gracias tio

amigo •wigetta•

Willy: ¡Madera! Necesito madera oscura. ¡Ah, me la has dejado aquí! Mil gracias tío
Vegetta: Nada tio, si… una flor para otra flor
Willy: Luego yo te dejo todo el cristal que quieras principe
Vegetta: Nada, ¿Me lo dejas a buen precio?
Willy: No, a ti gratis
Vegetta: ¿Enserio?
Willy: Si, hombre, a mi… amigo gratis
Vegetta: Gracias chiqui

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  1. “You told him your name is Elizabeth?”
    “I panicked! And I was thinking about the Queen!”
  2. “So now you’re hiding in Boston?”
    “Hiding isn’t a good word”
  3. “What do you want?”
    “You to stop crying on my water paint.”
  4. “You need to kickback and relax”
    “If by ‘kickback’ you mean actually kick you in the back and then relax”
  5. Only thing I remember is drinking a whole bottle some very expensive wine by myself and then kicking a waiter to the nose.
  6. Potato stings like a bitch when thrown at you
  7. “Who did you get him to stop fighting?”
    “I told him that if he gets sucker punched one more time to face the nose bone might impale his brain.”
    “His eight! You can’t tell him things like that, now his gonna have nightmares”
  8. Just knock on the door and let the vodka lead the way
  9. He only wanted to spent a day with you, not murder you.
  10. Stupid and cute usually co-exit with her
  11. Oh, God. I’ll be there in twenty minutes.
  12. She gave a weak smile but he knew she was trying her best
  13.  “Who the hell brought a fire thrower?!”
    “The girl.”
  14. I tried to shoot him to the spine. 
  15. Can Amish be a psychopath? 
  16. I’m gonna go now, because you’re gonna be slightly mad after you finish that call. 
  17. We have to get him off the streets before the gangs catch a wind of his where abouts. 
  18. Gracias tio, I’ll call you tomorrow. 
  19. Thanks Luie, call me if you need help tomorrow
  20. If you were such a good mother, why did he spent so many years recovering from his childhood?
  21. “Where you going?”
    “Liquor store’s don’t deliver.”
  22. I’m good. I’m so good. I didn’t break anything. That’s not true and you know it. They just see your old man in you, and that scares the hell out of them.
  23. I’ve been lying for so long. I’ve told so many lies that I forgot what was true and what isn’t. But I guess that’s my problem in the end. 
  24. “We have bigger problems right now!”
    “Bigger than nuclear weapon?!”
    “We have a guy with a codes who can activate that weapon.”
  25. Keep the fight off the stage!
  26. “You stuffed a tiny top hat in his mouth? What’s wrong with you?”
    “He was already dead when I did it.“
  27. “If anybody is going to pull this out it’s her. Trust her.”
    “I cannot trust someone who is currently trying to steal the biggest fucking diamond in the world!”
  28. “What are you doing?”
    “That’s not food.”
  29. “I got 8.”
    “You got 8 euros?”
    “8 grand.”
  30. “Why the fuck are you looking at me?”
    “You’re the only one who can beat his ass.”
  31. “I said basic distraction!”
    “Bomb is a basic distraction!”
  32. Don’t break your fucking back or anything!
  33. Don’t the money to the man who only buys cereal and rum.
  34. I will smack your face against that damn wall
  35. Then kill me, pretty boy. I’m ready. Do it quick.
  36. “I need to take a piss.”
    “For fuck’s sake!”
    “We are not stopping!”
    “If you don’t pull over I will pee right here.”
    “And, we are stopping.
  37. When he woke up again, his hair was dyed purple and one of his eyebrows were missing 
  38. “Kevin, you promised not to do this.”
    “It ain’t my fault that someone left their car unlocked”
  39. The little girl showed to the her mother’s funeral with a newspaper clipping taped to her forehead, yeah I don’t think she needs help.
  40. “You’re late.”
    “Yeah, time tends to fly when you’re dying on a black alley.”
  41. She won’t go down quietly, so just aim for the head
  42. “I can hear her coming towards here.”
    “How do you even know it’s her?”
    “Who the hell it would be other than her?”
  43. Why’s my papers ripped up and across the floor?
  44. You need new glasses. Duct tape won’t held them together forever.
  45. Why do you keep crumpling dollar bills? And why the hell are you even here?
  46. “Why did you bring me here?”
    “Well.. for one James has been on the other side of the lake trying to set up your surprise, and for second.. well, the fireworks weren’t suppose to go off yet, but.. I love you, and happy birthday.”
  47. “She hit me!”
    “Be happy that she didn’t have her rings on.”
  48. She was the one who stayed when everyone else left.
  49. Okay, my motto for sketchy places is ‘if you can only access from the alleyway, don’t fucking go there’.
  50. How bad do you think this will be?
  51. He filled a broken vase with a wine, and now carried it around to find the bride.
  52. She and her group of asshole crashed the wedding party
  53. “You’re like a shiny baby”
    “What does that even mean?”
    “I don’t know!”
  54. “Whatca doing?”
    “Burning her stupid face from all the pictures you have.”
    “You can do that to your own pictures, but these are mine and Remy’s still my friend.”
  55. Don’t move so I won’t blind you
  56. “What’s she doing here?”
    “Don’t worry, she will just stay in the corner, sipping jagermaster. Fair warning though, if your men attack me, she will slash your fucking cut open.”
  57. “You took a cab?”
    “For a block or so, but then the driver kicked me out.” 
  58. “Why does she do this?”
    “She doesn’t have nothing to lose.” 
  59. “You still have his number?! I thought you deleted it!”
    “I did. But won’t help much when I have his number memorized.”
  60. Let me near him and I might just rip his eyes out
  61. At this point, running from him seemed more dangerous than facing him
  62. “Who did you learn to fight?”
  63. Ideal situation would be if Nikita and Paul wouldn’t see sight of me during my ‘quick’ visit.
  64. Look I only know how to break it, fixing isn’t my thing
  65. “Can I get a beer, please?”
    “Just a general beer? Maybe you should specify a little?”
  66. I want to protect you as long as I can
  67. “I’m the most non-violent person!”
    “You stabbed me to neck when we were eight!”
  68. Last time I was forced to go to wedding, I was sitting half of the time on edge of a high raise building, trying to decide if I would jump or not.
  69. I just really like to wear clean clothing
  70. See ya later, fuck knuckle

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'amigo' -Wigetta
  • Willy: ¡Madera! Necesito madera oscura. ¡Ah, me la has dejado aquí! Mil gracias tío
  • Vegetta: Nada tio, si... una flor para otra flor
  • Willy: Luego yo te dejo todo el cristal que quieras principe
  • Vegetta: Nada, ¿Me lo dejas a buen precio?
  • Willy: No, a ti gratis
  • Vegetta: ¿Enserio?
  • Willy: Si, hombre, a mi... amigo gratis
  • Vegetta: Gracias chiqui