are working against that instinct a little bit, because for a wild goat we don’t want her bringing them closer to people; we want her pushing them away.”

The two-year old border collie with icy blue eyes is part of a pilot program funded by the Glacier National Park Conservancy. Encounters between visitors to National Parks and wild animals can go awry. Sometimes, it’s the visitors who approach the animals, but just as often it’s the animals that approach the visitors. So rangers here tried something new this summer: canine “Bark Rangers.” It’s Gracie’s job to train wildlife to stay away from popular areas in the park and teach park visitors about safely viewing wildlife.

‘Bark Ranger’ Helps Lick Dangerous Wildlife Encounters In National Park

Photo: Nicky Ouellet/Montana Public Radio