I see dead people (RP)

Sure he was fearless and invincible (or so he boy liked to think), but he sure felt the wooden floor pound down hard against his temple and shooting stars momentarily replaced his vision.

“OOOoooof, lady! For someone hooked up ta life wires, ya really got some killer moves …” Sitting up, he rubbed at his head until he could vaguely out her figure crawling away and back up onto her bed. Looks like he wasn’t getting yelled at today… which was very odd by his usual routine. There was always at least one event that would end up in some sort of wild commotion per day.

Either way, he gladly took her dismissal as a sign for a free pass. “Say, lady, sorry about that again! I’ll make it up ta ya one day. Buy ya a drink a somethin’. Well, let’s shimmy on out, Lior!”

All he got was a muffled yip in response.

“Aw come on ya mangy pup, ya ain’t stayin’ here; not after crashin’ the poor lady’s…” Taking a peek over Grace’s shoulder revealed not only his Zorua being used for a hug toy, but also a bloody arm that was only bleeding more by the second.  “Ehhhhh, did I do that?”

He jumped over to the startled Tropius and plucked a fairly long leaf from its’ wings, earning a pained howl from the unfortunate creature. Grabbing his massive head and talking it down (“Good doggy, ya doin’ this for ya mistress!”), he made his way over to Grace and attempted to lift her arm. Seemed like her arms were locked in position. The Zorua had no way out.

No way he was leaving without his Zorua.

“Lady? Pssssst, hey lady!! I got ta bandage up ya arm–!” He gave her a few nudges.

laurence-of-auroris asked:

"Please throw on a very tacky Dragonfruit mascot outfit followed by a cosplay of SnK Levi in cleaning gear please." ((*insert loud laughing followed by a combo of donkey + t-rex noises))

“Ehhhhh that’s ya nickname for me, right, babe?”

“Gotta say, that fruit’s got a funny name!”

“EH? Another costume? Ya got it! Bonus, I’ll even clean ya place up—?”

[[ what is that uncultured laugh tho ]]

“I’m tellin’ ya, I got myself two left feet. But that ain’t stoppin’ me! Promise I won’t take ya toes out!”

Jerimoth raised an eyebrow at the dreamy woman before him. “And what was that? NPC? HAHAHA what ya think this place is, lady? One a them vidyagames these kids play nowadays? Pretty sure all a us folks here are livin’ and breathin’! ….most a us, at least. Heheheh!”

laurence-of-auroris asked:


“That babe’s real hotstuff for someone who’s been veggin’ out in the hospital for nearly a decade. I think it was about a decade, yeah? The mind might be partways gone, but ain’t nothin’ a few good laughs can’t fix!

…huh, I wonder if she smells like cucumbers a turnips a moldy vegetables a somethin’. What do elderly folk who vegg out smell like?” “