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Hiya. So I'm sorry if this sounds really stupid but I don't quite understand what all the high ne and low ne and all that breakdown means so could someone explain it to me please? I know my mbti if that helps??


Your MBTI type is an indicator of which cognitive functions you prefer/don’t prefer/are strong/are weak. Your order of preference is called your function stack.

The 8 cognitive functions are Fi, Fe, Ti, Te, Ni, Ne, Si, and Se. You’ll notice that each function is two letters, with a function type(F, T, N, S) and direction(i, e)

The first letter is either F for feeling, T for thinking, N for intuition, or S for sensing

Feeling and thinking are both judging functions. They are used to help you figure out how you feel/what you think about something and what you should do in response. Feeling functions advocate for morals and thinking functions advocate for logic. 

Intuition and sensing are both perceiving functions. They are used to help you take in and store information. Intuition functions focus on abstract possibilities and inferences, and sensing functions focus on the here and now (although I prefer to say deductive reasoning and linear thinking).

Each function also has a direction, either i for introverted or e for extraverted

Introverted functions pertain to your internal world. (These are gross oversimplified explanations)

Fi - Valuing your own morals

Ti - Valuing logical consistency

Ni - Making inferences based on gut feelings

Si - Using what you know and observe to draw the most logical conclusions

Extraverted functions pertain to the external world

Fe - Valuing others and social graces

Te - Values being productive and efficient

Ne - Seeing possibilities and options

Se - Living in the present/ wanting stimulation and excitement

People with different types have a different level of natural preference and strength of these functions. This is where “all the high ne and low ne and all that” comes into play.

Patterns/steps to figuring out a type’s function stack:

  1. Whether they have an I or an E determines if their first function is introverted or extraverted. 
  2. Whether they have a J or a P determines whether their first extraverted function is a judging or perceiving function.
  3. Whether they have an F or a T determines whether their first judging function is feeling or thinking.
  4. Whether they have an N or an S determines whether their first perceiving function is intuition or sensing.
  5. Functions in your stack alternate between introverted and extraverted

Here is the link to my image source

Your first function is called your dominant function, your second is called your auxiliary function, your third is called your tertiary function, and your fourth is called your inferior function.

According to a theory called socionics, we use all 8 functions. The last 5-8 functions are your 1-4 functions with opposite direction. For example, ESFP’s is Se>Fi>Te>Ni>Si>Fe>Ti>Ne

Your function stack is your order of preference of using functions, but not all of them are very strong. Your first 2 functions in your stack are very strong. When we say high [insert function here] we usually mean those. Your 4th and 7th functions (The 7th is sometimes called your PoLR function. It’s your weakest one.) are very weak in comparison. When we say low [insert function here] we usually mean those.

This was a fairly long explanation, and I kind of dipped a bit too much into socionics(sorry), but here you go.

- INFP Mod

The Disney Princesses as Taylor Swift Songs

  • Snow White - How To Get The Girl

Upbeat and happy, this song matches Snow’s cheery disposition. You could easily picture her humming this song while cleaning the dwarfs’ cottage. Snow White many have been intially shy when meeting the Prince, but by the end of the movie she knows she wants to be with him (I want you for worse or for better/ I would wait forever and ever). She also had to wait a while for her Prince to find her (Say it’s been a long six months).

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  • Cinderella - Enchanted

So this one is pretty self explanatory. It honestly surprises me that this song isn’t on a Disney Princess soundtrack. Like Snow, Cinderella always finds a reason to smile. But she has endured some shit in her life (Same old tired lonely place). But then she goes to the ball with a little help from her fairy godmother (This night is sparkling). The night she meets Prince Charming is the climax of the story (It was enchanting to meet you). The morning after the ball, Cinderella is actually shown dancing and humming to herself as she does her chores (I’m wonderstruck/ dancing around all alone).

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  • Aurora - Wildest Dreams

This one is also pretty self explanatory, at least the title is. Once Upon A Dream/ Wildest Dreams. Other obvious similarities is that Aurora does have “red lips and rosey cheeks”. And Phillip is “tall and handsome as hell” and a badass. Swifites often compare Wildest Dreams to Enchanted. I agree that Wildest Dreams is more mature, and Aurora is definitely the most mature and classy of the first three Princesses. Both songs portray a sense of longing. But while Once Upon A Dream is romantic, Wildest Dreams is hauntingly sad. So why this song for Aurora? If you will recall, Briar Rose gleefully tells her “aunts” (the fairies) of a wonderful boy she met and fell in love with. It is then that they tell her of her Princess status and therefore she could never marry a peasant boy. So at this point of the movie, you could say Aurora was only able to see Phillip in her wildest dreams.

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  • Ariel - Love Story

Yes, I know that The Little Mermaid is not the same as Romeo and Juliet. But both stories are similar in that they are about star crossed lovers with disapproving families. And King Triton definetly disapproves of Eric at first (My daddy said “stay away from Juliet”). Ariel persuades Ursula to turn her into a human so she can spend time with Eric (take me somewhere we can be alone). Even after discovering that Ariel is a mermaid, he still fights for her because he’s fallen in love with her (this love is difficult but it’s real). In the end, Triton decides that hey, maybe all humans aren’t assholes and he turns Ariel into a human so she can be with Eric forever (I talked to your dad/ go pick out a white dress).

