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Life Altercations repost

Calzona AU: Callie Torres had it all, popularity, captain of the cheerleading squad, dating the starting Quarterback of Seattle Grace Mercy West High School football team, a straight A student, and with the love and support of her family she is one her way to a full ride scholarship to medical school at Johns Hopkins. What happens when tragedy hits? Will a blued eyed blonde-haired fire cracker be able to lead her back on tack or will she be forced to give it all up? 

  • Annabeth: So to relax a bit, we're playing Never Have I Ever
  • Percy: Aw yiss I love this game
  • Annabeth: I'll go first. Never have I ever... died.
  • Magnus, taking a drink: Ouch
  • Leo: That's low, dudette.
  • Percy: My turn! Never have I ever... Actually I've done a lot of things, can you come back to me?
  • Annabeth: Okay, Piper, you go.
  • Piper: Never have I ever earned a scar from biting a stapler. *High fives Reyna*
  • Jason: Pipes!
  • Leo: Never have I ever had some type of crush on Percy.
  • *pretty much everyone else drinks, excluding Percy*
  • Percy: Guys wtf
  • Annabeth: Guys wtf
  • Jason: #NoHomo
  • Percy: #FullBromo
  • Hazel: What
  • Annabeth: Okay, you two stop. Reyna?
  • Reyna: Never have I ever got taken out by a brick
  • Jason: NOW you're targeting me!
  • Frank: I've had strange experiences
  • Will: I'll go next. Never have I ever been in the Underworld.
  • Everyone: ...
  • Will: *high fives Apollo*
100 nonbinary little names

♡little one
♡love bug
♡little love
♡angel baby
♡little fox
♡your grace
♡your highness
♡little fox
♡their birthstone (onyx, amethyst, peridot)
♡little bee
♡baby bear
♡cuddle bug
♡little spoon
♡pooh bear
♡sugar baby
♡little frog
♡honey bunch
♡my love
♡my heart
♡boo boo
♡teddy bear
♡sugar bear
♡ginger bread
♡peach pie
♡honey bee
♡pumpkin pie
♡baby bean
♡cutie pie
♡super hero
♡baby bear
♡little lion
♡baby cakes

Headcanon of what type of teenager the Seven would be in a high school setting:

-Percy would be the guy that no matter what he does, is labeled a trouble-maker and even when he tries his hardest not to, he always seems to be getting involved in something. He is pretty well-known, however he has a smaller group of friends that he would literally do anything for. I can see him being on the swim team as skateboarding on the side.

-Annabeth is, well she’s intense. She’s pretty all over the place in regards to what she does. One minute she’s in her AP classes, and then ferociously schooling someone while debating, and the next she is dominating in some sport. People are always so surprised to find out that she’s dating Percy since the two of them seem like polar opposites. 

-Jason is definitely the stereotypical “popular guy”. He’s captain of the football team, pretty athletic, smart, and good looking. I will say, though, he is always the type of person that doesn’t care if something isn’t popular or not and often does things that wouldn’t normally be deemed “cool” just because he wants to prove a point that everything and everyone is “cool” in their own way.

-Piper would be the type of girl that people notice instantly, since she’s really pretty and just has that sort of presence. This leads to her becoming pretty popular, but she’s literally friendly with everyone and always sticks up for people that are being picked on. I can imagine her being a huge long-boarder or surfer. Literally no one is surprised that her and Jason are dating.

-Leo is totally one of those guys that everyone knows to go to when you need him to screw with someone. He’s one of the major pranksters of the school and has an image that reflects that. No one really knows that much about him, except that he is always joking but is actually really good with his hands and can make anything.

-Hazel is like Piper where she is also everyone’s friend. She doesn’t have just one friend group but talks to different people on different days. She is often underestimated. She also never follows the status quo and is into a lot of older generation stuff such as the Beatles. She also was moved up a grade, and is one of the youngest in her class.

-Frank is that guy that no one really noticed until he had a major glo-up and then everyone’s on him. He’s always been a kid with a “bigger kid’s body” but not necessarily a “bigger kid’s brain”. He is pretty intimating at first glance but that soon changes, however, once you see just how much of a klutz he is sometimes. Along with Jason and Piper, literally no one is very surprised that sweet lil’ Hazel and him got together.