graces guide



Hey guys! So, I’ve been to a lot of NoFilterShows lately, and everytime I go, I bring either my mom or dad. I usually get VIP access, which means I always get an extra poster or book! So I decided I should give them to people who’ll actually want them instead of keeping them in my closet forever! My giveaway includes:

  • SIGNED copy of Grace’s Guide!
  • SIGNED poster from Hannah’s book tour!
  • SIGNED poster from Grace’s book tour!

The rules for the giveaway are really easy!THERE ARE NO RULES! Just kidding! The world is a cold and structured place!

  1. You MUST be following me!
  2. I’ll be choosing you under REBLOGS! So reblog as many times as you want!
  3. Likes WON’T count! But you can like it for future reference!

And that’s it! The deadline is a month from the day I saw NoFilter, November 25th, 2014. Happy reblogging!