Lily, do you have a Grace in your own life?
“A Grace? I always think I’m gonna say my partner Jane [Wagner] at first, but then I think back and she’s so much more like Frankie. I mean… I think in some ways she’s ALL things to me. So I think she’s Grace on one hand and in the other end I realise she’s relly Frankie - and I’m HER Grace. It’s a little mixed up.” - Lily Tomlin

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Please do #39 for SolAngelo. Imagine this, Nico realizing he loves Will and freaking out because he's not good with trusting people. Then, the 7 (plus Reyna) try to pry it out of him how he's feeling and he panics and says bad things about Will, just to realize he was there listening. "How Long Have You Been Standing There?" "Long Enough" *cue heartbreak and Nico's redemption arc*

Nico di Angelo was scared. The king of ghosts, under world prince, emits a horde of the undead with a sneeze, was scared. He was scared because of one boy.

Will Solace.

Nico was scared because Will wasn’t like any other boy he had met. He was sweet, funny, he seemed to honestly care about Nico. He had this light to him when he walked, like he knew people were watching him, but he didn’t care. Nico wished he didn’t have to care, he wished he could trust people. That’s why he was scared.

Nico couldn’t trust anyone. Will probably was just a facade, like everyone else. The light was a fake, Will was just trying to lure Nico in when he smiled at the boy. That must be it.

But the pang in Nico’s chest wasn’t fake. It was very very real.

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