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  • Belle - Ours

The opening of this movie starts with Belle longing to get away from her peers in the village (but right now my time is theirs). She feels this way because the villagers judge her too harshly and don’t understand her (seems like there’s always someone who dissaproves). Belle eventually falls in love the Beast, despite his flaws (Your hands are tough but they are where my belong in). And despite the fact that everyone else irrationally hates him (People throw rocks at things that shine). Belle doesn’t let what people say about her or the Beast affect her love for him (This love is ours).

  • Jasmine - I Know Places

So this track is very different than the previous ones I’ve picked, and probably not the first song that comes to mind when you think of the Disney Princesses. But I think this song fits Jasmine very well. For one, she’s very sassy and clever, much like the writing on 1989. In the beginning of the movie, Jasmine feels trapped because she isn’t allowed to marry someone she loves; she has to marry someone the Sultan approves of (they got the cages/they got the boxes). This mirrors how Taylor sings about dating someone that society may not approve of (I can hear them whisper as we pass by/ it’s a bad sign). Fed up with this, Jasmine decides to disguise herself and run away (I know places we can hide). It is then that she meets Aladdin and they are both chased by the palace guards (they are the hunters/ we are the foxes/ and we run). Never mind the fact that Aladdin’s eyes aren’t green. Focus on the fact that Aladdin’s offers his hand to Jasmine when he asks “do you trust me?” (Just grab my hand and don’t ever drop it).

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  • Pocahontas - Change

Unlike the songs I’ve chosen so far, this one isn’t a love song. I know that Poca does have a love interest, but her love for her people is stronger. Pocahontas isn’t one to go with the flow. She isn’t one to do something for tradition’s sake (repeating history and you’re getting sick of it). She stands by John Smith despite her family viewing him as a vilian (I believe in whatever you do/ and I’ll do anything to see it through). Change is a song about fighting against the odds. And while Poca and John’s people fight against one another, Change reflects the struggle of bringing them together (these walls that they put up to hold us back will fall down). Change also reflects the main theme of the movie, that “the right path is not always the easiest” (You can walk away and say we don’t need this/ but there’s something in your eyes says we can beat this).

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  • Mulan - Sweeter Than Fiction

While a lot of people might think Change better suits Mulan as it has imagery of war and fighting, Mulan’s story is really about the main character coming into her own. Mulan has to face a lot of adversity before earning her happy ending (seen you fall/seen you crawl on knees/seen you lost in a crowd/ seen your colors fade). When Mulan first joined the army, she didn’t set out to be the best. She just wanted to survive. But she does have to prove that she’s worthy of her place in the army during the I’ll Make A Man Out of You sequence (prove me right when you prove them wrong). And she ends up accomplishing something she never thought she could (this life is sweeter than fiction). Of course, her main goal in life was to bring honor to her family (Look at you now…you made us proud).

  • Tiana - State of Grace

State of Grace can be interpreted as a bittersweet song, but I’m going to interpret it as a happy song for this. Tiana is introduced to the audience as serious and hardworking She’s so dedicated to her dream that she misses out on the other aspects of life, like relationships (busy streets and busy lives/and all we know/ is touch and go/ we are alone with our changing minds). Tiana doesn’t start to change until she meets Naveen (I never saw you coming/ and I’ll never be the same). They are both very different from one another. Naveen preferred to spend his time partying with numerous women (so you were never a saint) and Tiana’s fault is that she never opened herself up to other people (and I loved in shades of wrong). They have to put aside their fears in order to allow themselves to commit to each other (This love is brave and wild). In the end they realize that their love for each other is the most important aspect of their lives (this is the worthwhile fight).

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  • Rapunzel - Fearless

Rapunzel may not be who a lot of people consider the bravest Disney Princess. She is timid and apprehensive at the beginning of her movie. So why Fearless? As Taylor once said, “Fearless is being afraid to jump but jumping anyways”. The song Fearless is about falling in love again even though you’ve been hurt by love in the past. This fits Rapunzel perfectly. For her entire life, Rapunzel was manipulated into believing that Mother Gothel loved her, when in reality was using Rapunzel for selfish reasons. Despite this, Punzie isn’t closed off or bitter.She’s sweet and happy, just like the feeling of Fearless is (You know I want you to ask me to dance right there/ in the middle of the parking lot). She’s open and friendly to every single person (or horse) she meets. This includes Eugene, who is a bit closed off himself even though he pretends to be cool and charming (but you’re just so cool/ run your hands through your hair absentmindedly/ making me want you). She allows herself to fall in love with him even though Gothel tries to convince her that he is going to hurt her (You take my hand and drag me headfirst/fearless). The love Rapunzel and Eugene have for each other is fearless.

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