Name: Chase Caterson

Age: 23

Current job: Senior Animator

Traits: Brave, Friendly, Hopeless romantic, Good sense of humour & Artistic.

Star sign: Gemini

Favourites: Hamburger, Geek rock & the colour black.

Chase is a glass half-full type of guy. At 6ft 1 he is the youngest of 1 brother & 3 sisters who would frequently recruit him for dress-ups, hair cutting practice & finger nail painting detail when he was younger. Consequently he is quite in touch with his feminine side & always ends up being the shoulder to cry on. He enjoys hanging out with friends. going to gigs, drawing, gaming & playing the drums. 

Chase’s dad was a workaholic & was absent most of his childhood. His brother Axel has been the main male role model throughout his life & basically brought him up. Chase’s father left his mother when he was barely a teenager & Chase has not seen nor spoken to his dad since then.

Chase moved with his brother to Bridgeport at the age of 14. He continued his schooling in Bridgeport and worked a part time job in the kitchen at a diner. He attended college on a fine arts scholarship & finished his degree 2 years ago. His passion lies in graphic design and he hopes to pursue his career as a video game developer in the game artist branch.

Chase would love to start a family of his own one day with the right woman & hopes that could be Grace. He thinks she is absolutely stunning & would love the opportunity to get to know her better.